Weapons Free Conflict Resolution (WFCR)

Weapons Free Conflict Resolution (WFCR) – This is an idea to reduce the homicides in large Metropolitan Cities between and within Gang Members who have legitimate conflict with someone. The leaders of Gangs and Community must agree to resolve all conflicts without the use of weapons during violent conflict.

Conflicts take place inside a weapons free Circle Ring. FIVE (5) Rounds that last three (3) minutes each. Before each round, each person gets to make a statement and offers a NonViolent Resolution to conflict that each Person can live with. The agreement and outcome must be respected by all. With or without boxing gloves. No Rules inside. Each round last until round ends or the opponent is unconscious, injured too bad to respond or taps out.

Weight, height, age, and abilities must be similar. If not, the less opponents can substitute a relative that meet simiar physical and mental requirements for a replacement.

All WFCR Events are livestreamed, but no live audience. No Cost $5.00 Weapons Allow.

All Profits from WFCR Events are used to create economic opportunities, free meals, pirchase equipment for job training in the multimedia and digital products and services economy.

There have been too many murders of Black African Americans. We must create an acceptable alternative solutions to our self inflicted Genocide by Homocide. (GxH)

When Black Men and Women kill each other, Black African American People Lose! Those who hate us win and profit. Enough! Let’s focus on solutions!

Respectfully Submitted,

Charles E. Campbell, (Black Messiah) Founder & CEO Cuptoopia.com, Inc. 614-668-0327 ahecgreen@live.com

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