Community Solution To Reduce Police Violence

Community Solution To Reduce Police Violence and Prosecutor’s Misconduct Nationally


Charles E. Campbell, Founder Our American Party (OAP) 

Communities should consider amending or changing their city or county charter, constitutional or whatever document governs them to require any legal financial settlement or judgement be spread equally across the annual pay of each officer of the police or sheriff department, prosecutors, mayor, city councilpersons, wardpersons and county commissioner/supervisor. 

This amendment should provide equality in resources at the same funding llevels to both the Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Defender’s Office. 

I believe that police officers, prosecutors and their supervisors, mayors and councilpersons would then have a personal financial incentive to ensure that citizens are treated with fairness, respect and dignity regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or disability. 

This would reform the criminal justice system at its core and return policing and prosecutors return back to protecting and serving all citizens in the community.

Currently, when police and prosecutors are found guilty of misconduct, millions of dollars are paid to victims or their relatives solely from taxpayers dollars. 

This is neither fair, justice or right. When Police, Prosecutors and their leaders have skin in the game, their behavir will change.

Finally, the amendment should require that 10 years of statistics be published before and after the amendment online by each city and county to track the progress.


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