The Global Digital Economy

The Global Digital Economy Offers A Solution To Institutional White Racism and Poor Black Leadership
C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd


There are almost 8 Billion People on Earth (7.7 Billion People Projected) in 2019 to be exact.

There are 24 Billion Connected Devices worldwide that include Smartphones, SmartTablets, Computers, SmartTvs, Smart Watches.

All it those devices require Original Content in the form of Apps, Games, eBooks, TVs Shows, Movies and Music.

Current Opportunity: Create Original Content that you can sell for $1. Customers: 100,000,000 Million People with SmartPhones, SmartTablets, SmartWatches, and SmartTVs.
You can generate $100,000,000 Million Dollars.

Name one job that will pay you or your children that amount of money! Only professional sports athletes can earn that amount of money over 10 years.

The New Digital Economy is happening Now! We must began learning how to create Original Content. For example, last year, Netflix spent $8 Billon Dollars buying Original TV Show and Movies. In 2019, Netflix plans to spend $13 Billion Dollars buying Original Content.

How many Majority Black African American Schools or Colleges are teaching Back African American Students how to write TV Show Scripts or Movie Screenplays? If they are not, they are not preparing Black Children to participate in an economic with few White Institutional Racist Barriers. Wealth Creation vs looking for jobs.

Crisis For Black African American People is coming:

Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will cause great economic harm to Black African Americans this century, just like the Tractor, Cotton Picker and Cotton Gin did in the South last century.

Anyone not preparing our children to compete, are planning for their genocide. Warning to Black Politicians and Preachers, stop Shucking and Jiving Black People. Lead, Quit or prepare be made irrelevant.

Black African Americans need a National Comprehensive Plan for our Uplift and Empowerment. The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) is the one that I created. To fund it, I launched a Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

I suspect CoIntelPro-like Government interference is occurring, but as a Race Man, who loves Black African American People Unapologitically, I am determined help improve the social and economic conditions of my people despite their efforts. This is the purpose for which I was born.

Join me, if you have the courage!