It’s Black African American Empowerment or Death


It’s Black African American Empowerment or Death


by Charles Earl Campbell

The Quiet Resolution (TQR,c Inc.) is a startup with a National Comprehensive Black Empowerment Plan focus on five core areas. They include Education, Economic Development, Security, Political & Legal, and Social, Medical and Research. To fund TQR, Inc. I launched Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), a renewable energy startup with large-scale hydroelectric Power Plant designed inside a 70-story building. This technology will offer a global solution to Climate Change. On Mar. 19, 2013, I was issued a US Patent #8,400,007 B2 entitled “Hydroelectric Power System”. However, those concerned about climate change and global warming began ignoring my efforts. This includes both Black and White Owned Media. The Obama Administration set aside $30 Billion Dollars for Clean Energy, but refused AHEC a $2 Million Dollar Stimulus Grant, while funding Solyndra Solar proposal to build solar panels with $535 Million Dollars in a “Pay To Play” deal. After being told by the US Department of Commerce that they had no resources to help me, they suggested that I contact The Ohio Department of Commerce. The Ohio Department of Commerce stated that they had no resources to help me, but then opened an investigation into my efforts to use crowdfunding to raise seed funding. There SEC Division forced me to sign an agreement to stop trying to raise funding in Ohio. I agreed to sign it because I could not afford an attorney to legally challenge it. I then launched several technology startups.

I suspect that the US Government has been engaged in a CounterIntelligence Program to disrupt my efforts to launch a successful technology, which would provide me with the resources to fund TQR, Inc. Currently, Black African Americans generate an estimated $1.2 Trillion Dollars Annually. Less than 5% of that money circulates within the Black Community. TQR, Inc goal is to create an infrastructure of companies, institutions and agencies to circulate 90% of that income to be used for the Empowerment of Black African American People. Those who would lose that income, control most US Politicians and both political parties.

As a result of interference, my efforts to gain funding for AHEC has been disrupted. My efforts to launch a Crime Solving Platform called Crime Pays ( has been disrupted. My efforts to launch a Peer To Peer Sports Betting Platform called WaigMe ( has been disrupted. My efforts to launch a FinTech Crowdfunding Platform called EduiPay ( has been disrupted. Without justification PayPal cancelled all of my accounts used for these platforms and placed my name on a list, which has made it difficult to get a new payment processor. Facebook also closed my account. My cellphone communication is being disrupted the prevents me from receiving certain calls, voicemails, emails and text messages. I have experience meeting with potential investors or partners who are excited about the ideas when we initial meeting, but refused to return a telephone call weeks later. This has occurred with too many people for this to be a coincidence. Despite these challenges, I am currently building a new Social Media Platform for Professional Athletes, Entertainers and their Fans called Aah Star.

My accomplishments: I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Jackson State University in 1990, and a Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University 1992. Despite graduating from those institution and trying to engage them. Neither institution President or Department Heads will meet with me. Dr. Michael Drake, first Black President of The Ohio State University and Dr. William Byron Jr., President of Jackson State University, who is a member of the same Black Greek Letter Fraternity. Its not just these two institutions, but in Central Ohio, there is an eco-system that supports White Entrepreneurs, that continues to ignore my innovative efforts to develop technologies to address cancer, transportation, and cyber security. I have participated and been on several winning Startup Competition Teams. I have written five eBooks at I co-wrote a series of Children’s Bedtime Stories entitled “The Adventures of Boo and Mooo” at I have had several games and smartphone apps developed for IOS and Android Platforms. I have had several web applications created. I written a produced two CDs. A Poetry CD entitled “Blackman’s Birth, Love & Consciousness and a Hip-Hop CD entitled “Mad Suicidal Bomber”. I’ve written a collection of over 100 Poems and songs, yet to be published. I have a design for a Flood Mitigation Barrier that will protect homes and businesses from flood water damage.

I earned a certification from Columbus State Community College, which inspired me to enroll at DeVry University online and Columbus Campus to began studying Electronic Engineering with a focus on Renewable Energy.

I am made several attempts to communicate with the City of Columbus Government, State of Ohio ThirdFrontier Agency for Advance Energy, State of Ohio Investment and Economic Development Department called JobsOhio, Columbus Partners who manages over $700 Million Dollars for Columbus SmartCity Transportation Innovation, and Columbus City Council Members and Mayor’s Office. They have all refused to follow up with me or not responded at all.

I’m not complaining about White Racist Institutions in Ohio. They behavior is expected and consistent. However, I have continued to challenge the “Illusion of Inclusion” presented when Blacks African Americans are given High Position in Government, while few resources get allocated or solutions to problems faced by Black African Americans get addressed or solved. They follow a familiar White Racist Strategy of offering controlled programs to Black Communities, rather than funding. The funding for these programs are reduced over time or safe Black leadership is assigned to lead the effort, who generally hates Black People. That persons makes Whites Racist feel comfortable, because they have groomed them to be none threatening to Institutional White Racist control over Black African American People. Many of them are member of Sigma Pi Phi (Boule), the oldest Black Greek Organization, which was created to produce a class of Black People who could supported by Whites and elected, appointed, anointed or hired to run institutions and organizations that help maintain Black African Americans in their current Social and Economic Conditions. For example Columbus, Ohio has maintained one of the highest rates of Black Infant Mortality in the nation. Black Babies continue to die, while Black Men and Women is position of power, do little or nothing to change it. A Columbus Black Greek Organization (Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Chapter) is heading a Safe Sleep Initiative, which is an insult to Black Women, focused on teaching Black Mothers how their infants should sleep. This is an insult to Black Women who have raised generations of Black Babies who slept on the backs, and stomach. They should be ashamed. All Black Men who fail to protect Black Babies bare responsibility for Columbus Ohio High Black Infant Mortality Rates, including Black Members of Columbus City Council, who ignored recommendations I proposed over 4 years ago. They ignored them, while Black Babies Infant Mortality Rates continued to increase. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a former US Congressman and who is also the nephew to the late Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy, who exposed the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, perpetrated by the US Government’s Center For Disease Control (CDC). The CDC were carrying out illegal experiments on Black Men for over 30 years. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. posted the following video on Youtube ( exposing the behavior of congress, which gave pharmaceutical companies immunity from prosecution, which allowed them to began manufacturing vaccines with mercury in them, that was targeted toward Black African American Pregnant Women and Black Babies. Columbus Ohio High Black Infant Mortality Rates are not due to “Safe Sleep Issues” and those peddling that lie know better. I believe that Black African American Babies are being poisoned and I demand an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the International Criminal Courts and the results be made public.
It takes courage and manhood or womanhood to speak truth to power. It takes intellect and a deep love of Black People to propose solutions and to resist the temptation of success based on your willingness to compromise your integrity for a job, or elected position. I consider myself a Race Man, in the old tradition of the term, where Black Men felt a duty, a calling and a responsibility to protect our young, the elderly and offer guidance to the youth and create economic opportunity Black Men and Women.
I have no fear of Racist White Supremacist. It was White Supremacist like Ronald Reagan that flooded the Black Communities with South American Cocaine. It was White Supremacist like Bill Clinton who proposed a Crime Bill that led to the Mass Incarceration of Black African Americans. It was Barack Obama who was elected twice as US President with over 90% of Black African American People Vote. His Political Party (Democrats) controlled all three branches of government and he had a check for $780 Billion Dollars in Stimulus Funding to address the 2008 Great Depression. He failed to repeal Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill or any of the racist laws of the past that were use to help to create and maintain the social and economic conditions of Black African American People. It become open season by Racist White law Enforcement Officers on Black African People. Shame on him for being a coward!

The current conditions of the Black Community in any city, including Columbus is a direct reflection of its Black Leadership, whether they were elected, hired, appointed or anointed. They may not have been responsible for creating our problems, but they are responsible for fixing them. No Black Leaders should remain in office, if after two terms, there are no measurable, quantifiable results in the Black Community. Black African American People must stop excepting Excuses for incompetent leadership. True Black Leadership is hard. To make change, you can’t be afraid to challenge what is not working or listen to new ideas from Black People you can’t control. In Columbus Ohio, Black African American are rewarded for ignoring the suffering of Black People and denied opportunities for not being willing subjugate their manhood or womanhood to White Racists protecting Racist Institutions.

The Anointed Religious Leaders should be ashamed! Black African American who are religious attend church at least once per week and sometimes twice. The status of the community where these churches exist is the worst. Yet Black Churches with the same domination lack the moral courage to pool their own money to address the social and economic conditions of the community they drain of money. Shame on them! They serve a purpose for White Supremacy!. They provide an emotional pressure relief valve for Black African Americans who are sick and tired of the Institutional Racist Laws, Policies and Programs designed to subjugate and oppress them on a daily basis. These churches offer salvation, an emotional, and metaphysical release and are promised Heaven, which most of the educated ministers know was a made up story by the Roman Catholic Church to control the minds of the masses. It was use by White Racist who enslaved Blacks in America. They forced their Christianity onto enslaved Blacks Women, while raping them and their children and killing the men who refused to accept it. It became as successful method of mind control that was passed from Black Mothers to Black Children. Now generations of Blacks are taught to never question the Word of God and accepted our oppressor’s religion handed down from grandmother and mothers to their children before they can speak. We accepted their White Image of Jesus, not knowing that Black Africans were the first people on the Earth and if there was a God who made Humans in his image, it would be a Black Image of a Savior. Even with more churches than any other groups in America, we remain at the bottom. If there existed a place such as Hell, Black Religious Leaders will have a special place, unless they find some moral courage to protect Black Babies and empower Black People.
I describe myself as a Conscious Black African American Race Man, born in the Mississippi Delta with a gift of ideas, invention and innovation. I discovered that my life purpose is to work toward the Uplift and Empowerment of Black African American People Unapologetically. I acknowledge that all I have gained or achieved in life is because of those who sacrificed before I was born. Now it’s my turn, without fear or greed. I blog because I want to create a digital record of my actions and the actions of my enemies to disrupt my efforts, so the world will know that not all Black Men were cowards, who allowed the suffering of Black African American People in Columbus Ohio and the US. I challenge other Race Men to take a stand for our Black Women, Black Babies, and Black Children. 2019 is the time for Black African American Empowerment or Death! For when you are willing to kill and die if necessary for the uplift and empowerment of those who we love, our enemies will began to respect us. We are lions in spirit, who are conditioned to be sheep, who requires a shepherd to lead us as part of their flock. Black Men! Are We Lions!

Instead of Marching, Protesting and Boycotting, I call upon us to Collaborate, Cooperate and Compete! We must pool our money and demand that Black Institutions began to do the same for our collective uplift and empowerment. Any trying to lead you to march or protest our enemies are our enemies. Know your Black Enemies! Know your White Enemies! Know your Hispanic Enemies! Know Your Asian Enemies!

Black African Americans must Compete with innovative Ideas. Here’s what I’m planning to do: Implement TQR, Inc. Implement AHEC Power Plants Launch of Gozarr a Ride Share for Rural and Urban Areas Design a Mass Transit System for Individual Vehicles Build Space Elevators for Earth, Moon and Mars Join the Graphene Revolution To Manufacture Ships, Consumer Electronics Products Created Agricultural Autonomous Farming Machines Build Innovative Education Technology for K-12 Students, Classrooms and their Homes

Join Me! Invest with Me!