American Gun Violence & Racism Solutions

American Gun Violence & Racism Solutions

Congratulations to all those students and their supporter who marched in Washington DC and in cities across the US to protest school shootings and community gun violence.

As a Black African American College Student attending Jackson State University and The Ohio State University in the late 80s and early 90s, I too marched and protested injustice. It was my opportunity to experience social activism and to participate collectively in the fight for Black African American Rights, just like the leaders of 1960s Civil Rights Movement did. I’ve since discovered that marches and protest in the 21st Century are outdated strategies that are acceptable by those in power, because they don’t produce cgange or results.

Marches and Protest generate media coverage and serve as “pressure release valve” that allows groups to express the collectively frustratration and anger. Too often they are funded in part by those in power, as strategy to allow the disaffected to blow off steam, then go away.

I prefer competition as a solution based on innovative ideas. For example, to address Gun Violence in Public Schools, Gun Violence in Black African American Communities and Gun Violence by the Police in Black African American Communities, I proposed that citizens us the Ballot Iniciative Process to change their country, state, county and city constitution to require the following:

Solution to Gun Violence In The Community

Require all Guns manufactured, imported and sold in the US, State, County or City include a hidden tracking device that transmits a signal when the weapon is fired.

If adults are required to present their driver’s license to buy tobacco products, require that all ammunition manufacturers place a manufacturer’s code inside the shell casing of each bullet that can be tracked to the sell and purchaser, date, time and location. This would make it easier to identify who purchased the bullets used and found at crime scenes.

Solution To Gun Violence by Police

Require all Police Officers use in their weapons Non-Lethal Bullets. The first six bullets fired by each officer must be Non-Lethal Bullets. One Non-Lethal Bullet is powerful enough to drop any human being. Only if you are a homicidal cop, with the desired intent to kill another human being and get away with it, would you this idea. Cowards who fear Black African American People should not become law enforcement officers and use that fear as a justification for killing unarmed Black African American People.

Solution To Gun Violence In Schools

Create an incentive for students and use technology to allow students and teachers to report school bullying and emotionally, or physically abused children in the community and home and provide mandatory training and counseling for students their parents with community professional including law enforcement and social workers.

Arm School Staff with Defensive Turtle Shields, a turtle shaped shield that could be worn on their back, and used to engage the shooter to protect students and themselves from bullets that can’t penetrate the Turtle Shield. It should include cameras and a view screen to see and engage the shooter.

Law Maker can pass this Legislation at the federal, state, county and city levels. If they do not, because of the influence of campaign contributions, citizens should use the Ballot Initiative Process, which allows them to gather a required amount of registered voter signatures to allow an issue to be placed on the ballot, so that voters can decide. It’s a successful strategy that has been used for marijuana and casinos passage.

These ideas are my gift to the new generation of students who want a better American Society and I hope they won’t stop until all racist laws, programs and policies that negativity impact Black African Americans and Native Americans are repealed based on the outcome data.

For example, 50 years after the Kerner Commission Report that was written after the 1968 Uprising by Black African Americans, as result systemic racism and injustice, a new 2018 Kerner Commission Report investigated the same issues and reported that Black African Americans conditions have gotten worst under both political party leadership. That can no longer be ignored and young student leaders must demand “Justice For All Americans” or demand that schools modify the daily recited Pledge Of Allegiance to say “And To Demand Justice For All Americans”.

Solution To End American Institutional Racism

America has never been as great as it could be, if its White, Black and Hispanic Leaders would modified the US Constitution to ban any laws that Disproportionately Negativity Impacted any group based on their income, race, gender, sexual or orientation. For example, Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill lead to the mass incarceration of Black African Americans. Under a Constitution Al Amendment, this law would be repealed based on the data.

Where there is a will to solve, problems, Good Leadership finds a way, but where there is no will to solve problems, Poor Leadership offers excuses. To make America a just nation, requires more Good Leadership.

Respectfully Submitted To Students of The New Movement and their Supporters.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), Inc. (CrimePays)


Global Views Radio Show

Global Views Radio Show Co-hosted by Mayo Makinde, Darroyl O. Parker and Charles E. Campbell

You and your friends, family and social media contacts are invited to join us on our radio show (Global Views) on WCRS 92.7 FM and 98.3 FM this Saturday, March 24, 2018 starting at 11 am to 1 pm EST.

Global Views is a radio show about government/ politics & how it affects the Black community.

Our guests will be the 3 candidates who are running from Ohio 12th Congressional District. They include Jackie Patton, John Russell &
Doug Wilson.

To listen from out of state visit
& click listen. You can ask questions by sending them to our social media outlets during the show.


Mayo Makinde
Darryl O. Parker
Charles E. Campbell
Milas Stevens

Black Messiah Song


I wrote and recorded a song named Black Messiah to help pay to ignite the Black African American Renaissance.

Funds will pay for the technology that will allow the ollection of seed funding for HBCU and UNCF College Students and High School Students who collaborate and form Teams to create new products and ideas that lead to startups.

Buy the song to support the Development of the Technology and launch. Nobody coming to uplift and empower Black African American out of our generational poverty but us. Anyone can help.


Thank you in advance.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW Founder & CEO

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)


Weapons Free Conflict Resolution (WFCR)

Weapons Free Conflict Resolution (WFCR) – This is an idea to reduce the homicides in large Metropolitan Cities between and within Gang Members who have legitimate conflict with someone. The leaders of Gangs and Community must agree to resolve all conflicts without the use of weapons during violent conflict.

Conflicts take place inside a weapons free Circle Ring. FIVE (5) Rounds that last three (3) minutes each. Before each round, each person gets to make a statement and offers a NonViolent Resolution to conflict that each Person can live with. The agreement and outcome must be respected by all. With or without boxing gloves. No Rules inside. Each round last until round ends or the opponent is unconscious, injured too bad to respond or taps out.

Weight, height, age, and abilities must be similar. If not, the less opponents can substitute a relative that meet simiar physical and mental requirements for a replacement.

All WFCR Events are livestreamed, but no live audience. No Cost $5.00 Weapons Allow.

All Profits from WFCR Events are used to create economic opportunities, free meals, pirchase equipment for job training in the multimedia and digital products and services economy.

There have been too many murders of Black African Americans. We must create an acceptable alternative solutions to our self inflicted Genocide by Homocide. (GxH)

When Black Men and Women kill each other, Black African American People Lose! Those who hate us win and profit. Enough! Let’s focus on solutions!

Respectfully Submitted,

Charles E. Campbell, (Black Messiah) Founder & CEO, Inc. 614-668-0327

Separation Of Students Between k-4, 5&6, 7&8, and 9&10 and 11&12 – Constitutional Education Amendment

The Public Education System in America needs to disrupted. It is broken and everyone knows it. The Students have nothing to compare it to, so they don’t see it, unless they transfer from a better school district. The parents too often attended the same poor performing school and have never visited a better performing school to compare their child’s school to others. The teachers care about the students, but a tired a frustrated with being over worked and under paid. They will fight for their pay and benefits, but not for a quality education for the students. Too often their union leadership does not represent them well. They are not empowered, but kept afraid for their jobs are budget cut constantly threaten their job and status. They politicians who have continued to cut taxes for the rich and cut education because they can and the voters never hold them accountable.

Education is the one profession where our children can be treated as if they don’t matter and get away with it.

Here’s are two solution:

Schools should be divided into Universal Head Start Pregnant Mother’s thru 3, Preschool 3-5, Elementary School K-4th grade, Middle School 5&6th grades, Junior High 7&8th grades and High Schools 9&10 and 11&12th grades. Middle and Junior High are critical developmental stages for children. If school s get it right there, they will have a better chance of success and no more school shootings.

The second solution involves A US Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing Educational as a human right for all students and equality of Funding with no less than minimum of $15,000 per student or not less than 50% of the military annual budget.

Without an educated population, the rich and wealthy will always find a way to manipulate and control the poor and uneducated. Always have, always will. No state shall deny any student adequate educational funding, or federal funds from other nonEssential areas must be redirected to meet their educational requirements of their students under a Constitutional Education Amendment.

I am seeking to launch a new National Political Party called Our American Party (OAP) to implement better ideas that move America forward. It will stand for what is just, right and fair. It will accept no money from super-packs and compete based on ideas that solve problems. All political meetings will be lived streamed to the public to ensure transparency and accountability.

Your support is welcomed.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Our American Party (OAP)

Black Folks In Generational Poverty, Check This Out!

Black Folks In Generational Poverty, Check This Out!

Black African Americans are only limited by our Fears, Imagination, Greed and Excuses!
We were taught to never trust, collaborate, cooperate and pool our money for the uplift of our family, our community and our people. Instead we were giving our oppressor’s religion as tool to control how and what we think, which controls how we behavior. It is that behavior that helps to maintain Black African Americans in our current social and economic conditions of Poverty, Violence and Unconscious Self- Hatred.

To do better, we need a comprehensive plan for our uplift and empowerment that includes every Black African American who wants to voluntarily participate and support it.
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) is such a plan for your consideration.

Time To Ignite A Black African American Renaissance


Time To Ignite A Black African American Renaissance

It’s time for a Black African American Renaissance! The Quiet Resolution (TQR,Inc.) is a startup created by a graduate of Jackson State University that offers a National Black Empowerment Plan. To learn more visit –

It is time to ignite a Black African American Renaissance as part of TQR, Inc. I am asking Black African American High School Students and Black College Students to participate, by collaborating with each other across your academic disciplines and interest, to develop their ideas into products and services that can launched into their Startup Corporations. Jackson Mississippi is the perfect city to ignite this Black African American Renaissance. Why? Tougaloo College, a UNCF and Jackson State University, a HBCU are located in a city with a population that is 85% Black African American, and with fearless Black African American Leadership. But that is not enough! This Renaissance must spread to every high school and college campus where Black African American Students study, including Predominantly White High Schools and Colleges.

How this should work:

Black African Students should start meeting to discuss their products and services ideas. Form Cross Academic and interest Product or Service Teams. Include Student with an interest or who understand marketing, accounting, technology, business, communication, engineering, design, logistics, writing, music, filming and finance and others. Based on the type of innovative product, teams must have a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 8 to 10. I expect no less than 100 different teams on college campuses., Inc, my technology startup is working on a technology called EduiPay to collect seed money to assist teams. But funding will never be used as a excuse!

Why A Black African American Renaissance:

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation is coming and it will displace a majority of the “Good Jobs” that most Black African Americans currently have today and will eliminate other jobs that students are studying for now. Those things will repeat the conditions caused by what the tractor, cotton picker and cotton gin did to Southern Blacks in the 20th Century. Black were able to migrate north to automobile and steel manufacturing jobs, but not this time. We must begin creating our own products and services that lead to our own corporations that will compete in the marketplace and create employment opportunities for ourselves. It’s our responsibility to solve our problems. Students must lead this Renaissance and yes, it must be televised using social and traditional media. Black African American Students have an unrealized genius within them. Your imagination, innovation, ideas and no inventiveness is unmatched by any other human beings, when you reject what others say you can not do! The key is your competing collectively without Fear, Greed or Excuses!

Next Action Step:

Commit to collaborating with other students without Fear, Greed or Excuses to develop a product or services fast. Start meetings on campus. Decide on a product or service idea. Create a prototype, marketing strategy, succeed or fail fast, learn from what went wrong or right, fix it and try again or keep moving forward. Never let anyone teach you your limitations. Always remember! Nothing is impossible! It just hasn’t been done yet! Be the first to achieve what others think is impossible. I believe in you! Your family believes in you! Your people believe in and need you! Accept this call! Ignite the Black African American Renaissance!

Spread the word to other Black College and High School Students! You can compete is all industries! Agriculture Foods, Robotics, Technology, Fashion, Healthcare, Machines, Housing, Energy, Drones, Transportation, Digital Music, Movies, Apps, Web Applications, eBooks, Animated Stories and others. Create Big Disruptive Ideas that can change the world and small products and services that save time and money. The ONLY LIMITATIONS that you have are the ones you choose to accept for yourselves. You are the spark that will ignite the Black African American Renaissance that will fuel The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) for Black African Americans. The chosen theme song for the Black African American Renaissance is called Black Messiah, written by me and uploaded to My YouTube Page. I encourage you to Take the Black Messiah Song Challege!

Black African Americans Social and Economic Conditions 50 Years Later

Fifty years after the Kerner Commission Report, the social and economic conditions of Black African Americans have not improved. This is proof that no one is coming to save or empower Black Folks. The time for All “Shucking and Jiving” is at an end!

I stand ready to offer guidance and support, not control. Your leadership and courage is required! Get Up You Mighty Race of Black African American Students, Accomplish what you WILL, without Fear, Greed or Excuses! No more marching! No more protesting!

What Time Is it?

It’s Competing Time!

It’s Collaboration Time!

What Time Is it?

It’s Black Empowerment Time!

It’s Black Love Time!

Who’s Time is it?

It’s Your Time!

It’s Our Time!

Spread this message to every Black High School Student and HBCU and UNCF College Student that you know. All Hands On Deck!

Respectfully and with Black Love!

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

The Quiet Resolution, (TQR, Inc) – Black African American Renaissance –

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) –, Inc – CrimePays

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