Black History Month

        Black History Month Commentary

By Charles E. Campbell

Conscious Black People too often approach our people with a condescending attitude as if they don’t know how we have been psychologically, socially, economically, religiously and educationally programmed for over 400 years to behave the way we do.

With all that preprogramming, they expect our behavior to change, without getting up off your ass and creating a counter program that lifts us up to a Consciousness. Keeping it real, Conscious Black People are pimping our people with books, speeches and presentations that make them money. Black People are their hustle, but instead of the Bible and Jesus, they use our history and famous African and Black African Americans. Black History Month is their “Bread and Butter” season. Knowing our history and having pride is essential, but what comes after that. Economic and social Empowerment! 

We, who are Conscious must seriously work together to create and implement counter programming plan in all areas where we live, work and play and market them like the Folks who marketed the NE documentary and other forms of media, if we want to get some Black Folks attention.  

Poor Black Leaders simply want to “March, Protest, Rally or Boycott”. They are stuck on stupid or they are intentionally leading our people in circles with no strategy or plan for our collective Uplift and Empowerment. 

We must resist those who seek to maintain Black African Americans, as a people, in our current social and economic conditions. Know them by the Black African American problems they have solved or are trying to solve. We have lots of wolves in sheep clothing. They aspire the be the next Black Face in High Place, (President Obama, Mayor Michael Coleman, Senator Corey Booker) but have no intentions of addressing or solving any of the problems facing Black African American People. 

Our collective greatness is waiting to be unshackled! Empower the Mind, Empower the People!

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