Stop Pimping and Hustling Black People

Stop Pimping and Hustling Black People

by Charles E. Campbell


The State of Black America Conference is more of the same inappropriate behavior by a group Black Pretend Leaders, while nothing ever changes for Black African Americans as a Race.

We should be "Sick and Tired" of these Rap and Clap Sessions, full of great speeches about our problems, but no implementable solutions. I wonder if you could get that same group of Blacks to meet behind closed doors for a week or two to develop innovative solutions to the problems facing Black African Americans. Their egos, jobs, positions, fears and greed drains them of the moral courage required to do anything where they ain't getting a Speaking Fee (Paycheck) for 2 hours of their time.

Tavis Smiley ran that type of "Pimp and Hustle Game" for years. Anyone remember his book, The Covenant.

What about all the "Million (Fill In The Blank) Marches" to Washington? All created to take the energy out or redirect the energy of grassroots Black African Americans. They allowed each generation to blow off some steam, but produced no solutions to Black Problems. After each march, protest or boycott, it was back to business as usual.


I challenge any of those who are serious about helping Black African Americans to solve our problems, to commit to spend 1 week behind closed doors and without the media or cameras to help develop a strategy to fund and implement solutions to Black African Americans Problems.

I founded The Quiet Resolution ( TQR, Inc ) -a National Black Empowerment Plan that starts in 30 Cities and expands to over 150, with the largest Black African American Populations. Others have plans too.

Let's take the best ideas and solutions from each plan to create a comprehensive plan(s) for the uplift and empowerment of Black African Americans in all areas where we live, work and play.

It's 2017, we ought to be tired of being played and pimped by Poor Black Leadership that only serves to maintain us in our current Social and Economic Conditions. The data paints a picture of Black African American Genocide if our behavior continues "As Is".

Our Children and Ancestors are watching us and we are accountable to them for our actions or lack thereof.

No one respects a group of Bafoons, who ignore or profit off the pain, misery and suffering of their own people. Neither Should We!


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