Union For Gig Workers Launches

Union For Gig Workers Launches

By Charles E. Campbell, CEO


Gig Labor Union Empowerment (Glue) launches today to provide a voice for millions of workers in the US and Globally, who are being ignored, abused and disrespected. https://www.glue5.com/glue

Gig Workers in the RideShare space are striking for better wages, benefits and working conditions. As a former RideShare Worker, I recognize the benefits of Gig Economy, but as a Former Social Worker, the welfare of human beings always comes first.

Glue was created to bring balance to the Force, to use a Star Wars methephore. Greed has to be tempered with justice, love and compassion. Gig Workers are valuable, necessary, and critical to the Gig Business Model. Companies that relay on Gig Workers as a labor force, now have a Union to negotiate with. Glue expects companies operating in the Gig Economy to become proactive and offer changes that support their Gig Workers.

Glue seeks to develope a collaborative relationship with companies that relay on Gig Workers, rather than an adversarial one.

Glue plans to negotiate for Individual and Family healthcare, dental, vision and hearing care for its members, when it reaches 1 Million Memberships. There is power in numbers!

Glue is a Union Exclusively For Gig Workers. Monthly Membership dues are $25.00.

A Gig Worker uses a Smartphone App to provide a service or product to earn income, but are not classified as Employees. (Example: Uber, DoorDash, Gozarr Drivers)
Let me know what you think.

Gig Workers eligible for Membership include the following Gig Categories: RideShare Drivers, Delivery Drivers, Craft Sellers, Business Consultants, Virtual Assistants, Writers, Developers, Programmers, Graphic Designers, Engineers, Handyman/ Handywoman, Babysitters, Dogwalkers, Tutors, Home & Apartment Renters, Tour Guides, and Personal Chefs.

There are over 5 million US Gig Workers and over 50 Million Gig Workers Globally who now will have a Union to support them.

If you are a Gig Worker, Glue is for you. Join Today!

https://www glue5.com/glue

Teens’ Right To Vote Campaign

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Villasenor participate in a youth climate change protest in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, Sept. 6, 2019. Credit: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters


Teens’ Right To Vote Campaign


By Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Politicians are ignoring Teens who are concerned about the effect of Climate Change on the Planet they will inherit. Teens left school on Friday to protest the failure of politicians to take immediate action to address Climate Change. Teens don’t vote, so their concerns can easily be ignored by elected politicians and the corporations that fund their campaigns.

Teens like Greta Thunberg and millions of others Climate Change Activitist are refusing to remain silent or accept politician’s excuses. They are the future of this planet and they have a right to demand that adults, including elected officials take action to address Global Climate Change before it’s too late.

The problem is that politicians don’t know what to do to replace the power generating capacity of cheap Fossil Fuel Burning Power Plants and Power Companies don’t have a financial incentive to stop burning fossil fuels.  What if there was a cleaner, cheaper and safer renewable large-scale power plant that could replace all fossil fuel burning power plants globally.

There is a solution that continues to be ignored that Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), a renewable energy startup invented.  AHEC Hydro Power Plant offers the world a New Large-scale Hydroelectric Power Plant designed inside 70 Story Buildings. It does not require a river or lake to be dammed and each AHEC Power Plant generates the output capacity of the largest dam in the world constructed in China. Learn more at http://www.ahecEnerg.com

Politicians have ignored AHEC’s Hydro Power Plant technology since 2013, when a US Patent #8,400,007 B2 entitled “Hydroelectric Power System” was issued on Mar. 19, 2013 to Charles E. Campbell.

Proposal:  Since Politicians are failing our Teens, I am proposing that Teens, ages 16 and 17 demand and be granted the Right To Vote in every Democratic Country, including the United States of America.

Due to Global Climate Changes, Teens will bare the greatest burden, impact and responsibility of Climate Change Disasters from flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, typhoons, heatwaves and water shortage due to droughts. Disaster related migration will lead to conflicts and wars over food and water.  Teens are entitled to participate fully in the Democratic Process by voting to elect representative at the local, county, state and federal levels. They must have a voice, which equals a vote. It is not enough to protest, march and boycott! The Right To Vote is Required!

Our Children are the present and the future of this planet! As a Black African American Father and Grandfather, I can think of no greater gift to give to them and future generations than the Right To Vote. Others groups have demanded, fought for and won their Right To Vote. It’s time that Teen do the same!

In some nations, their Congress or Parliaments can vote to grant Teens the Right to Vote. In others, a Constitutional Amendment may be required. If we love our Children and Grandchildren, that love must be demonstrated through our action. Love requires commitment, sacrifice and hard work, not excuses.

I am dedicating AHEC to lead the global Teens’ Right To Vote Campaign. Teens and Adults financial support is critical to achieving this goal.

To help, Donate a minimum of $10 per month to fund the Teens’ Right To Vote Campaign. Cash App: $WaigMe

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This Is Our Planet Too!

This Is Our Planet Too!

Climate Change causes bigger and more destructive floods, hurricanes, typhoons, wildfires and droughts and they are happening now.

Solution: Replace All Fossil Fuel Burning Power Plants

How: AHEC Hydro Power Plants! Large-Hydroelectric Dams Designed inside 70 Story Buildings: No Need For A River or Lake. Just requires the height, water and turbines generators. http://www.ahecEnerg.com
US Patent # 8,400,007 B2 Issued Mar. 19, 2013 entitled “Hydroelectric Power System” to Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

When: Now!

Funding Plan: Seeking 10 Million People to Each Donate $10.00 to Crowdfund AHEC’s Seed Capital via Cash App: $WaigMe

US Politicians and Investors have ignored and interferred with AHEC Power Plant Solution. It’s time for The People of this Planet, who want a Solution to the Biggest Climate Change Problem to have a say, by supporting an innovative solution to Global Climate Change.

If you believe that a solution to replace all Fossil Fuel Burning Power Plants Globally matters more than my race, donate.

The poorest people on the planet, who have the fewest resources to deal with floods, wildfires, hurricanes, typhoons and droughts, will be at greater risk.

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This Is Our Planet Too!