Is Institutional Racism slowing Human Evolution and Progress?

Is Racism slowing Human Evolution and Progress?

When Black African American Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs give up due to systematic institutional racism, that deprives the world of their ideas, Inventions and gifts. We can and must do better!

Where would the US and the world be without Black African American Invention, Ideas and Ingenuity?

The answer is YES! Institutional Racism is slowing Human Evolution!



It’s time for leadership to consider an innovative solution to wildfires called Rain Maker.

Rain Maker offers a Wildfire Solution that could save lives & property in California. The technology proposes to use 6 Vehicle Sized Quadcopter Autonomous Drones with thermal (heat) sensors, cameras, and a Water and Cornstarch Solution under pressure to simulate Rain to contain, suppress and extinguish Wildfires.

California is spending an estimated $8 Billion Dollars and begging for more money, while ignoring a solution that would cost much less than $100 Million Dollars.

I’m a Black African American Inventor and Entrepreneur, which might be a clue why Gov. Jerry Brown won’t even have a conversation with me about a solution. Shame!

Here’s how you can help. Share this message with everyone you know including the media, who have also refused to investigate the Rain Maker Solution I’m proposing and why President Obama Administration and Gov. Jerry Brown allowed wildfires to kill people and destroy property, while they ignored the Rain Maker Proposed Wildfire Solution.

Thank you in advance for sharing this.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)




Charles E. Campbell

When Africans Stop Dancing 4 the Entertainment and Amusement of Whites, Asians, Arabs, East Indians and Black African Americans without them buying a ticket they will never regain Self Respect.

It perpetuates a backward Sterio type of African Nations. Each village should organize shows where tourist buy tickets, concessions and souvenires. Each village needs water and sewage and electricity, lodging and restaurants with the ability to transact commerce.

It’s almost 2018, Africans, and African Leaders must stop Shucking and Jiving themselves. Maybe Zimbabwe will now lead the way, because South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana have waisted countless opportunities.

The world is changing fast and if African Countries don’t stop the corruption, it will remain a mineral wealth continent, but underdeveloped and not meeting it’s full potential.

Black African Americans have a big role to play in the uplift and empowerment of Africa. Our knowledge, ideas and innovations must be welcomed in Africa with dual Citizenship. For example, my renewable energy startup, Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) http:// has the potential to supply the entire African Continent with clean power and manufacturing jobs, while it’s being suppressed and ignored in the USA, Asia and Europe. We, Black African Americans, have an obligation to help Africa compete on a world stage, as we are soon to become an Obsolete Labor Force due to automations, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics rapidly replacing the few “Good Jobs” got. Due to poor Black African American Leadership, the future generations are at greater risk for poverty, mass incarceration and extermination. They too, have been and are “Shucking and Jiving”.

Those who truly know our potential, fear us and are working extremely hard to contain our genius in racist bottle. The pressure is too great!

Up You Might Race, Accomplish What You WILL!

2018 Black Leadership Challenge

2018 Black Leadership Challenge

By C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd


Elon Musk, Founder & CEO of Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City, Hyperloop, Mission to Mars, and others is living proof that Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotics and Automation is here. This trend will have a greater negative impact on Middle Class and Poor Black African Americans than the invention of the Cotton Gin and Tractor did to Blacks in the South in the 20th Century.

What are Black Leaders doing to prepare our people for this? Are they still “Shucking and Jiving”, just happy to have a high paying job as the overseas of the “Good Job Plantation”? Do they care that our children are wasting countless hours in Black School and Colleges preparing for jobs that will not exist? Do they have enough moral courage and love for Black African American People to see the impending doom and to take action to address it?

In 2017, the total number of smart devices is projected to reach 4 Billion Globally. All of those devices will require Original Digital Content (ODC). ODC includes apps, games, eBooks, movies, videos, tv shows, blogs, vlogs, podcast, radios shows, music, eMagazines, eNewspapers, software, animation, and graphic designs. In other words, any digital product or service that can be done online(Internet), in the cloud(Server Farms), on a smart device(Computer, Smartphone, SmartTablet, SmartBan, SmartWatch or the next Innovative Smart Device to be invented.

This is the Digital Economy of the 21 Century, where Billions of Dollars will be made by Original Digital Content Creators. Black K-12, but most importantly Historic Black Colleges and Universities(HBCUs) and United Negro Funded Colleges(UNCFs) MUST redesigned their academic courses for this new digital economy.

For example, Netflix announced they plan to spend $7 to $8 Billion Dollars buying Original Content. They hired Shonda Rhimes, a Black African American Creator of hit tv shows like Greys Anatomy, The Practice, and Scandle to be their Content Consultant. Shonda created a $90 online Master Class to teach anyone how to write hit TV Shows. Every HBCU and UNCF should buy her class and teach all English Majors or anyone who has creative ideas for ODC so they can compete for $7 to $8 Billion Dollar. Facebook, Hulu, Amazon, Apple, Google, ABC Disney and others are planning to spend $Billions to compete with Netflix. Don’t know body know drama like Black Folks.

This same format should be integrated into every academic displine at every K-12 Predominantly Black African American School District, to teach Original Digital Content creation in the Curriculum.

Additionally, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) modified curriculums must be implemented specifically to teach programming languages for game, Web Application, Drone Technology, Robotics Manufacturing and Repair and Software Development.

Black Leaders must put aside their unconscious self-hatred of Black People and take bold actions to prepare our Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren for a future that has No Plan to include them. To do otherwise, will lead to their continued Mass Incarceration, and our Extermination as a race that will become an Obsolete Labor Force. They must be prepared to Compete in the 21st Century.

As a Conscious Black African American Man, I am engaged in a struggle to build technology that seek to solve problems like climate change, violent crime, education and Black Uplift and Empowerment The racist obsticales are many, but I will never quit!As a Race Man, who loves Black African American People Unapologetically, it is my responsibility to repay the debt owed those who sacrificed their lives, that I might live and have access to opportunities today. I can sacrifice no less.

If Black Leaders care about our people, the “Shucking and Jiving” for a paycheck stops in 2017. There Era of Competing, Uplifting and Black African American Empowerment begins.

Up You Mighty Race, Accomplish What You WILL!

Climate Change Solution

AHEC has a Climate Change Solution when leaders stop playing games. COP23 Leaders must be open to all innovative solutions, regardless of the race of its founder. America has a racist history of ignoring or suppression ideas of Black African Americans Inventors. The world should not comply with directions from the US to do the same.

The world is at stake!

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) 614-668-0327