Way Back South – Immigration Solution For President Trump

Immigration Solution For President Trump

Proposal: Way Back South


Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

Cuptoopia.com, Inc.  


President Donald J. Trump can sign an Executive Order that implements the Way Back South Proposal. This Executive Order would provide a solution to illegal immigration and those seeking asylum due to fear of violence from gangs.

  1. Command the US Military to transport All Illegal Immigrants by airplane to Southern Chile or Argentina, regardless of their home country without detention or trial. Ten regional flights per day. Provide Illegal Immigrants with adequate food and water to make the long journey back to their home countries.  After reaching their home country, they will be too tired to continue the journey back to America. This will send a strong message and serve as a deterrent to illegal immigrants.    
  1. Charge the Illegal Immigrant Home Country’s US Embassy $10,000 per Illegal Immigrant for the flight, food and water and supplies.  Add the cost to each Embassy’s Utility Bill.  Require payment for maintain utility service (Electricity, Water, Sewage, Cable, Telephone).
  1. Require Immigrant Countries to create designated Safe Zone, and place that area under Marshall Law to address any gangs violence.  Provide returning adult and teen Illegal Immigrants with small weapons and ammunition to defend themselves in the Safe Zones.  In the Safe Zone, returning migrants should be granted immunity from prosecution for defending themselves and their family against gangs or violence.  Philippine’s President Rodrigo Duterte uses a similar strategy to address his country’s drug problem. When migrants have the ability to defend themselves, they will no longer be afraid. They will stop seeking asylum or illegally migration to the US. 

The average cost an illegal immigrant with a child for 30 days of residential detention is estimated to be $32,800.  There are an average of 46 illegal children per day. If just one parent accompanied each child, the total illegal immigrants coming into the US per day would be 92.  If 92 Illegal Immigrants per day came to the US x $32,800 cost = $3,019,440 x 30 days = $90,583,200 x 12 months = $1,086,998,400.  

As Americans, we can not afford to spend over $1 Billion Dollars or more per year for the cost of Illegal Immigration. Those funds should be spent helping Americans in need.  

Illegal Immigration Solution Compensation:

If “Way Back South” proposal is implemented in part or whole, my company seeks to be compensated at a rate that is 25% of the annual cost savings for reducing US Illegal Immigration.  

Gift For Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day 2018! I have a gift for Black African American Fathers, who know what to do with it.

Idea: Tag Tech

Electronic Tags that can be add to fashion, hair, furniture, Purses, and Shoes that provide promotional information about the designer, stylists and artist.

Tag Tech Answers these questions:

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If you know what to do with this, Happy Father’s Day!

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

Cuptoopia.com, Inc. (EduiPay.com)