Beta Testing A WaigMe

Black African American Entrepreneur, Inventor and Innovators, Founder & CEO of, Inc., a tech startup starts Beta Testing a Global Peer To Peer Event Wagering Platform that he developed called WaigMe.

He is seeking Feedback to improve the technology before full launch.

It let’s Peers “Putting There Money Where There Mouth Is” on Live Events like Award Show Winners and Sports.

Why Did Amazon Stay Away From Columbus, Ohio?

Black African American Baby

by Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)


The City of Columbus has ignored Black African Americans social and economic conditions, while maintaining an illusion of Inclusion. That is what I believe Amazon saw when it visited and investigated Columbus. Columbus is a city with the highest Black Infant Mortality Rates in the nation. It has a high Black African American Unemployment Rate. It has the largest Black Neighborhood without access to adequate first and last mile transportation or a neighborhood grocery story to buy healthy foods. Columbus Systematically has policies that result in the denial funding of Black African American entrepreneurs and small businesses. To add more insult to its racist laws, policies and programs, Columbus has more Black Faces in High Elected, Anointed and Appointed Position of leadership in and effort to offer the Illusion of Inclusion. These well paid Black African Americans do not represent or advocate for the empowerment of the Black Community. Their role is to act as a buffer for and to defend Institutional Racism and the Racist White leaders who make all the major decisions in Columbus.

Amazon and other non racist corporations are ignoring these Smiling Black Faces and examining the data. The Mayor of Columbus and City Council are comforable as Black Babies Die, pretending the deaths are related to Safe Sleep. Black Men, Women and Youth lack economic opportunities and their health disparities continue to increase due to lack of adequate access to healthy foods and last mile afforable transportation options.

Shame On Them All! These are White and Black Democrats who control Columbus and when it comes to Black African Americans, they behave similar to White Republicans. Black African Americans should demand funding to solve our own problems. We must ignore all emotional speeches by Black Politicians and Preachers, stop protesting and begin to collectively compete for opportunities globally, nationally, statewide, at the county and city levels. It is up to Black African Americans to protect our babies from pharmaceutical companies with political and legal immunity from prosecution and being allowd to put mercury in vaccines targeting to the Pregnant Black Women and Black Infants. It is up to Black African Americans to create and fund our own startups to provide jobs for our community. It is up to Black African Americans to stop allowing a failing public school system to miseducate and fail our children year after year. It is up to Black African Americans to create health food options for our communities. It is up to the Black Community to solve our transportation problems.

Black African Americans must also summon the courage to demand our fair share of JobsOhio Funding, ThirdFrontier Funding, Rev1 Funding, Columbus SmartCity Funding, and Columbus Economic Development Funding based upon not less that our population by percentage. The time for Black Leaders pretending to represent Black African Americans with poor social and economic outcomes should end. Either they must offer solutions to our collective problems or resigned, be recalled or voted out of office, even if it means voting for the opposite political party to send a clear message to Democrats. We will no longer accept the poor educational, social and economic conditions of Black African American People.

Thank you Amazon! I hope the others examine how Columbus ignores the pain and suffering of Black African Americans before they vote to relocate to here. I also would encourage all the currently corporations and businesses in Columbus to speak out about how the City willfully and intentionally ignores Black African American People. It reflects poorly on their companies, as well as the City of Columbus. No matter how many cowardly Black Faces are put in High Places in Columbus to maintain the Illusion of Inclusion, we see the poverty, infant deaths, unemployment, captialist greed, miseducation of our children, pain and suffering of Black African American People and we will not allow it to continue.

No One Else Had To Die From California Wildfires

Written 8/7/18

Updated and Republished 11/11/18



Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Inventor, Innovator & Entrepreneur

No One Else Needs To Die From Wildfire! (Yet People in California just died from wildfires this week 11/9/18)

Black African American Social Worker, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur has been asking politicians in Washington DC and California for the past 6 years to fund his Rain Maker Proposal, which he believes can suppress an extinguish California Wildfires and save lives.

(Some of the officials contacted, who ignored the Rain Maker Solution: Former President Obama and his Administration; Governor Jerry Brown; CALFire; CA Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones; Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, CA; Dian Feinstein, CA Senator; Kamala Harris, CA Senator; Chuck Schumer Senate Minority Leader, NY; and President Trump)

After watching the news reports of lives and property being loss again and the Major News Media continued to ignore his request for attention to his efforts, he has decided to ask Wealthy Americans using Twitter for help with funding for Rain Maker Proposal.

He is also attempting to Crowdfund Rain Maker with this blog post. If you are reading this, please share it and give to this effort.

(Update: They ignored the request, leaving the impression that the wealthy don’t care about those killed by wildfires.)

Rain Maker Proposal

He needs to raise $10 – $20 Million Dollars to Build and Implement Rain Maker: 6 to 10 Autonomous Vehicle Sized Quadcopters Drones that will transport and control-release a Water & Cornstarch Solution to create the effects of Rain. Rain Makers will create wet fire lines ahead of the fire, protect the lives and property of civilians and firefighters and contain, suppress and extinguish wildfires before they get out of control.

When successful, Rain Maker will launched an Emergency Vehicle Response Drone Manufacturing Industry and creates Economic Development for Americans who need living wage jobs. If you care about lives, give whatever you can. Waiting for politicians and the wealthy to care about the welfare and safety of the people who elected them, is clearly something they don’t want to do.

Also the broadcast and print media have ignored all efforts to discuss Rain Maker as a solution. (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, BBC, HBO VICE News, PBS, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times).

Update: Not One has responded or contacted this author. Not One!

When Our Government and its Elected Politicians fail to protect the lives and property of it’s citizens, and the media ignores its responsibility to inform the public, We The People Must Respond!

Americans Give Today!

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO – Rain Maker Proposal, Inc. (

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (

The Quiet Resolution (, Inc. (



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Labor Day For Election Day Switch

Labor Day For Election Day Switch

By Charles E. Campbell


It is time that all politicians who value democracy consider a simple idea. Switch Labor Day for the first Monday and Tuesday of November, which would include Election Day. It’s a two for one deal holiday deal!

This would allow a four day weekend to enjoy the political ads and family discussions about voting, but more importantly, if would free citizens from the obligation of school and work and provide early voting on that Monday.

This is an idea that Our American Party, a new national political party plans to support.

Our democracy must be willing to change as society changes. Nothing should stay the same forever. Even we, grow older.

I believe this is an idea worth discussing with your local, county, state and national elected officials. There is nothing stopping them from starting where they have power.

To those who would oppose this: Allow me to remind you that it is impossible to kill a Good Idea, whose time has come. It can only be delayed, but not forgotten forever.

Switch Labor Day for the first Monday and Tuesday of November each year.

What say you all? “All For One! And One For All”! Our American Party’s Motto!