New Tuskegee-Like Experiment on Black Women and Babies


by Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)

Demand Health Care Clinics Test Vaccines for Mercury before Injecting Pregnant Black Women and Black Babies!  The Tuskegee Experiment is being repeated on Black African American Women and Black Babies that has led to the highest Black Infant Mortality Rate in the US.  A lie is being promoted that the causes is due to Safe Sleep Issues.  Are we, Black African Americans that stupid?  Remember, during the CDC Tuskegee Experiment, they hired Black Nurse and other Blacks to cover up their racist genocidal deeds.  Thanks to the courage of a Whistleblower and the late US Senator Edward Kennedy, who exposed the Tuskegee Experiment that the program was ended.

Black Mothers should demand to witness that any vaccine be tested and see the results before it is injected into them during their pregnancy and their babies and toddlers.  I do not trust that the deaths of so many Black Babies is due to how they sleep.  If the results are disproportionately negatively impacting Black African Americans and Poor Whites and Hispanics who get their treatment at the same healthcare clinics as Black African Americans, those Healthcare Clinics must be investigated to identify what treatment were given to Infants who have died and the results made public.

I suspect that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is correct in his video. He has evidence of a modern day Tuskegee like Racist Experiment happening now and a cover up, that will result in a reduction of the Black African American Population in American, where the majority wins and the minority losses in a democracy.

Watch the video and decide for yourself, if you should trust a healthcare clinics that treat Black African American Women and Babies with Vaccines from drug companies given immunity by congress that cannot be sued for putting Mercury in Vaccines that poison Black African American Women and Babies.

Here is a link to my plan with your support to Stop Black Babies Dying!

Were Black Babies Poisoned with Mercury In Vaccines by CDC?

Black African American Baby

Were Black Babies Poisoned with Mercury In Vaccines by CDC?

By Charles E. Campbell, MSW

The Truth About Poisoning of Black African American Children with Mercury in Vaccines by the Center For Disease Control (CDC), which was once headed by a Black Physician!

Watch This Video by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

What did President Obama do about this?
What did he know?
When did he know?
What did he do about it!
Black Politicians!
What are they good for?
Absolutely Nothing!

Should Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, along with everyone else involved be charged internationally with Crimes Against Humanity?

David Satcher, MD, PhD. Black African American Physician lead the CDC from 1990-1993. Should he be held criminally accountable for being a Black Face InA High Place who ignored the abuse, pain and suffering of Black Babies?

Where is the elected Congressional Black Cacaus (CBC)? Why have they too failed to protect Black Babies? There is a reason and I suspect a link to why Black Infant Mortality is the highest in the nation and no one seems to gives dam!

No one respects a group of people, especially Black Men, who can’t even protect its babies. Shame! I personally accept and admit that I, as a Conscious Black African American Man, have failed to protect Black Babies.  It’s time for a solution! Let us protect our babies.

Where is the Black Law Firm with the moral courage to file a federal class action law suit to get justice for Black African American Babies.
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