Our American Party (OAP)

Our American Party (OAP)

Our American Party (OAP)


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It’s Time 4 A New American Political Party

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Our American Party(OAP) will do what is Just, Right and Fair For All Americans.

Our American Party (OAP) 5 Goals are to Amend the US Constitution to include Healthcare, Housing, Education, Equality as Constitutional and Human Rights for All and to set Term Limits for All National, State, County and City Elected Politicians.

Washington DC is broken because of a two party system and they refuse to fix it. It’s time to disrupt that. We tried the Democrats with Bill Clinton, we tried the Republicans with George Bush, then we tried the Democrats with Barrack Obama, now we turned to a non-politician with Pres. Donald Trump because many of us wanted to disrupt a broken two party political  system, but he and the Republicans just want to win at any cost to our democracy and our citizens.

The Healthcare Bill proposed by Republican Senators was the Last Straw and led me to decide to take the bold action now to seek crowdfunding to launch a new National political party!

OAP will protect our children, our seniors, our elderly, our sick and our disabled. As the most richest and powerful nation on Earth, we can and must do better.


Charles E. Campbell, Founder

Our American Party (OAP)



Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 

By Charles E. Campbell 

RE: Innovative Anti-Terrorism Solution 


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie is proposal from Cuptoopia.com, Inc, which plans to offer it to the United Kingdom and European Union if they are open to innovative ideas. It proposes to create a Computer and Smart Device Malware Cookie that is secretely placed on the Portal to Terrorist Websites that tracks the Geolocation / of the website’s visitors.  It would also track the amount of time each visitor spends on each website. 

When someone is becoming radicalized to commit a terrorist act, they need information in the privacy of their dwellings or on their smart device.

Human beings are compelled to learn that which feeds our understanding or personal point of view. There is a primal need for revenge or justice, when we or those we love have been harmed physically, emotionally, educationally, sexually, financially or mentally. 

Without a process, which takes time, engages with alternative information, understanding, compassion, empathy, that accepts responsibility for the harm caused and a physical outlet, wounds become infested with the maggots of hate that then spread to others until a violent release occurs that offers retrobution or justice or both.

One man’s terrorist is often another man’s hero. War can never completely destroy an idea. It creates more desire for revenge or justice.

Technology can be used to save lives, but only through peace, opportunity, compassion, fairness and justice will peace become lasting.

If the UK and EU has leadership open to funding innovative solutions without regard to race, I welcome the opportunity to help them solve their terrorism problem.

Cuptoopia.com, Inc