The Human Sex Project

The Human Sex Project

Should an accused person be tried repeatedly until they are found guilty of sexual misconduct, rape or murder?
Yes or No

Should Pres. Trump pardon William “Bill” Cosby?
Yes or No

I am doubtful that their is or was any successful man in America who have not committed behavior in their life, by today’s standards, couldn’t be prosecutable. People who live in Glass Houses should never throw Stones. A wise author once wrote, “Let he who is with sexual misconduct, cast the first brick, rock or stone”.

Women are correct to demand justice for rape, sexual assault, and inappropriate sexual behavior by powerful rich, famous and wealthy men. They should also demand accountablity from average broke men too.

Sex is biological! It’s what allows human beings to procreate and continue our species. In America Society, we do a poor job of explaining to teens and young adults how to process, manage and behave sexually. Clearly more education and training is required to help create a better society.

The #MeToo Movement was long overdue. It’s time that we demand comprehensive education around all aspects of the biology of sex, puberty, sexual pleasure, benefits and consequences of sex, sex abuse, rape, sexual assault, incest, procreation, prostitution, abstanance, life, abortion, diseases and healthy sexual behavior, pronography, sex trafficking and legalization of sex. If knowledge is power, then the application of knowledge is even more powerful.

I challenge all those rich men, who have been accused of sexual misconduct to fund and help create a series of short educational videos and a National Sex Awareness Campaign and a Curriculum for middle school thru College Students and online for adults and children that explains and educates human beings about one of the most important topics of humanity “Sex”. Call it the “Human Sex Project”.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.), Inc
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Solution to Racist White Police Killing Unarmed Black People

Problem: Racist Cops killing Unarmed Black People

Solution: Stephon Clark Ballot Initiatives: Require police first six bullets be Non-Lethal Bullets. Require they be trained to stop killing unarmed Black People. Require they be fired for using Lethal Bullets, without justification. Require they be charged with murder or attempted murder and prosecuted.

Black Police don’t shoot or kill White or Black People at the same rate as White Police. Why? What is the difference? Racist White Police with Attitudes, Fears, Practices and Behavior and their Protection by White Racist Police Chiefs and Prosecutors who allow them to get away with it.
Enough! Stop Marching! Stop Protesting! Stop Boycotting!

Start Collecting Signatures for the Stephon Clark Non-Lethal Use Bullet Initiatives (SCNUBI) in California and across America!

Proposed by Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)

This Bothered Me About The Starbucks Incident

This Bothered Me About The Starbucks Incident!

The two men arrested at Starbucks last week are members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. (Ques, Q-Dawgs, Omegas), as am I (Pledged Jackson State University YE Chapter Spring 89 aka “Tutwiler”).

Why were these Black Men meeting with a White man to get help with a business deal?

Why weren’t they meeting with Black Ques or Black Venture Capital Investors, Black Bankers, or Black Angel Investors?

I believe it’s a dangerous mindset, that Intelligent Educated Black Men still have to go to White Men, because Black Men in leadership positions are Shucking and Jiving.

Does Omega Psi Phi Fraternity or any Black Greek Organization pool some of their money to invest in Black Entrepreneurs like these two Brothers or even our Sisters.

It bothers me, that the social and economic conditions of Black African Americans have gotten worst, according to the new Kerner Commission Report, completed in 1968 after Uprising/riots all over America and again in 2018.

These Black African American Organizations spend time and money doing great social projects, but refuse to use their strength to stop Black Babies from Dying (Black Infant Mortality), or create an Economic Opportunities for Black Entrepreneurs that could address High Black Unemployment, or demand a repeal of Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill that resulted in the Mass Incarceration of Black African Americans or stand up to demand the underfunding that leads to the Miseducation of Black Children in states, counties and schools Stop.

Where is our Manhood when it comes to standing up for Black African American Parents, Grandparents, Ourselves, Children and Grandchildren. I see little collective Manhood in action, when it comes to the leadership necessary to help Black African American People socially and economically compete. Both Courage and Cowardice are contagious! Hangout or be a member of one or the other, you take on it’s Characteristists and Behavior, which explains why I and so many others choose not to be active with Black Churches, Fraternities, Sororities, Civic Groups and Clubs who sit by ignoring the pain and suffering of their people.

Where are the Black African American Leaderships with the Moral Courage of a Dr. King, Fannie Hamer, Malcolm X or Ida B Wells Barnett? Where are the organizations with those type of leaders? I guess Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity (Boule) members are completely in charge of them. Shame!

The Black African American Community is hurting and suffering and these poor leaders want to boycott, protest, march and make speeches that solve none of our problems. Instead why don’t they collectively pool some of their resources to solve one specific Black Problem. Let me suggest (Black Infant Mortality). Can We Stop Our Black Babies From Dying? Men, who can not do this, deserves neither respect nor life, in my humble opinion.

Other groups have little or no respect for Black people, led by a group of Black men, who can’t protect their own babies. That’s how other groups view us, as we do our step dance (Hop) performing for audiences. We are Not Monkeys and our behavior should reflect our legacy of courage and greatness. Not whatever the hell this is now.

This should bother all Black Men. We must demand that our Black Leaders Stop Shucking and Jiving. Have the moral courage to lead, follow or get the hell out the way! So no Black Person has to be in a situation where the police are called for asking to use the bathroom.

Brother Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc), Inc.
Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Here’s What I Am doing To Solve Problems: (Clean Energy) (Crime, & Cyber Security) (Black Empowerment) (Black Infant Mortality) (Reparations eBook)

Solution To America’s White Institutional and Governmental Racism


Problem: America’s White Institutional and Governmental Racism:

Solution: Reparations For the Descendents of Enslaved and Descriminated Black African Americans.

Conscious and Unconscious Fear of reprisal from Black African Americans for the injustice and inhumanity of Slavery and Post-Slavery by Whites Controlled Institutions, Corporations and Government at every level of American Society that benefited White Americans and caused generational harm to Black African Americans is at the Root of today’s Racist Laws, Policies, Programs and Behaviors that help to maintain Black African Americans in their current Social and Economic conditions. See Kerner Commission Report 50 Years after the first one completed in 1968

Poor Black African American Leadership perpetuates the beliefs that Black African Americans can not take care our ourselves. We can’t solve of poverty, infant mortality, unemployment, crime, health care, food deserts, education, security, family failure. This is the legacy of Poor Black African Americans Leaders, those elected, anointed ans self appointed. They create a reality that Black African Americans are too dysfunctional to uplift and empower ourselves.

It is time to let the “Dream” of Dr. King die and embrace a “Plan” for Black African American Uplift and Empowerment. I submit The Quiet Resolution ( TQR, Inc.)

For those who don’t know what Black African American Reparations would look like, my eBook offers answers.

eBook: Reparations Now! For Black African Americans and Here’s What We Want.
by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

What’s Missing?

What’s Missing?

Black African Americans have everything we need to improve our social and economic conditions, except one thing. COURAGE!

Despite a history and legacy of men and women who role modeled courage, we are still led by Cowards who use fear and religion to control and passify us, rather than helping to uplift and empower us.

Shame on them, for they know better!
Shame on us, for accepting their cowardice, while our people suffer.

TQR, Inc. offers a plan to help us. Check it out!

50 Years After They Killed Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., What Now?

50 Years After They Killed Dr. Martin L. King Jr., What Now?


By Charles E. Campbell, MSW, CEO Allen Hydro Energy Corporation,, Inc and The Quiet Resolution

The lesson of killing Dr. King is clear. They have not had to kill another widely accepted Black Leader since. Not Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan or Barack Obama! Under their leadership, according to the new Kerner Commission Report, things have gotten worse for Black African Americans in 2018.

When we ignore their great speeches and examine the data, the true social and economic conditions of Black African Americans is revealed.

As a group, our unemployment is the highest, our babies are dying at a crisis level, our poverty is unbearable, our lack of access to capital for business is terrible, our homeownership rates never recover from the 2008 Great Depression for Blacks, our health and access to quality healthcare did improve with Obama Care, but our access to healthy foods is worst than ever. You truly are, what you can afford to eat.

Ok, so shit is bad for a majority of Black African Americans 50 years after Dr. King’s Assassination, now what do we do about it? Should we wait for Poor Black Leaders to call for another Non-Economic March To Washington? That’s a frequent strategy use to let Blacks blow-off some steam and enrich others who own transportation, restaurants and hotels.

Maybe we should allow poverty pimps to organize another non-solution based annual or bi-annual Black Empowerment Conferences with popular Black Speakers who can deliver inspirational one-liners to the applause of the Black Audience who paid for tickets, bought books, t-shirts, suveneirs and leave broke but inspired with no solutions.

Allow me to offer an alternative for your consideration: a National Black African American Plan called The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.), a startup corporation created for the uplift and empowerment of Black African Americans.

No Marching, No Protesting, No Boycotting, No Shucking or Jiving! Instead a Plan, not a dream, that focus our efforts towards competing in the marketplace for the $1.2 Trillion Dollars in Projected Black African American Income. The plan will allow TQR, Inc to use it’s profits to focus on improving our economic development, education, social, recreational, medical, security, legal and political circumstances.

Most National Political Leaders know about TQR, Inc. and have ignored it, while not offering a counter plan as Black African Americans continue to suffered. Shame on them! Even those who consider themselves conscious have refused to engage me conversation, because they recognize that its serious.

The time for games are over. Black African Americans should support those of us who have written solutions that offer solutions to our problems and stop responding to Non-economic emotional speeches or marches. They should identify and inform all Leadership Pimps, Preachers and Politicians, who have did nothing over the past 50, 25, 10, or 5 years to start helping us solve our problems, stop hurting by ignoring our problems or get the hell out the way. I once heard a Black Leaders name William “Bill” Moss say, that “A man can only ride your back, if it’s bent”. We, Black African Americans, get the leadership we accept! We must demand that anyone calling themselves a Black Leaders offer solutions to specifically address Black Problems. If they do not, we must ignore them. Good Leaders solve problems without Fear, Greed or Excuses!

Those of us who honor Dr. Martin L. King, not by being seen at an expensive King’s Day Breakfast or symbolic March, have pledged our lives, fortune and all that we hold sacred to live out his mission to uplift and empower Black African Americans without Fear, Greed or Excuses, unapologetically.

Visit to donate to support the implementation of RQR, Inc. Plan.