Stars Computing Storage

What’s The Next Big Technology Innovat
ion? The Answer is Stars Computing Storage: When businesses are ready to move beyond Cloud Computing, they will turn to Stars Computing for their Big Data Storgage!
Stars Computing Storage created by Inventor, Entrepreneur and Innovator Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc), Poms, Inc and, Inc., known as the “Disruptor”.
Remember Computer History when an IBM computer was the size of a large room. Now the storage capacity can fit on a 16 Gig Drive. Apple and Facebook are building Large Data Storage Facilities for Cloud Computing. LOL! LOL!  If they only knew what was coming, they would stop.  

Black African American Innovator Offers Idea for a Cure to Sen. John McCain’s Cancer

Potential Cure For Senator John McCain’s Cancer

A Black African American Innovator has an idea that could offer a cure for Senator John McCain’s Cancer. It involves the  use of Nanobots. 

If your life was at risk from a deadly form of cancer with no known cure, would you be open to an idea from a Black African American Innovator?  

America has a racist history of ignoring or stealing ideas from Black African Americans Innovators, Inventors and Entrepreneurs. 

Institutional Racism is an illogical behavior that limits American Progress by restricting Black African American’s Economic Progress.  Despite that unethical and illegal behavior, Black African Americans must adopt an attitude and behavior that leads us to compete, innovate and disrupt in every business industry, including Biomedical Technology, which was made possible because of the unique cells of Henrietta Lacks.

When we Change the information we learn at Home, in School, in Black Churches and at Black Colleges, we will change our Behavior and Outlook as a group!  We must recognize the knowledge prepared by our emenies long ago, that we pass down from Grandparents to parents to our children that keep us in our current Social(Violence & Self Hatred) and Economic (Poverty)Conditions as a People. 

We can and must do better!

How To Help Children Become Readers?

How To Help Children Become Readers?

Read to them as infants and toddlers!

The Adventures of Booo! And Mooo! eBooks Series 

Booo! And Mooo! Website has been updated! 

10 Downloadable eBooks for Parents and Grandparents to read at Bedtime with Infants and Toddlers.

Share with your friends, family and social media contacts.

Thank you!

Authors Charles E. Campbell and Heather Henry

Our American Party (OAP) 2020 Potential Presidential Candidates


Our American Party (OAP) 2020 Potential Presidential Candidates

Who should be nominated by Our American Party (OAP) to be our 2020 Presidential Candidates?

Here are several names that OAP likes:
1. Oprah Winfrey- Billionaire Entertainer and Businesswoman
2. George Clooney – Billionaire Entertainer and Businessman
3. Dwayne “Rock Johnson – Millionaire Entertainer
4. Jesse Venture – Former Minnesota Governor and Entertainer
5. Bernie Sanders – Independent Vermont Senator

Americans are not happy with politicians, so we turned to President Trump. Now many Americans and unhappy with President Trump scandals and behavior. Our American Party seeks to amend the US Constitution to make Healthcare, Housing, Education, Equality and Term Limits a US Constitutional Right for All Americans.

OAP Presidential Candidate will be selected by All Americans on our Website in an Open and Transparent Way. Must be 18 years old and an American Citizen.

Support our Gofundme Campaign to raise $5 Million Dollars to launch a 21 century National Political Party.

Share this with your social media and send us your nomination for our 2020 Presidential Candidate.

The Adventures of Booo! And Mooo! eBooks Series 

The Adventures of Booo! And Mooo Bedtime Stories eBooks Series 

10 Pages – 10 Minutes Bedtime Stories 

For Busy Parents with Infants and Toddlers.  $6 Each

Share with busy family and friends who have infants and toddlers. Reading to children at bedtime is a great way to prepare them to become early readers and increase their chances of success in school and life.

Written by Heather Henry and Charles Campbell

Community Solution To Reduce Police Violence

Community Solution To Reduce Police Violence and Prosecutor’s Misconduct Nationally


Charles E. Campbell, Founder Our American Party (OAP) 

Communities should consider amending or changing their city or county charter, constitutional or whatever document governs them to require any legal financial settlement or judgement be spread equally across the annual pay of each officer of the police or sheriff department, prosecutors, mayor, city councilpersons, wardpersons and county commissioner/supervisor. 

This amendment should provide equality in resources at the same funding llevels to both the Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Defender’s Office. 

I believe that police officers, prosecutors and their supervisors, mayors and councilpersons would then have a personal financial incentive to ensure that citizens are treated with fairness, respect and dignity regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or disability. 

This would reform the criminal justice system at its core and return policing and prosecutors return back to protecting and serving all citizens in the community.

Currently, when police and prosecutors are found guilty of misconduct, millions of dollars are paid to victims or their relatives solely from taxpayers dollars. 

This is neither fair, justice or right. When Police, Prosecutors and their leaders have skin in the game, their behavir will change.

Finally, the amendment should require that 10 years of statistics be published before and after the amendment online by each city and county to track the progress.

Universal Healthcare For All

     Our American Party(OAP) Universal Healthcare For All Americans 

Our American Party (OAP) http:// is a New National Political Party seeking funding on GoFundMe to raise $5 Million Dollars to launch. 

One of our goals is the Amend the US Constitution to require Universal Healthcare for All Americans that includes the Poor, Middle Class, Rich and Wealthy. 

(OAP will focus on what’s Fair, Right and Just for all Americans)

One Single Pay process that takes 10% of people’s income, excluding those over 65 years. 

Donate to help fund our launch, if you believe that it’s time for a new political party focused on solutions for All Americans.

Global Views Radio Show

Join (Global Views Radio Show) hosted by Levi Sanders, Charles E. Campbell, Darryl Parker & Mayo Makinde with our guest: 
Actor, Producer & Philanthropist, Mr. Danny Glover. 

When: This Saturday morning, July 8, 2017 Time: 10 A.M. to Noon EST

How: To listen at

You can call in to the show by dialing 1-614-412-5252 to speak with Danny Glover or the host.

Happy Independence Day 

.         Happy Independence Day

It’s time for a new National Political Party  called Our American Party (OAP) http:// 

Let’s celebrate our independence from the Republican and Democratic Parties. A two party system doesn’t offer a real choice. 

At OAP, ideas that solve problems for all Americans is what we are about.  Every law or policy must past three test. 

1. Is it JUST?  

2. Is it FAIR? 

3. Is it Right?

OAP will recognizes that citizens of different ages and stages of life have different needs and all Americans should have access to services paid for by all taxpayers, even those originally designed to help only the Poorest Americans.

Visit our website and support our campaign.