Black African American Baby

Why Don’t Black African American Leaders and People Love Black African American Babies?
by Charles E. Campbell @charlesecampbell @BlakMenUnited

Black African American Babies are dying in Columbus, Ohio at a rate 3 to 4 times that of the national level and Black African American Leaders and People don’t seem to care enough to demand a stop to this epidemic. Black African American Leadership at every level condones the result by not demanding those in power solve this crisis. Columbus Ohio Politicians don’t know how to solve the problem. They have given millions of dollars to a White Agency called Celebrate One, but will they refuse to give money to Black African Americans, who offer solutions to address and solve this problems? The 2016 Ohio Health data revealed the White Infant Mortality has decreased in Columbus and Black African American Infant Mortality has increased. Translation: White Babies deaths are decreasing and more Black African American Babies are dying in Columbus, Ohio.

I’ve been called an “Angry Black Man” because I care about the suffering, oppression and genocide taking place in the Columbus Black African American Community. I believe that I have a responsibility to help solve many of the problems facing Black African American People, but because I refuse to cooperate with the racist policies and programs that led to the current social and economic conditions of Black African American People, then I’m characterized as an “Angry Black Man”. I refuse to respect Black Leaders who benefited personally or professionally, while they ignore the suffering and oppression of Black African American People. A person’s Soul should not be for sale. Anger is the appropriate emotion when you care about the needless death of Black Babies and the suffering of their parents and family.

In the 20th Century after the Civil Rights Movement, White Supremacist understood the psychology of Black Enslavement and desire for inclusion and equality, which focused on the color of white people as racist. They recruited, groomed and trained Black African Americans and placed them in position to help maintain the racist laws, policies and programs that have help to devastate the Black African American Community and the results can be seen when you drive through the Linden Community of Columbus. It was Bill Clinton’s Racist Crime Bill that led to the Mass Incarceration of Black African American People. It created a financial incentive for a racist society to profit from police profiling and property seizures, arresting of Black African Americans in the illegal drug deals, and courts sentencing disparities that helped fill private prisons and created a slave labor force in state prisons. It also led to millions of Black African American Children being placed in the foster care system and drained the Black Community of valuable human capital.

Today, Columbus, Ohio is a test market for how to use these “Black Faces In High Places” to help suppress and oppress Black African American People, while growing economically. Most of Columbus elected politicians are elected Democrats, except for judges, only because they are not allowed to use their party affiliation on the ballot. Black African Americans become confused when Black Politicians who are elected, do nothing to help change their social and economic conditions. We have never been taught to focus on the equitable redistribution of tax dollars, which we pay, back to our community. Instead, we still believe that racism can only be implemented by a White Person, so when we see Black People helping to maintain or not calling for the repeal or replacement of those racist laws, policies and programs, like the Republican tried to do for Obama Care, they make excuses for their poor leadership toward our problems.

Despite electing a Black African American as President of the US twice, our social and economic conditions never changed. Despite having more Black Politicians on Columbus City Council, Columbus School Board, as Judges, Attorneys, representation in the US Congress and Ohio Legislature, things never change for Black African Americans. Why?

I believe the the reason is that Columbus elected, anointed and self appointed leaders have no love for Black African People based on our current social and economic conditions. They give great speeches like Obama did, but the data tells the true picture. They have “Gone Along To Get Along “by sacrificing their moral integrity for a job, city contract or political position, at the same time ignoring the pain and suffering of Black African American People. Have They No Shame At All?

Shame on corporations like Amazon, Facebook and Google, if they consider Columbus as an ideal place to relocate, while Columbus continues to ignore the suffering of Black African American People. Shame on all the Columbus Corporations who are excited about the $50 Million Dollars SmartCity Award and the $502 Million Private Investments to Columbus SmartCity, but they don’t care about the inclusion of Black African Americans in the redistribution of SmartCity funds to address the inequality of Black African American People in the Linden Community of Columbus, who were used to help win the SmartCity Grant. If they allow a continuation of racist policies, practices and programs that used, then intentionally exclude Black African Americans, they remain part of the problem. Columbus, Ohio will never be a great city, when Black Babies are allowed to die at these crisis levels and the oppression and suppression of Black African American People continues. Corporations should demand that Columbus City Government declare Black African American Infant Mortality a City Health Emergency, waive Competitive Bidding Procedures and fund Black Lead Innovative Solutions created to Stop Black Babies Dying. I question whether they have the moral courage or integrity to do so. Are millennials who are capable of demonstrating leadership?

Black African American Leaders and People don’t love Black Babies and will accept them dying at an epidemic level and remain silent and continue to defer to a White Lead Agency called Celebrate One, who is implementing a solution that is not working for Black Babies, because they feel powerless to change their conditions. When you are label as an “Angry Black Man or Woman”, by a racist ecosystem created to protect White Supremacy in Columbus Ohio, you are silently, financially and professionally targeted and your opportunities are limited. Through racist laws, policies and programs, Black African Americans have been made to exist in either a state of Fear or Greed. Those two states leaves no room to care about Black Babies Dying. The problems of socially engineered poverty, and economic oppression have contribute to what is happening to Black African People in Columbus Ohio and I hope the world is watching.

What are the solution for Black African Americans In Columbus Ohio:
Don’t support or Vote for Black Leaders who do not have solutions to the problems of Black African American People.
Ignore any elected politicians currently in office and vote for someone new, if just to send a message that their poor leadership toward Black African Americans is unethical, immoral and unacceptable.
Communities Stop inviting politicians or any leader to “Pop Into And Out Of” your community meetings. If they don’t have the time stay to the end or commit to an hour to listen to the concerns of the people they represent, they should not be invited.
Demand equitable access to SmartCity Funding for Black African Entrepreneurs who have been excluded from the process with racist policies and programs. Ensure some portions of SmartCity the $552 Million Dollar SmartCity Fund be allocated to address the social determinants of the Linden Community the gave Columbus Proposal the winning edge in the Federal SmartCity Competition.
Create new Black Business Ecosystem to compete for SmartCity Funding.
Modify Columbus City School STEM Programs targeted to the Linden Schools to train K-12 students in Programming Languages like Python, C++ and Javascript, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics Programming, Renewable Energy, Transportation and Software Development. Ensure that STEM Education is relevant to children living in poverty, by teaching them applicable technologies that they can use to participate in the digital content creation economy and earn money.
Demand that Columbus Mayor and City Council provide funding to Black African Americans to address Black Infant Mortality. Black African Americans must pool our own money to help Stop Black Babies Dying and address our social and economic conditions. We must be given the right and respect to implement our own solutions, base on our unique cultural understanding the negative impacts of White Supremacy Laws, Policies and Programs designed and implemented that create the social and economic conditions of Black African Americans in Columbus, Ohio.
Demand that all City Policies and Programs that have produced negative results for Black African Americans be declared racist and revised to produce inclusion and equality.

It’s time that Black African Americans Leaders and People start loving Black African American Babies once again. The late William “Bill” Moss once taught us, that “A man can ride your back, when it’s bent”. It’s time that Black African Americans stand up! Without Black Babies, we have no future!

Stop Allowing Politicians To Disrespect Us

Stop Allowing Politicians To Disrespect Us!

Why do Politicians feel that it is okay to disrespect Black African Americans People, by showing up at our meetings, staying just long enough to introduce themselves and giving a campaign pitch, then leaving.

Columbus Ohio Politicians do this without any hesitation.

As long as the Black African American Community continues to accept this level of disrespect, it will continue.

To solve this problem, all politicians who can not stay for a meeting, Should Not Come, if they come, they should only be allowed to introduce themselves and reserve the last ten minutes of the meeting for them to talk about solutions they intend to implement to help solve the community’s problems.

Anyone convening a community meeting who does not require politician’s Respect, is part of the dam problem.

I witnessed two Columbus City Councilman engage is such disrespectful behavior this past Saturday in Linden, a Black African American Community in Columbus, Ohio.

Shame on them! Enough of their Disrespect of Black African American Community! Voters Beware!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

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Disrupt Racist Policies And Programs

News Alert!

The City Of Columbus, Ohio has over $500 Million Dollars to Fund Smart City Innovations that the Black African American Community in Columbus knows Little or Nothing About, despite having more Black Faces In High Places!

Will Columbus, Ohio change its Historic Racist Policies and Programs that have led to a Crisis of Black Babies Dying at a rate higher than any US City and Economic Depression by continuing to exclude Black African Americans from access to money for Economic Development?

We, Black African Americans have the ability to solve our own problems, given adequate Funding and Non Racist Policies and Programs that were created to produce the Social and Economic Conditions of Black African Americans that exist in Columbus, Ohio.

Black African Africans should Call All Black Face In High Place in Columbus, Ohio and ask them how they plan to ensure Black African Americans will have access to funding of Smart City Funding?

Don’t accept excuses rooted in racist policies created at the federal, state, county and city that were intentionally created to produce the current results.

We must “Disrupt Racist Policies and Programs” that create social and economic inequality.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Black Love For My People

                                                Black Love For My People
NetFlix just announced this week that they are increasing the amount of money they plan to spend buying Original Content from $6 Billion Dollars to $7 to $8 Billion Dollars.
NetFlix also hired Shonda Rhimes to help them with Original Content.
Shonda Rhimes is the creator of Top TV Shows like Practice, Greys Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder.
She is offering her Master Class for $90. This is a huge opportunity for Black African Americans to buy this class, get if for our young people or anyone who wants to write. Let me also suggest the groups of people can pool their money to order this class to share the $90 cost.
There is a huge opportunity.
Facebook is planning to spent $1 Billion Dollars on Content and so is Hulu, ABC Disney, NBC Comcast, Amazon, Apple and other content providers.
No Mo Excuses! If you know a High School Drop Out or a Recent Unemployed College Graduate, send this information. Don’t nobody know DRAMA like Black African American People. Our Grandparents got story ideas, our children, out Aunts and Uncles. You just need to understand how to take those ideas and write TV Shows.
This is an Example of Black Love. I’m sharing this information with you and not wanting anything in return. I believe and hope that someone will understand the nature of this opportunity and will take advantage of it and then show Black Love to others.
Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO The Quiet Resolution(TQR, Inc)
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), Inc.

Solution To Police Abuse

I’m developing a solution called “WeCU” that will reduce Police Abuse of Black African Americans when stopped by “Bad Cops”.

We must protect ourselves, our children and grandchildren when they leave home..

Anyone who thinks this is a problem worth solving should donate to help me launch this solution. Any amount will help.

California’s Wildfires Solution Ignored

Shame On Gov. Jerry Brown for Ignoring Proposed Solution to Wildfires!

President Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown have ignored a solution proposed by me called Rain Maker that could extinguish Wildfires. Why?

Racist Political Leaders would rather allow the loss of life and property, before they would consider a solution proposed by a Black African American Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur. These are Democrats, but Republicans Governors have also ignored my offer to help!

This is why the American People have lost faith in both political parties to solve problems, unless you can “Pay 2 Play”.

Shame on Former President Obama and current California Gov. Jerry Brown! The people who died and lost their property deserved better. The national media also refused to cover the proposed solution. Shame on them too!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Inventor: Rain Maker Wildfire Solution
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation, Inc
The Quiet Resolution ( TQR, Inc )

Why Black People Should Support NRA Policies

Why Black People Should Support NRA Policies!
Charles E. Campbell

In a nation founded on Racism, only a Wolf wants the Sheep Defenseless. NRA policies are applicable to Black African Americans, even ExFelons. No Law shall abridge the Second Amendment Right, not even Felon Restrictions Laws.

I believe that any community should have the right to use a Ballot Iniative Process to vote to Change their jurisdiction constitution to vote their community DRY of Lethal Bullets, with an exception for licensed hunter’s, in possession of a specific rifle used for hunting animals for sport or food.

Any Ballot Iniative should include a free Lethal for NonLethal Bullet Exchange Program and a $10,000 Dollar fine for anyone who uses Lethal Bullets within the approved jurisdiction (City, County or State and a charge of attempted murder if used unsuccessfully against another human being.

It should also require law enforcement use NonLethal Bullets as their first 6 Bullets, before using the remaining Lethal Bullets. This would seperate homocidal law enforcement officers from those who want to protect and serve their community.

The Rational For My Opinion:
When a majority of a population is miseducated, socialized, inspired, motivated and encouraged to blame the minority for their Economic Oppression, there is the potential for s curirsmatic leader to emerge and spark a Bloodletting. “The only defense against a Bad Majority with Guns is a Good Minority with Guns.” The Famed “Black Decons For Defense” demonstrated this.

In this debate about the Las Vegas Mass Shooting, it has been characterized as the largest mass shooting (Terrorist Attack) on American Citizens, but those of us who know the history of Black Wall Street, know that over 3,000 Black African Americans were massacred during as racist Bloodletting (Terrorist Attack) in the Greenwood Community of Tulsa, Ok. We have not forgotten about that Massacre and like how Jews remember the Jewish Holocaust caused by Nazis, we Black African Americans will never forget. Because “Forgotten History” too often repeats itself three to four generations in the future.

Black African Americans should embrace NRA Policies without becoming members of the NRA or voting for their candidates. Poor Black Leadership got us locked in a pasture, while we consume grass to get fat for slaughter house. When we stop participating and supporting those who look like us, who promote ir refuse to challenge racist and descriminatory Laws, Policies and Programs that produce the negative results like our high Black Infant Mortality Rates, Mass Incarceration and Denial of access to Public funded capital, then we will start toward our own uplift and empowerment. Know them by the problems they allow to continue without a solution or the problems they help to solve. Leaders solve Problems without Fear or Excuses! This must become the litmus test by which all religious, political, social and economic leaders adore measured. Enough of the BS speeches.

Name the problem in your community, then demand that anyone who is anointed, appointed, selected, hired or volunteers to lead, specifically state how he or she plans to solve that problem. If they have no solutions, vote for a Dog or stop going to listen to them, because they have no intention or plan to help your community. They only have influence from those who drain the income from our communities, if they can demobstarte that they have your support and approval. Deny them that and they become uses to the masters they truly serve.

You can only Demand that they stop Pimping your community. When you Stop Prostituting to their poor Black Religious, Political, Social, Educational and Economic Leadership.

My Proposed Solution:
Consider Supporting The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) – A startup with a National Black Empowerment Plan, by donating at any level to become a seed member of TQR, Inc.

With Black Love, Compassion and Respect.