The Race Game


The Race Game

by Charles E. Campbell


In The Matrix Movie written by a Black African American, to end the war between the Machines and Humans, Keanu Reeves’ character Neo, went to the Machine City and ask for peace, because Mr. Anderson was a bigger threat to both.  When Neo defeated Mr. Anderson, the balance was restored and peace was granted.

I too want peace, but I’m no Neo!  We live in a Republic, where in our democracy, the majority vote to determine the winner and the minority group are always the loser, there is a strong incentive to remain the majority and by definition keep those in the minority in their place.  In the United States of America, we have a two political party system that is controlled by a White Wealthy and Elite Group of Billionaires.  White Democrats, have a legacy White Southern Dixiecrats. Their ancestors were the Southern Democrats who seceded from the party in 1948 in opposition to its policy of extending civil rights to Black African Americans. White Republicans, who inherited the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, who preserved the Union by freeing Southern Enslaved Black African Americans, but not Northern Enslaved Black African Americans. Both Political Parties have collaborated to create laws, policies and programs that help to maintain a minority Black African American Population in their current social and economic conditions. Black African Americans remain at the top of every negative outcome and at the bottom of every positive outcome.  

They have been aided by many Black Elites, like Sigma Pi Phi (Boule) Fraternity, Black Politicians, Black Religious Organizations and Nonprofit Black Membership Based Organization, who work against the interest and empowerment of their own people in return for status, money, jobs, positions and due to hundreds of years of generational and systematic programming toward self-hatred.

The Democratic and Republican Political Parties are different sides of the same coin.  Black and White Voters are forced to choose a side.  Republicans oppose all social programs that would benefit Poor and Middle Class Black African Americans, so most Black People choose to become Democrats and White Poor and Middle Class People choose to become Republicans. Democrats are for social programs, but when in power with a super majority that controls all three branches of government, they never implement the ideas that they previously proposed when Republicans were in power. No matter which party is in power, the one outcome that remains constant is that the White Rich and Wealthy keep getting richer, while the Poor and Middle Class of both races keeps getting poorer.

Both political parties have created and passed racist laws, policies and programs that were used to systematically destabilize Black African American Communities.  From importing Cocaine and formulating Crack and distributing it into Black Communities under President Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton’s and Joe Biden’s Crime Bill which led to the mass incarceration of Black African Americans. High Black Infant Mortality Rates are masked as “Sleep Related Deaths or Sudden Infant Death(SIDs)” which reduces and slows the Black African American Population Growth. Both Political Parties have refused to offer the Descendants of Enslaved Black African American People Reparations for hundreds of years of forced uncompensated labor, inventions and contributions to American Society, which helped to create the wealthiest nation on the planet.

The Problem: 

White Americans took this land by force from Native Americans and Mexicans and they plan to keep it by force.  Democracy is now a threat to White Institutional Power in America.  Despite all of their racist efforts to reduce the number of Black People in America, their population combined with Hispanics Populations are projected to become a majority population over the next 30 years.  While Low White Birth Rates continue to decline.  Europe can no longer afford to empty their jails and mental institutions to increase America’s White Populations, like in the past. Many European Countries are facing similar Low Birth Rate Crisis and they perceive threats from Non-White immigrants from North Africa and Middle Eastern Countries like Syria.

White Americans could solve their Low Birth Rate Problem by incentivizing White Women to have more White Babies, while incentivizing more Black and Hispanic Women to have more abortion and restricting White Women Abortions Rights, but that would tip their racist agenda. Fear of becoming a minority population is the worst kept White Secret in America.  

Its time for a solution to the Race Game. Like Neo, I am proposing a Win-Win Solution to Institutional White American Supremacist Problem that creates peace between Black African American Supremacist and Institutional White American Wealthy Elite for the benefit of both groups.  Like the Machine, will you consider it for your own survival?

The Solution:

A Constitutional Amendment 

1. That removes the threat to White Institutional Power losing any additional White Power and Control due to increase Black African Americans population and in return White Institutional Power removes, repeals and dismantle all programs, laws and policies that result in negative outcomes in all areas for Black African Americans.

2. That sets a redistribution of Federal, State, County and City Taxes back to Black African American Controlled Institutions that is 25% greater than the total amount contributed by Black African Americans and not based on their total population.  

3. That would rule unconstitutional any law, policy or program that intentionally or unintentionally denied Black African American Rights or displaced a majority of power out of White Control that exist currently and requires that the White Majority Population be responsible for protecting the rights of Black African Americans.

4. That would grant Black African American Reparations and require Black African Americans to take full responsibility for their social, education, economics, health, welfare, political and the security of their communities and people with representation in Institutions of law, commerce, health, research and education and prevent interference by any White Individuals, Groups, Organizations, Institutions or Federal, State, County and Municipal Government Agencies. 

5. That will require the creation of a third National, State, County and local Political Party.  All three parties representing each elected office would rotate between parties to ensure that a different  official from each Political Party is elected to eliminate any one party from having a majority and that no one elected official can serve more than eight years total. Citizens would all vote for candidates from which ever political party was next to lead.  So no one party would every have a majority in any legislative body.

It is time that Black African Americans and White American seriously solve the Race Game. This Constitutional Amendment Solution would remove the threat to White Supremacy and White Power of losing their American Inheritance. It would eliminate efforts by White Supremacist Institutions to continue to limit the population growth, aspirations, rights, freedoms and opportunities for Black African Americans.  Most importantly, it would also remove the false hope that some Black African American Politicians have. They believe that American Democracy offers an opportunity for Black Folks, allied with Hispanics Americans, will take power and control America from White Folks by gaining a majority population.  White Folks Ain’t So Stupid!  They would intentionally destroy this nation, before losing power and control to any other group(s).

I believe that once we resolve the Race Game, American People, like the War between Machines and Humans in The Matrix Movie, will stop fighting and make progress for all Americans.  Only then can we help the entire planet evolve beyond our current limitations.  The Racist Institutions and Wealthy Elite will not like this proposed solution.  Their power lies in their ability to use their wealth to fund and manipulate both political parties and to use their control of the media use the fear of Black African American People gaining Power, as a tool to control the majority Middle Class and Poor White People.   

Using race and religion as fear strategies have always worked.  The two biggest threats to America are White Supremacist’s valid fear of losing power and control in America, which they see as their heritage and birthright and Black African American Supremacist’s desire to win the Race Game using population to win political control.  

As a Black African American, electing more Black Politicians has not translated into greater equality, lower poverty rates, ended mass incarceration, decreased Black Infant Mortality Rates, or resulted in more redistribution and access to our fair share of the federal, state, county and local taxes we pay.  In Dr. Claud Anderson’s must read book entitled PowerNomics, he explains that after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, former Enslaved Black African Americans owned less than 2% of all the wealth in America and in this current day, Black African Americans own less than 2% of all the wealth in America.  Despite having more elected Black African American Politicians, they have failed to produce measurable results.

In conclusion, it is my belief that only a Constitutional Amendment that guarantees White Supremacist Institutions retain power and control in America, which they already have, and guarantees the rights and empowerment of Black African Americans, will the Race Game End. I want peace! What about you?

White Folks Ain’t So Stupid!

White Folks Ain’t So Stupid!

by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd


Everything occuring today and over the last 50 years is directly connected to the White Low Birth Rate, which will led to White Americans becoming a Minority Population and Black Africans and Hispanics becoming a Majority Population in America over the next 30 years.

White Americans will destroy America, before the allow Hispanics and Black African Americans to become a majority in a Democracy, where the Majority Wins (has Power and Control) and the Minority Looses (had No Power or Control).

Every major law, policy and program has been designed by White Institutional Racist to help White People maintain a majority population. Both White Controlled Democrats and Republicans Partíes and their Presidents have engaged in racist behavior that targeted Black and Hispanic People to reduce our live births (Abortion), kill infants (High Black Infant Mortality Rates), (Mass Incarceration beyond reproductive prime), (Illegal and Unnecessary Wars), (Poor Health Outcomes).

By Flooding Black Communities with Crack Cocaine.
Mass Incarceration of Black Men and Women
Poisoning of Black Infants to create High Black Infant Mortality Rates.
Tricks ton remove voting rights from Blacks.
Immigration Laws and Boarder Walls.
Giving Black Men Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Only Black Politicians don’t seem to understand this. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump all are White Americans who benefited from White Supremacy and Institutional Racism and have an Obligation to allow their Children to inherit those same White Privileges and Advantages. They don’t want to be known as the first generation of White Leaders who gave away White Power at the Ballot Box. This nation was taken by violence and force by their ancestors. That is What White People Benefit from and White Supremacists fight to protect. Our enemies are their heros. (Robert E. Lee, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagon, Barrack Obama)
Examine the current Economic and Social Conditions of Black African Americans as a Group. Black Leadership is directly connected to our current social and economic conditions.

Black African Americans Politicians are the only silly group of people who don’t understand the true game of Survival. They have supported and voted for many of the racist laws, policies and programs designed to limit or reduce the Black Population. They have failed to create new laws, or repeal old laws that would stop the White Majority’s Unethical Behaviors. Even when Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress and The Presidency, Whites in Power refused to repeal racist laws negatively impacting Black African American People.

What should Black African American People be doing?

Stop allowing Electing Black Politicians who are (Shucking and Jiving) not advocating for our interest first. Replace them!

Stop allow Black Preachers from using a White Religion to nullify and passify us! Replace them with Liberation Preachers like Dr. Ray Hagins with a Black Empowerment Theology that teaches us to pool our money, talents, knowledge and resources for the benefit of the Black Community, by putting our money in Black Owned Banks and Credit Unions.

To Uplift and Empower ourselves, we need a Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan before it’s too late. The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) is such a plan.

When will it be too late, you ask?
Answer: The Next American Great White Recession / Black Depression. White Corporations and Companies will deploy Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence to replace cheap and middle class jobs. At that point, Black African Americans will become an Obsolete Labor Class. No Jobs, No Plan – Game Over!

Wake Up Black African American People!

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