Separation Of Students Between k-4, 5&6, 7&8, and 9&10 and 11&12 – Constitutional Education Amendment

The Public Education System in America needs to disrupted. It is broken and everyone knows it. The Students have nothing to compare it to, so they don’t see it, unless they transfer from a better school district. The parents too often attended the same poor performing school and have never visited a better performing school to compare their child’s school to others. The teachers care about the students, but a tired a frustrated with being over worked and under paid. They will fight for their pay and benefits, but not for a quality education for the students. Too often their union leadership does not represent them well. They are not empowered, but kept afraid for their jobs are budget cut constantly threaten their job and status. They politicians who have continued to cut taxes for the rich and cut education because they can and the voters never hold them accountable.

Education is the one profession where our children can be treated as if they don’t matter and get away with it.

Here’s are two solution:

Schools should be divided into Universal Head Start Pregnant Mother’s thru 3, Preschool 3-5, Elementary School K-4th grade, Middle School 5&6th grades, Junior High 7&8th grades and High Schools 9&10 and 11&12th grades. Middle and Junior High are critical developmental stages for children. If school s get it right there, they will have a better chance of success and no more school shootings.

The second solution involves A US Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing Educational as a human right for all students and equality of Funding with no less than minimum of $15,000 per student or not less than 50% of the military annual budget.

Without an educated population, the rich and wealthy will always find a way to manipulate and control the poor and uneducated. Always have, always will. No state shall deny any student adequate educational funding, or federal funds from other nonEssential areas must be redirected to meet their educational requirements of their students under a Constitutional Education Amendment.

I am seeking to launch a new National Political Party called Our American Party (OAP) to implement better ideas that move America forward. It will stand for what is just, right and fair. It will accept no money from super-packs and compete based on ideas that solve problems. All political meetings will be lived streamed to the public to ensure transparency and accountability.

Your support is welcomed.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

Our American Party (OAP)

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