Black African American Innovator Offers Idea for a Cure to Sen. John McCain’s Cancer

Potential Cure For Senator John McCain’s Cancer

A Black African American Innovator has an idea that could offer a cure for Senator John McCain’s Cancer. It involves the  use of Nanobots. 

If your life was at risk from a deadly form of cancer with no known cure, would you be open to an idea from a Black African American Innovator?  

America has a racist history of ignoring or stealing ideas from Black African Americans Innovators, Inventors and Entrepreneurs. 

Institutional Racism is an illogical behavior that limits American Progress by restricting Black African American’s Economic Progress.  Despite that unethical and illegal behavior, Black African Americans must adopt an attitude and behavior that leads us to compete, innovate and disrupt in every business industry, including Biomedical Technology, which was made possible because of the unique cells of Henrietta Lacks.

When we Change the information we learn at Home, in School, in Black Churches and at Black Colleges, we will change our Behavior and Outlook as a group!  We must recognize the knowledge prepared by our emenies long ago, that we pass down from Grandparents to parents to our children that keep us in our current Social(Violence & Self Hatred) and Economic (Poverty)Conditions as a People. 

We can and must do better!


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