Gun Law Proposal

Gun Law Proposal

All Assault Weapons Manufacturers should be Required to install Electronic Tracking Device that can be remotely activated to locate stolen weapons. It could record the Date, Time & Location when the weapon is fired.

Only Criminial would oppose such such a law.


Non Gun Related Solutions To Stop Mass School Shootings

Non Gun Related Solutions To Stop Mass School Shootings
Charles E. Campbell, MSW

1. Turtle Shield – A Human Shield made of light weight plastic covered in Kelvar to stop bullets penetration. It will have a video screen and camera to protect staff while they engage shooters. Not invented yet, but easy to design and manufacture.

2. New types of School Fire Alarms that require a combinational sequence of down and up Pulls that sets off an alert and has a video camera designed within it to prevent Students from entering a Hallway Firing Range.

3. Create a County based Sheriff Social School Health Mentoring Department in each County that combines the resources of Sheriff Department, Health Department, Social Services Department and Public Education Depatments to engage trouble families and students who need help in an effort to prevent more Mass School Shootings. Fully Federally Funded from a Law Maker Salary Tax of $100 per pay, and a billionaire and Millionaire Love Tax Annual Fee.

Black Messiah Song Challenge



Black Messiah Song Challenge

After watching and being inspired by the Black Panther Movie, I decided to create a Youtube Challenge with a song that I wrote to promote a Black African American Renaissance to implement The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.), a startup corporation created to implement a National Black Empowerment Plan.

1. Black Messiah Song YouTube Video by Black Scroozgie

2. Black Messiah Song Track
For Artist To Record the Black Messiah Lyrics or Create their own to this track.

3. Buy a Copy of the Song to support my efforts for $0.50

If you were inspired to help improve the social and economic conditions of Black African Americans, take the challenge, support TQR, Inc or buy a copy of the Black Renaissance Song “Black Messiah” and become one of millions of Pit Vipers ready create a real Wakanda.  We can accomplish what we WILL, limited only by our Imagination, Fears and Greed.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

The Quiet Resolution, (TQR, Inc.)

Solutions To Protect Lives During Mass School Shootings

Solutions To Protect Lives During Mass School Shootings

My condolences for the loss of life in a Florida’s School. It was senseless. It’s time to provide school staff with Turtle Shield Technology that can stop bullets from assault rifles. It’s also time to redesign the school fire alarm so that only trained staff can activate it.

These technologies, I will design and manufacture if President Trump or Congress will allocate the funding. Or If those organizations that want a solution to Mass School Shootings will provide the funding. Together, we can ensure that every school in the USA has this technology and one else has to die senseless.

The Turtle Shield stops bullets and Fire Alarm that requires a Press, Pull, Press, Press then Pull combination and will Sounds an alert for 10 Seconds, before the fire alarm and will include a camera to identify the person trying to activate the fire alarm.

This technology offers solutions that can save lives in a mass school shooting.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO, Inc.

Black Messiah Song

Download Black Messiah Song $0.50
By Charles E. Campbell aka Black Scroozgie
He’s launching a Black African American Renaissance with his National Black Empowerment Startup The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)

He uses Conscious Hip Hop to share his plan for Black Love, Uplift and Empowerment.
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