TQR, Inc. Back Up with New Look

Dear Facebook Family and Friends:
I have relaunched The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) Website. http://www.tqrinc.com. I welcome your support and feedback. Become a member at any level to help with the seed funding. Black African Americans are in a crisis and we need a plan for our uplift and empowerment. If not for yourself, for your children, grandchildren, parents and elderly.
Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, inc)

Black Athletes, Stop Protesting!

Black Athletes, Stop Protesting!
By Charles E. Campbell

Ricky Smiley is my Frat Brother and I respect his stance on protesting racist laws, policies and programs, but believe that it is misguided.

Our energy is being misdirected toward Non-Economic Emotional Protests by Poor Black Leadership. Here’s a strategy that Black Professional Athletes and Entertainers should try along with protesting.

They should start pooling their money and invest with Backstage Capital, a Black Owned Venture Capital Firm, who should invest with those of us who have a plan to create the
1. Global Football League(GFL) and become owners of a team, rather than employees. The Real Money and Power is in Ownership!
2. Create the Global Basketball Association(GBA)
3. Create the Global Tennis Association (GTA)
4. Create the Global Golf Association (GGA)
5. Create the Global Boxing Association (GBA)
6. Create the Global Soccer League (GSL)
7. Create the Global Baseball League (GBL)
8. Create the Global Racing Association (GRA)

Imagine the wealth that can be generated and used to address our Black People’s Poverty.

Black Folks use to own our own sports leagues and teams. It time to return to that mindset. Wake Up My People!

Forward this if you want real change!

Tornadoes, Floods and Hurricanes Solution

What if we could reduce the threat from Tornadoes, Floods and Hurricanes?

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) wants to design, construct & operate a National Hurricane, Flood and Tornado Defense System for $5 Billion Dollars Annually. Hurricane Harvey caused over $19B. Irma? Maria?

Will President Trump listen to Innovative solution from a Black African American Innovator and Entrepreneur?

Will Insurance Companies pool the money to invest in this Innovative Solution?

Hurricanes, Floods and Tornados naturally occur, but can be disrupted, if you know how and understand the science behind them.

I invent and offer Innovative and Disruptive Solutions to Really Big Problems like climate change, poverty, education, and cyber security.

It’s time that local, state and federal government eliminate their racist laws, policies, programs for the good of the country.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

The Genie Gets Out The Bottle?



The Genie Gets Out The Bottle?

by Charles E. Campbell

Black African Americans Must Use Social Media for Our Uplift and Empowerment!

The legacy of Black African American Enslavement and Religious Programming has produced a group of people permanently locked into poverty, self-hatred with too many poor Black leaders who are complicit and rewarded for helping to maintain us at the bottom of positive social and economic outcomes and at the top of negative social and economic outcomes. Look at the data on Black Income, Wealth, Home Ownership, Education, Health, Housing, Incarceration, Infant Mortality, Unemployment, Transportation, and the number of Fortune 1000 Corporation ownership compared to White Americans.


Many Black African Americans are well educated with degrees and working at “Good Jobs”. The fear of losing that “Good Job” causes too many of them to ignore the suffering of the majority of Black African Americans and their religion allows them to deal with the guilt of not having the moral courage to do anything about it. They just worry about themselves and their immediate family. This behavior was socially engineered by White Supremacy and passed down from generation to generation.


The power of social media to connect Black African Americans and allow us to pool money quickly to address our collective problems is under utilized. LinkedIn is overflowing with Black Professionals displaying their well earned degrees, jobs and skills, myself included, but is not used effectively. Facebook is another social media that is under utilized for our uplift and empowerment. It’s a way to connect to family, friends, classmates and associates. Other groups use it much better than we have been taught to do. Facebook even has limits on the number of people you can connect to. Twitter is used to promote causes like Police Violence and to collect funds for worthy causes. Younger generations are using Instagram, SnapChat and other video sharing social media.


It is now time to let the Genie out of the bottle! With the devastating hurricanes Harvey and Irma hitting the US, Black African Americans will be negatively impacted as with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


One Solution Proposed By Me:
Black African Americans need a plan that does not involve Marching, Protesting or Boycotting. I’ve written a Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan to Uplift and Empower Black African Americans. I launched a startup corporation called The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) to implement it. To fund this plan, I launched a renewable energy startup called Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) based on receiving a US Patent for a new type of large-scale hydroelectric power plant designed to generate, sell and distribute clean electricity globally.

Black African Americans should consider using Social Media to achieve two (2) specific goals.

Demand that Black African American Leaders in the Black Community at every level who control resources (Money, Taxes, Land) or those that influence laws, policies and programs (Preachers, Politicians, Business), develop a similar plan that focuses on solutions for our people. We should ignore all “Fake-Black Cowardly Leaders”, who lack the moral courage to protect, defend, uplift and empower Black African Americans from Racist White Supremacist Laws, Policies and Programs like Bill Clinton’s Crime and Welfare Reform Laws.
Some Black African Americans must Collective and Pool our own money (A Self Black Tax) for the implementation of a National Comprehensive Plan that creates local institutions to allow for the uplift and empowerment of Black African American People Economically, Socially, Politically, Educationally, Medically and our Security.


After reading this Blog Post, most Black People will want to ask, “Who Gets The Money?” That’s a legitimate question, but asked by people who never intended to give a dime. The unconscious goal is to disrupt any effort to change the collective conditions of Black African American People, because they fear Change. They know Poverty and are comfortable with our people’s place in American Society! Some also FEAR what White Folks will think and do! Again, unconscious programming, that causes some Black People to worry about White Folks, before their own People. This is a legacy of Black African American Enslavement and Religious Programming that taught Blacks to worship a White God. They should ask themselves, if White Folks worry about Black Folks before making decisions that benefit White Folks. You should still ask this question of any plan you choose to support. The Answer to the question for TQR, Inc Plan is Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO of TQR, Inc. and AHEC, which I created. However the funds will be redistributed to 5 institutes, controlled by national and local boards of directors in each city. AHEC will provide funds as well to fund it.


“Genie in the Bottle” represents the Enormous Untapped Black African Americans and Others who want to support this effort. It’s not the Masses of Black African Americans. However this plan is to help the Masses of Black African Americans move to a consciousness, where they truly understand the value of self empowerment through self-sacrifice and become financial supporters as they and their families benefit from it.


A majority of Black African Americans are simply trying to survive in a racist society. Their focus is on having food, medicine, taking care of their children, getting pleasure, getting or maintaining a good job, paying their rent or mortgage, getting or maintaining transportation, avoiding crime and getting to heaven when they die. Too many Black African Americans simply survive from month to month, trapped into generational poverty created and maintained by racist Whites and Blacks who benefit at our expense. They are trained to offer Black African Americans Hope, while they give others resources. (Example: The latest White Opioid Crisis)! Black African Americans have been programmed to always to be inspired by “Moving Speeches”, but no resources or money to create change to our social and economic conditions. We are pimped by Poor leadership that can only lead “Non-Economic Marches, Protest and Boycotts”. Enough!


The Economic Power of this solution. According to some reports, “Black buying power continues to increase, rising from its current $1 trillion level to a forecasted $1.3 trillion by 2017. The total 2016 Black African American Population is estimated to be 46.8 million in 2016 with a total income of $39.6 Billion Dollars in income. If 4 million of that population donated $20 one time to create the Seed Funding for a Plan, that amount would total: $80 Million Dollars. The goal of the seed funding would be to implement a plan and create businesses and services that allow the capture of 60% of Black Buying Power and to be reinvested to social and economic uplift and empower the masses of Black African American People. Specifically to implement programs and services that end our Mass Incarceration, Black Infant Mortality, Unemployment, Inadequate Housing, Provide Transportation, create New Business and new industries of the future that allow Black African Americans to compete on a globally by ultimately reducing and eliminating the negative impact of White Supremacist Laws, Policies and Programs.


Black African Americans can ignore this message, but I can assure you that our enemies are taking notes and creating a strategy to ensure that no plan we create will work. My message to them is simple. You Can’t Stop Us! Only We Can Stop Us!


Because Where There Is A Will To Uplift and Empower Ourselves, There Is Always A Way, But Where There Is No Will, There Are Excuses!


My Call To Action:
If you want to support my efforts with TQR, Inc. or AHEC donate your $20 to paypal.me/CEC89

Stop Black Babies Dying!

Stop Black Babies Dying!


It’s time that Black African Americans stand up for Black Babies. http://www.friendsfamilylife1.com/Black_Men_United

Our Babies are dying and too many of us are too dam busy praying, playing, pimping and jiving to do anything to stop it! Well, I’ve had enough! I developed a plan to Stop Black Babies Dying in Columbus Ohio and I need Black Folks who love and value Black Babies to help fund its implementation.

Get involve by donating $20 individually through the website PayPal Account and demanding that your Black Church, Fraternity, Sorority, Masonic Lodge, Biker Club, Gang, Favorite Entertainer, Black College donate $1,000 to support this plan to Stop Black Babies Dying.

Enough Excuses by cowards!

A People too weak and cowardly to protect and defend their own Babies, don’t deserve the respect of any other group of people. I am asking non-cowards to step up!

Cowards are afraid, do nothing, they make excuses, they complain about the problem, they sabotage any efforts, and they believe that we need White People’s Approval to solve Black People’s Problems.

Even if you are a coward, I’m asking you to muster the courage to donate to this effort, for if you have ever held a Black African American Baby in your arms, you know how precious a gift of life is.

It is time to do for them, what others did for us, so that we are here today with the opportunity of life. Black Babies deserve no less!

Where there is a Will to Stop Black Babies Dying, there is a Way!

Where there is No Will to Stop Black Babies Dying, there are Cowards with Excuses!

What say you! Help with this effort, please!


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation(AHEC)

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) – Black Men United effort to end Black Infant Mortality in Columbus, Franklin County Ohio

Cuptoopia.com, Inc.




Step Up To Help Stop Crime & Violence


           Step Up To Help Stop Crime & Violence


Charles E. Campbell

Are you sick and tired of Crime & Violence in your city?

Donate to help me build a Solution. It’s time to stop Crimes in our communities. I’m building an innovative technology that will allow anonymous citizens to earn Reward Money for sharing Crime Tips that lead to an arrest and conviction for a crime.

I need Seed Funds to complete the development and marketing cost.

With your donations, Crime and Violence in your city can be stopped!

Enough Excuses, Funerals, Marches and Meetings! Want A Solution?

Donate PayPal.Me/CEC89