Black Solution To White Supremacy

Black Solution To White Supremacy

White Supremacy fears a Black African American Man or Woman with a Black Consciouness & Money.

They work hard to keep those W/ Money isolated & unconscious.

They work even harder to keep those with a Black Consciouness without Money, & by consuming their energy with Marches & Protests.

That’s why you don’t see them live in their communities. They have foundations that provide scholarships, book bags, school supplies, free hair cuts and a playground.

They are not allowed to invest in efforts to address Institutional Racism, it’s laws, policies and programs that help maintain the the group within their current social and economic conditions.

Invite Rich and Wealthy Black African American to take a “Black Giving Pledge” and give 13% of their wealth to support A Comprehensive National Black African American Empowerment Plan. We must stop supporting those who refuse.

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) is one that I created. Learn more at

Racism Allows California Wildfires To Kill

Racism Allows California Wildfires To Kill

2018 California Wildfires are still out of control, costing billions of dollars and politicians and the media are still ignoring my Rain Maker Proposal. Why?

Racism: They would rather allow people to die and property to be destroyed, than have a conversation with me about my innovative Rain Maker Solution Technology that can suppress and extinguish wildfires.

Rain Maker Solution proposes to construct and operate 10 Autonomous vehicle-Sized Quadcopter Drones for $10 – $20 Million Dollars. They would transport a water and cornstarch solution and control release it over the fire 🔥 like Rain to create wet fire lines, protect lives and property. No One had to die in California.

These are the leaders who I have contacted and who have irnored and who are ignoring Rain Maker Solution.

President Obama Ignored it.
President Trump is Ignoring it.
Governor Jerry Brown is Ignoring it.
Sen. Kamela Harris is Ignoring it.
Rep. Nancy Pelosi is Ignoring it.
Sen. Chuck Schumer is ignoring it.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein is ignoring it.
Sen. Cory Booker is ignoring it.
Sen. Tim Scott is ignoring it.

Theses are the Media Conpanie I have contacted and who continue to Ignore It!
PBS, NPR, ABC, CNN, FOX, BBC, NBC, CBS, LA Times, NY Times, San Francisco Chronical, Washington Post

They ignore Rain Maker Solution, while people die and property is being destroyed.

Racism is a deadly disease among Black and White Politicians! If they say that they don’t know about Rain Maker, then there is a much bigger problem with FBI CoIntelPro Style Interference with my Email, Twitter and Cellphone.

Call all of them and them what they know about Rain Maker, when did they learn about it and why did they choose to ignore it, while people died and property was being destroyed over the past 6 years?

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO, Inc. 614-668-0327
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

An Open Letter To Black African American…….

An Open Letter to Black African American People, Leaders, Politicians, Organizations, Preachers, Teachers, Business Owners, Engineers, Social Workers, Physicians, Technicians and College and University Leaders.

Stop Shucking And Jiving Black African American People Before It’s Too Dam Late!
Dear Black African Americans:

Last century in the South, technology made a Black Farm Labor Obsolete with the invention of the tractor, cotton picker and cotton gin. The South had no need for Unskilled Black Folks to do the agricultural work that White Racist and their children did not want to do.
Today, in the 21st century, Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence is beginning to do the same things. Not only will it replace the low wage fast food jobs like McDonald’s, use of Kiosk to take food orders and payment, but it will replace those “Good Jobs” that many Middle Class Black have.

When this happens nationally, there will be No where for Black African Americans to go. Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill and Welfare Bill created financially incentives for law forcement and the private Prison Industrial Complex that led to the Mass Incarceration of Black African American Men and Women. They also created barriers to the social safety net programs that barred access to food stamps, housing assistance and imposed training and work requirements with a life time limit, while Black Politicians and Leaders did nothing. Shame on them! They also failed to demand the President Obama and the Democrats who controlled all three branches of government to repeal or replace those laws, despite evidence of the devastating effects on Black African American People. Shame On All Them!
We must demand that every Black African American Organization and Institutional refocus their efforts around a National plan for the Collective Uplift and Empowerment of our people. No Mo Shucking & Jiving.

They must stop calling and leading marches and Protests that produce no results. Those are intentional strategies designed to consume our time, energy and resources and allow us to blow off steam. They must teach us to compete collectively, cooperate and pool our money, resources, knowledge, where we have a majority and power.

This plan should include implementable strategies with measurable goals and objectives in the areas of economics, education, healthcare, wellness, social, recreation, politics, finance, sex, family, how to identify and counter institutional racist laws, policies and programs. We must learn how to start and operate small, medium and corporations, that create jobs and careers for our people without Fear or Greed. We must demand that our leaders adopt a strategy to “Make Black America Great! (MBAG)” They must avoid focusing their effort to help other groups address their issue before addressing the issues of Black African Americans first. We can save another drowning group, when we are all in the water. We remain at the bottom socially and economically.

Those who hate Black African Americans will hate and attack this letter, me for writing it and anyone who love Black African American People as I do.

It’s their job and ideology to protect the interest of White Americans first. They are rewarded with jobs, funding and opportunity for doing so. Know them by their behavior or lack thereof to uplift and empower Black African American People. Identify and name them and make them pay a heavy price for working toward the interest of Black African American People. They are of no value to their White and Black Masters, when they nolonger have influence or control over the affairs of Black African Americans locally or nationally.

The second threat to Black African Americans is Global Climate Change. It is real and it is here. Examples include California Drought and Wildfires, Flordia Redtail Algea Bloom, Texas Flash Flooding, Virgina Sea Level Rising, Warmer Pacific Ocean, Artic Ice Cap Melting at a faster rate. Climate Change will reduce the amount of fresh water, rain for agriculture crops, resulting in higher food, water and medicine prices.

We, Black African Americans Are Not Ready! We are a Consumer Class! We make very little! That is the current condition our leaders along with Institutional Racism has maintained us for the last 60 years. If Poor Leadership was a crime, they would be guilty as hell. Time is running out for us to prepare ourselves. The Government, nor any other group has any interest or plans to save Black African American People in the event of a national disaster. (Katrina and Houston should have been WakeUp Calls.

It’s not enough to complain about condition. We must take collective action despite Poor Black Leadership.

We must demand that Every Black Mayor, City Councilperson, State Legislators, Congressional Representative or Senator, Cease and Desist “All Shucking And Jiving Behavior” that has helped to maintain Black African Americans in our current social and economic conditions.
1. Change the laws, policies and programs to require fairness and equity. Whatever percentage of the population by race, should equal the same redistribution of city contracts and funding all local first, county second, state third, nation fourth and international last. If service don’t exist, view that as an opportunity for a local Entrepreneur and provide access to seed funding to help.

2. Create Black Empowerment Division that trains Black African Americans to start and operate businesses and compete for city, county, state and federal contracts.
3. Use EduiPay to create, fund and do business with Black African American Owned Banks, Member Credit Unions, Financial Institutions and Black Venture Capital.
4. Ask Black People and Businesses to pool their money to help fund Black Community Revitalization Iniatives.
5. Demand Citizens Input Section for local City Council and County Government Monthly Meetings. Require that they Set aside a minimun of 2 hours after the business agenda has been completed to hear concerns from citizens. Each Citizens should be granted no less than 5 Minutes to present their issue. Require them to signup assign a number. Randomly pick a number and call that number and person to speak. Citizens must be present at the time their number is called.

6. Review the Outcome of Federal and State Laws and City Policies and Program that negatively impact Black African Americans and recommend implementable changes.

7. Change Laws to restrict gentrification of Historically Majority Black African American Neighborhoods.

8. Change Laws to restrict the loss of Black Owned Farms and invest in Black Farmers. Create a distribution, processing and retain system for Black Farm Agriculture that supply new Black Fast Food And Dine In Restaurants, Bars, K-12 Schools, UNCFs and HBCUs.

For additional strategies for Black African American Empowerment, visit my websites.

Written by

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

Crowdfunding Rain Maker Wildfire Solution


Updated 11/11/18


No One Else Needs To Die From Wildfire! (Yet People in California just died from wildfires this week 11/9/18)

Black African American Inventor and Entrepreneur has been asking politicians in Washington DC and California for the past 6 years to fund his Rain Maker Proposal, which he believes can suppress an extinguish California Wildfires and save lives.

(Some of the officials contacted, who ignored he Rain Maker Solution: Former President Obama his Administration; Governor Jerry Brown; CALFire; CA Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones; Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, CA; Dian Feinstein, CA Senator; Kamala Harris, CA Senator; Chuck Schumer Senate Minority Leader, NY; and President Trump)

After watching the news reports of lives and property being loss again and the Major News Media continued to ignore his request for attention to his efforts, he has decided to ask Wealthy Americans using Twitter for help with funding for Rain Maker Proposal.

He is also attempting to Crowdfund Rain Maker with this blog post. If you are reading this, please share it and give to this effort.

He needs to raise $10 – $20 Million Dollars to Build Rain Maker: 6 to 10 Autonomous Vehicle Sized Quadcopters Drones that will transport and control-release a Water & Cornstarch Solution to create the effects of Rain. Rain Makers will create wet fire lines ahead of the fire, protect the lives and property of civilians and firefighters and contain, suppress and extinguish wildfires before they get out of control.

When successful, Rain Maker will launched an Emergency Vehicle Response Drone Manufacturing Industry and creates Economic Development for Americans who need living wage jobs. If you care, give whatever you can.

When Our Government and its Elected Politicians fail to protect the lives and property of it’s citizens, We The People Shall Respond!

American Give Today!

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO – Rain Maker Proposal, Inc. (

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (

The Quiet Resolution (



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Black Race Man Profiled in Sarah Magazine


8/6/18 by Charles E. Campbell

Black Race Man Profiled In Sarah Magazine

His name is Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO of, Inc., a technology startup, where he created EduiPay ( EduiPay is a Global Crowdfunding Platform that enables anyone seeking to raise money for a good cause from anyone willing to give money through their payroll deduction process, to do so.

Seed, startup and ongoing funding support has always been a challenge, but by using the power of the global crowd, EduiPay makes getting funding for a good cause much easier. It just launched and us targeting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and United Negro Funded Colleges (UNCFs), many who have been underfunded since their founding. EduiPay can help solve their funding problem, if their leaders have the moral courage to embrace new technology that solves their problem.

Read and Share his profile to understand what a fearless Conscious Black African American Man, who loves Black African American People Unapologitically is battling daily to compete, innovate and solve problems.

His ultimate achiecement will be the Uplift and Empower Black African American People through The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) A National Black Empowerment Startup Corporation he launched based on a Comprehensive National Plan focused on the Uplift and Empowerment of Black African American People. It’s online for anyone to read and evaluate and donate to support. Register for Free as a Giver on EduiPay use Promotional Code: Bf8F(h^457nNS4K

His strategy is to build technology like EduiPay, CrimePays (, solution to Violent Crime in Cities and Allen Hydro Energy Corporation AHEC (, a renewable energy startup with a solution to Climate Change, Rain Maker, a solution to Extinguish Wildfires using vehicle sized Quadcopter Drones to transport a Water and Cornstarch to create the effects of rain.

Profits for those technologies will be used to provide the seed funding for TQR, Inc. However, the enemies of Black African People, who have done a great job at maintaining Black African American People in their current Economic and Social Conditions are aware of this strategy and are working hard to ensure that none of his business efforts succeed.

Mr. Campbell ain’t about “No Shucking and Jiving” and he refuses to play games at the expense of Black People. His Black Consciouness and Manhood is like a shield that keeps all pretenders away and exposes Black Folk’s Haters, peddling failed non-economic solutions.

His motto for Good Black Leadership Motto is simple:

Any Black African Americans Elected, Annointed or Appointed with implementable and measurable solutions to our problems.

No other group of people would accept or tolerate poor leaders, for so long, as Black African Americans have. Poor Black Leaders substitute inspirational speeches, call for emotional marches, and protests for solutions to systemic injustice and institutional racism based on White Supremacy Ideology.

Mr. Campbell believes that Individual White Racists are not our problem! Instead, Institutional Racism that created Racist Laws, Policies and Programs and maintained by White Racist and accepted by Poor Black Leaders that are the foundation of Black Folk’s Problems.

Only Financially Stable and Independent Black Institutions can do battle against racist White Controlled Racist Institutions!

Begging for justice and equality has not and will never work. White Jews created a collective Religious, Economic and Education Model for their people. Rarely do you see them begging for Equalty or Justice, unless it is to support other groups. Black African Americans are just as smart, but it’s those who we accept as our leaders, who lack the moral courage to stop those who want us to remain a Consumer Class of People.

Mr. Campbell describes himself as a Race Man, with the same Black Love for Black African American People as Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Fannie Hamer, and Medgar Evers. His Black Love and Compassion for Black African American People is what sets him a part from others today, who pretend to care about their pain and suffering.

His mission is enable Black Folks to collaborate, cooperate and compete in the marketplace and pool their projected 2018 $1.2 Trillion Dollars in income to Uplift and Empower Ourselves. That’s All Black Capital we need to Repare Ourselves! That is the real reason and threat that White Institutional Racism seeks to maintain. Now You Know!

Burn Baby Burn! How Racism Allows Wildfires to Kill and Destroy


Burn Baby Burn! How Racism Allows Wildfires to Kill and Destroy

California Governor Brown would rather allow people to die and property to be destroyed than invest $20 Million Dollars with a Black African American Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur who proposed a Wildfire Solution called Rain Maker.

Rain Maker Proposes to build 10 Vehicle Sized Autonomous Quadcopters Drones capable of transporting a Water and Cornstarch Solution and Control releasing that solution through a sprinkler system to create the affect of a Sustained and Targeted Rain Storm to Extinguish wildfires.

The Major News Media also refuses to share this story with the public that a solution has been proposed to extinguish California Wildfires, that has been and is being ignored by political leaders for the past 6 years at least.

Someone should be held accountable for allowing the unnecessary loss of life and property, because of racist attitudes, without providing a better solution.

Shame of those political leaders and the News Media who knew about the Rain Maker Proposal and ignored it. They all share the same racist attitudes toward ignoring any good ideas created by Black African Americans.

Take Action, share this post in social media and ask when did they know about the Rain Maker Proposal and why they have continued to ignore it? Demand accountability for the loss of life and property in your community.

Then donate to help me Crowdfunding $20 Million Dollars to build and implement the Rain Maker Wildfire Solution. https://PayPal.Me/CEC89

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO, Inc.
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)614-668-0327

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