American Gun Violence & Racism Solutions

American Gun Violence & Racism Solutions

Congratulations to all those students and their supporter who marched in Washington DC and in cities across the US to protest school shootings and community gun violence.

As a Black African American College Student attending Jackson State University and The Ohio State University in the late 80s and early 90s, I too marched and protested injustice. It was my opportunity to experience social activism and to participate collectively in the fight for Black African American Rights, just like the leaders of 1960s Civil Rights Movement did. I’ve since discovered that marches and protest in the 21st Century are outdated strategies that are acceptable by those in power, because they don’t produce cgange or results.

Marches and Protest generate media coverage and serve as “pressure release valve” that allows groups to express the collectively frustratration and anger. Too often they are funded in part by those in power, as strategy to allow the disaffected to blow off steam, then go away.

I prefer competition as a solution based on innovative ideas. For example, to address Gun Violence in Public Schools, Gun Violence in Black African American Communities and Gun Violence by the Police in Black African American Communities, I proposed that citizens us the Ballot Iniciative Process to change their country, state, county and city constitution to require the following:

Solution to Gun Violence In The Community

Require all Guns manufactured, imported and sold in the US, State, County or City include a hidden tracking device that transmits a signal when the weapon is fired.

If adults are required to present their driver’s license to buy tobacco products, require that all ammunition manufacturers place a manufacturer’s code inside the shell casing of each bullet that can be tracked to the sell and purchaser, date, time and location. This would make it easier to identify who purchased the bullets used and found at crime scenes.

Solution To Gun Violence by Police

Require all Police Officers use in their weapons Non-Lethal Bullets. The first six bullets fired by each officer must be Non-Lethal Bullets. One Non-Lethal Bullet is powerful enough to drop any human being. Only if you are a homicidal cop, with the desired intent to kill another human being and get away with it, would you this idea. Cowards who fear Black African American People should not become law enforcement officers and use that fear as a justification for killing unarmed Black African American People.

Solution To Gun Violence In Schools

Create an incentive for students and use technology to allow students and teachers to report school bullying and emotionally, or physically abused children in the community and home and provide mandatory training and counseling for students their parents with community professional including law enforcement and social workers.

Arm School Staff with Defensive Turtle Shields, a turtle shaped shield that could be worn on their back, and used to engage the shooter to protect students and themselves from bullets that can’t penetrate the Turtle Shield. It should include cameras and a view screen to see and engage the shooter.

Law Maker can pass this Legislation at the federal, state, county and city levels. If they do not, because of the influence of campaign contributions, citizens should use the Ballot Initiative Process, which allows them to gather a required amount of registered voter signatures to allow an issue to be placed on the ballot, so that voters can decide. It’s a successful strategy that has been used for marijuana and casinos passage.

These ideas are my gift to the new generation of students who want a better American Society and I hope they won’t stop until all racist laws, programs and policies that negativity impact Black African Americans and Native Americans are repealed based on the outcome data.

For example, 50 years after the Kerner Commission Report that was written after the 1968 Uprising by Black African Americans, as result systemic racism and injustice, a new 2018 Kerner Commission Report investigated the same issues and reported that Black African Americans conditions have gotten worst under both political party leadership. That can no longer be ignored and young student leaders must demand “Justice For All Americans” or demand that schools modify the daily recited Pledge Of Allegiance to say “And To Demand Justice For All Americans”.

Solution To End American Institutional Racism

America has never been as great as it could be, if its White, Black and Hispanic Leaders would modified the US Constitution to ban any laws that Disproportionately Negativity Impacted any group based on their income, race, gender, sexual or orientation. For example, Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill lead to the mass incarceration of Black African Americans. Under a Constitution Al Amendment, this law would be repealed based on the data.

Where there is a will to solve, problems, Good Leadership finds a way, but where there is no will to solve problems, Poor Leadership offers excuses. To make America a just nation, requires more Good Leadership.

Respectfully Submitted To Students of The New Movement and their Supporters.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), Inc. (CrimePays)


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