To Hell With Those Confederate Statuses

To Hell With Those Confederate Statuses

By Charles E. Campbell


Dedicated to the Memory of my father, Mr. Dudley Allen, who was born on this day 100 years ago in Edwards, Mississippi.

Like any Conscious Black African American, I don’t like White Racists, White Supremacists and Neo Nazis! I think Pres. Trump demonstrated that he lacks the moral courage to be President, but I knew that before I voted for him.

Let me be clear, I don’t care about Statuses of long dead White Racist, who fought to keep Blacks enslaved for profit. What I care about is the present day suffering of Black African Americans.

Our Black Babies are dying of Infant Mortality;

Our Black Youth are unemployed and killing each other in the Inner Cities over gangs and drugs;

Our Black Men and Women are being massively targeted, murdered by police and Incarcerated for profit;

Our Communities are in decay, until Gentrification takes over and forces Black Folks out;

Our Inner City and Rural Schools are segregated, underfunded and in poor conditions;

Our Black Entrepreneurs can’t get access to funds allocated back to states, counties and cities for economic development or Bank Loans to compete fairly;

Our Black Leaders are shucking and Jiving, providing motivational speeches, but no solutions to our problems;

Our religious leaders are cowards, too afraid to teach Blacks Folks that which we need to know inorder to change our thinking, so that we begin to pool our money, talents, ideas and expertise (resources) to compete without Fear or Greed.

Automation, Robotics and Artifical Intelligence is about to be the modern day Cotton Picker and will displace Blacks from their “Good Paying Jobs soon”.

Most of us are clueless about what to do when that happens. No on their is preparing us us to us to be self- sufficient economically, educationally, or socially.

We are led by people who lack Emotional Intelligence. Any Fool knows that those Racist Statuses need to be replaced, but we have more critical issues to address than removing symbols of hatred in form of statues.

We need a serious National Black Empowerment Plan to solve those institutional racist policies, laws and programs created by both Democrats and Republicans to hurt us.

Anyone who tries to convince Black African Americans to march, protest and boycott is our enemy. Instead they should lead us to compete, collaborate and empower ourselves collectively.

I don’t givea dam about the Confederate Flag or Statues. I care deeply about ending the generational poverty, misery, pain and suffering of Black African American People. I hope there are others of like mind.



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