Solutions To Protect Lives During Mass School Shootings

Solutions To Protect Lives During Mass School Shootings

My condolences for the loss of life in a Florida’s School. It was senseless. It’s time to provide school staff with Turtle Shield Technology that can stop bullets from assault rifles. It’s also time to redesign the school fire alarm so that only trained staff can activate it.

These technologies, I will design and manufacture if President Trump or Congress will allocate the funding. Or If those organizations that want a solution to Mass School Shootings will provide the funding. Together, we can ensure that every school in the USA has this technology and one else has to die senseless.

The Turtle Shield stops bullets and Fire Alarm that requires a Press, Pull, Press, Press then Pull combination and will Sounds an alert for 10 Seconds, before the fire alarm and will include a camera to identify the person trying to activate the fire alarm.

This technology offers solutions that can save lives in a mass school shooting.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO, Inc.


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