How HBCUs and UNCFs Can Survive Covid 19 Pandemic!


How HBCUs and UNCFs Can Survive the Covid 19 Pandemic Financial Strain!

By C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

I am responding to an article written by Dr. Boyce Watkins, CEO of The Black Business School and a fellow follower of PowerNomics Principles by Dr. Claud Anderson. I agree that Black Economics is important and equally important is Black Educational Institutions of Higher Learning. However, those two are necessary components of any Black Empowerment Plan. I included them in The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc), a Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan I developed over 10 years ago based on the Principles of PowerNomics. HBCUs and UNCFs are critical institutions included in TQR, Inc.’s Educational Institute, along with a Economic Development Institute, Political and Legal Institute, Social, Medial & Research Institute and a Security Institute.

HBCUs and UNCFs must not be allowed to fail, nor should they be allowed to continue teaching subjects that aren’t relevant or will be obsolete in the marketplace. Despite their public vs private funding, they must start to collaborate to achieve the same goal of educating and preparing Black African American Students to collectively compete in the 21st century.

Those of us who did attend a HBCU or UNCF, are aware of the fact that these institutions are so much more than Black Colleges and Universities. They are the foundation and life blood of Black African American People and our Communities. They are the answers to prayers and provide opportunities to our Dreams that would otherwise be deferred. I will never promote or predict their demise. Instead, I would acknowledge that new leaders are required to meet the challenges of 21 Century, with innovative Strategies that embrace the use of technology online and on campus that includes one year technical trades certifications in Software Engineering, Computer Hardware Repair, Plumbing, Solar Electrical, Infrastructure Construction, Carpentry, Robotics Repair, Agricultural Technology, Food and Beverage Processing, Startup Business Entrepreneurship, Electric Vehicle and Drone Mechanics, Tele-Medicine and the use of new funding models like Income Share Agreements (ISAs).

Black African American Young Adults need a safe place to mature, learn, experiment, gain exposure, make new friends, mentors, New Brothers and Sisters, compete in sports and to embrace new ideas and have their ideas and assumptions challenged, affirmed or revised. Jackson State University 1987-90 gave me and thousands of other students those experiences., Inc. my technology startup developed EduiPay, (, a FinTech Crowdfunding Platform as a funding solutions that could help HBCUs and UNCFs and others raise additional funding, when it’s relaunched in 2020. The goal for EduiPay is to develop a BlockChain Global Digital Currency and compete with PayPal, Stripe, Cash App, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and Venmo.

When Black African American People collectively develop an implement a Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan, we will be able to solve our own problems, regardless of who wins the 2020 Presidential election. Self-Empowerment is the one thing that our White and Black Enemies don’t want us to do. They would rather we keep marching and protesting, rather than pooling our money, talent, knowledge, expertise, ideas, innovations for our own collective Uplift and Empowerment. However, it’s not Up to them! We can simply ignore their attacks and self-hatred masked is concern for our welfare and get it done. Expose their true intentions by asking them to produce a Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan and listen very careful to their answer. Game Recognize Game!

Lastly, All Black National Organizations and their individual chapters should create individual accounts at no more than three Black National Banks or Credit Unions, with a goal of 10,000 new Accounts with a minimum of $1,000 for the purpose of creating a National Black Covid 19 Pandemic Research and Response Force. This would be a test of our Organization’s ability to collaborate, cooperate and innovate without fear, greed or self-hatred. It would set a new standard of Black Leadership and role model how Black African American People should collaborate and cooperate.


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Divine Ten Proposal

         Divine Ten Proposal: For All Black Greeks To Collaborate In Unity

By Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)

Can we officially become Divine Ten by inviting Sigma Pi Phi, Fraternity, the first and oldest Black Greek Fraternity,  founded in 1904, who’s members are responsible for founding all nine Black Greek Organizations to join us. To pretend that they don’t exist and don’t influence the outcome of Black African American People is silly.

I wrote an eBook to educate Black African American People about the Boule’. Our Empowerment and Uplift can never be successful, until we truly understand our historical Black Enemy and offer them a better role to play than as “secret elite influencers” in the affairs of Black African People.

We must begin that process by officially inviting them to stop hiding in plain sight within our Black Greek Fraternities & Organizations and invite them to openly participate as part of a new Devine Ten Group with membership on the Panhellenic Council.

To address the negative impacts of Covid-19 on the Black African American Community, unity behind a single National Comprehensive Black Empowerment Plan is necessary. This Fraternity and its members represent the “Black Faces In High Places” and have the financial resources necessary during this pandemic.

We must have the Moral Courage to extend an invitation.  What say the body? Any Unreadiness about this proposal?

eBook: “The Art Of Black War Against A Black Enemy”
By C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd
JSU 90 – YE Que Spr.89 #8 “Tutwiler”
TQR, Inc

Reinventing The Food Can

Reinventing The Food Can

Reinventing The Food Can


Black African Americans need manufacturing jobs. Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) is planning to invent an alternative to the “Food Can” named “Blakan”. I am seeking a City to locate the research and manufacturing facility.

All interested Cities Mayors should email me their 5 minute (Amazon Style) Pitch Video with an Economic Development Proposal Bid by 8/2/20.

Attention: Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation(AHEC) Reynoldsburg, Ohio

I will select the top 5 Cities with the best Pitches to have a Zoom Conference call. The top 2 Proposal will be invited to make a Zoom Presentation, before the final City will be selected.

Make sure that your City Mayor sees this post. They should consider bidding on this Economic Opportunity, especially if the Black African American Unemployment and Poverty Rates are over 10%.

Black Girls Sexual Abuse Secrets

Black Girls Sexual Abuse Secrets

Sexual Abuse Secrets are at the root of so much trauma with Black African American Girls and Women. This is a issue that the Black Community, 8-12 Schools and Churches must address. This is one of the issues that The Quiet Resolution’s Social, Medical and Research Institute and the Education Institute will address. 

All Black Afrcan American Women who were victimize have an opportunity to help seed fund TQR, Inc. with a donation at $WaigMe Cash App.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)

Uprising, Marching And Protesting Are Not Enough!


Charles E. Campbell, MSW


I am so proud of Young Black African American People who have responded to injustice, inequality and racist behavior of police.  It has led to reforms in city police departments, corporations, and the removal of Mississippi’s Confederate Flag and Statuses honoring White Supremacist. I am grateful  to you and proud of you. I have immense  Black Love and Respect for the courage that you continue to display each day.

Past uprisings, marches, and protests have not improved the social, economic, financial, housing, healthcare, security, education and legal conditions of Black African Americans.   We have a responsibility to connect the dots so this is not another wasted opportunity.  Although symbolism is important, the removal of racist flags, statues and changing racist mascots names and images do nothing to address the Institutional and Systemic Racist Laws, Programs and Policies that created and maintains the disparities for Black African American People.

We are an estimated 14 percent of the US population. We have over 14%  of maternal mortality, infant mortality, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mass incarceration, failing schools, and underfunded colleges. We also receive less than 14% startup investment, banks ownership, and other economic inequities in industries of the future.   Institutional Racism has placed it’s knee on the necks of Black African Americans, making it harder for us to breathe. 

In addition to uprising, marching and protesting, Black African Americans  and Non-Racist White Americans must demand solutions that address disparities impacting Black African American Elderly, Seniors, Adults, Young Adults, Children and Infants that intentionally reduce their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. These solutions must be developed and implemented at the federal, state, county and city levels and be supported by transparent annual outcome data.

For example, in Franklin County Ohio, Franklin County Commissioner John O’Grady, stated that the Commission allocates $300 Million Dollars annually toward alleviating Poverty in Franklin County, which includes the City of Columbus.  So why are the Disparities for Black African American People so bad in Columbus?  I suspect that Franklin County Commissioners, like the City of Columbus, Ohio have mastered the art of “The Illusion Of Inclusion”, where they placed certain Black African American People in Positions of Power, who produce no measurable results that benefit Black African American People.  

This is an effective strategy, because it gives cover for Institutional Racist Policies and prevents Racist White Leaders from being accused of Racism, while allowing them to maintain the Racist Laws, Policies and Programs that disproportionately negatively impact Black African American People year after year.  It also leaves Black African American People confused about their allegiance to those Black Leaders in High Places or to Black African American people. 

How much of that $300 Million Dollars is given to Black African American Owned Social Services For-profit and Non-profit Agencies, Clinics, Black African American Entrepreneurs and Professionals who have solutions to problems facing Black African American Communities?  A common racist practices is to never give Black African Americans funding to solve their own problems.  Instead, Black African Americans are given Non-Culturally Competent Programs that stifles their innovation and creative solutions designed to counter the negative social, health, economic, educational and mental health of Institutional Racist Laws, Policies and Programs. 

These programs are designed to fail as part of the “Poverty Industrial Complex”, comprised of a groups of mostly White Owned and Controlled Agencies serving mostly Black Africans American Communities, that do little but employ professionals to help maintain individuals in poverty. This creates the justification for spending $300 Million dollars annually, without any accountability for producing data that show results.

The City of Columbus even used the negative disparities of Black African Americans in Linden Community to win a $40 million dollar SmartCity Grant. Then the Mayor of Columbus gave the project to Columbus Partners, who help to raise almost $1 Billion Dollars in Private donations and excluded all but less that 1% of Black African American Entrepreneurs from access those funds. It was a Classic White Supremacist Strategy implemented with precision and the support of Black Faces In High Places.  No less than 15% of all those funds raised should have been allocated to Black African American Entrepreneurs competing the SmartCity Technology focused areas. 

Black African Americans must be excluded from all categories designated for “Minorities, People of Color and Diversity”. The uniqueness of our history of enslavement and oppression by the US Government for over 400 years is why.  No other race or group has the right to claim the same level of Institutional Racist Laws, Policies and Programs or oppose a remedy.

No less than 15% of all federal, state, county and city funds, employees, and contracts should be awarded to Black African Americans owned agencies, businesses and entrepreneurs that are focused on reducing and eliminating disparities in Black African American Communities.

Black African American People must demand that decisions about funding be driven by data, compassion and results.   Covid-19 infections and death disproportionally negatively impact Black African American People. There is data to back that up. Here’s what I suggest that Black African American People “COLLECTIVELY” do.

Black African American Protester’s Demands: 

  • Black African Americans People must demand to be designated as a separate group for the purpose of redistribution of federal, state, county and city funding.
  • Black African American People must demand equity in the redistribution of All Federal State, County and City funding that is no less than their total population by percentage.  
  • Black African American People must demand accountability from all Black African American Leaders who refuse to advocate for Black African American Communities. 
  • Black African American People must create an online rating system to evaluate Black Leaders based on their ability to implement solutions to problems negatively impacting Black African American People and use this system to elect Black Politicians or support Community Black Leaders.
  • Black African American People must demand the creation and implement of a National Comprehensive Black Empowerment Plan.  Here’s an example of what one looks like.  The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)
  • Black African American People must demand that Black African American Organizations amend their Constitutions and By-Laws to require their organizations to collaborate with each other to implement, support and fund a Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan.

Caution: Black African American People must beware of those Black African American People and the organizations they represent, that have historically and currently benefited from helping Racist White Supremacists and Racist Institutions to oppress Black African American People. To learn more them read my eBook entitled “The Art Of Black War Against A Black Enemy” by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Sustainable Immortal Black Solutions

Sustainable Immortal Black Solutions:


C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd


1. Black African American Equality Act

Politicians should propose the Black African American Equality Legislative Act: It would require that Black African Americans be designated in a federal, state, county and city special class, because of our unique and our distinct history of Enslavement, and Institutional Racism and Discrimination by the US Government for over 400 years.  and be given access to equitable resources at the federal, state, county and city levels, based upon our population by percentage. 

The Black African American Equality Legislative Act should also require that data be collected by race and publicized. It should require that no-less than the percentage of allocated resources based upon our population at the federal, state, county and city be given to Black African American People. If Black African American People are 15% of the Population, then no less than 15% of all federal funding, jobs and resources spent annually should go to Black African American People. Additionally the Act should include a provision to corrects current and prevents future racist laws, policies and programs that Disproportionally Negatively Impact Black African Americans. It should require that those in existence like the Crime Bill that caused the Mass Incarceration of Black African American People, be amended or repealed. 

2. Law Enforcement On the Job Assessments

Create a New Training and Job Evaluation System for Law Enforcement Officers.  Split the 40 hours of Police Officer Training in half. Twenty (20) hours of Classroom Training on Racism, Implicit Bias, Discrimination and De-escalation techniques.  The remaining twenty (20) hour should be On the Job Assessments in the line of duty. Officer receive calls to respond to real-life crime scenes with actors.  They are evaluated based on their ability to follow their training and proper procedures.  Failure would require re-training. Failure repeatedly would require termination.

3. Law Enforcement Non-Lethal Alternative: 

Require All Law Enforcement Officers to use a combination of Lethal and Non-Lethal Bullets. The First six (6) Bullets in the Officer’s Weapon must be non-lethal bullets and the remaining bullets can be lethal.  One Non-lethal bullets has the ability to disable an adult human being, but not to kill them.  Six Non-Lethal Bullets are more than adequate.  After firing six Non-Lethal Bullets, Law Enforcement Officers must be trained to re-assess the threat, before firing their Lethal Bullets to kill another human being.  

4. Qualified Immunity For All Professionals and Citizens Or None Of Us

The US Constitution Right that grants All US Citizens the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. No one group of professionals should have the right to violate that because they feel threaten by another citizen. Politicians should propose legislation  that amends Qualified Immunity to grant All Professionals and Citizens the Right to Protect Themselves using “Qualified Immunity” when they feel their life is threatened, even by Law Enforcement Officers. All Professionals and Citizens should be protected by Qualified Immunity or no one should.  I personally believe that No One should have that Right or we all should have it.  This is one strategy to achieve the latter.  

A Black African American Self-Empowerment Solution

The 10 National Black Greek Organizations (Devine 10) must include Sigma Pi Phi, Fraternity (Boule’) founded in 1904, along with the Alphas, Kappas, Omegas, Sigmas, Iotas, Deltas, AKAs, Gamma Rhos and Zetas). They must collectively implement a New Mandated Program that require each organization to collaborate together to develop and implement a For-profit National Comprehensive Black Empowerment Plan that includes all other Non-Greek Black Organizations with the goal to develop and implement our own National Comprehensive Black Uplift and Empowerment Plan.  We require no one’s approval or legislation to achieve this. 

Regardless of whether politicians pass legislation to make changes, Black African American Leaders with a Love for Black African American People must lead with solutions that ensure future generations are free of systemic oppression and institutional racist laws, policies and programs.  

Here’s a Model for a National Comprehensive Black Empowerment Plan:

 The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)

Fearless Black Manhood On Display

Back Love = Good Black Leadership That Solves Problems Negatively Impacting Black African American People

       Fearless Black Manhood On Display:

Our Security is but one piece required for a Sustainable Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan.

Education, Economic Development, Medical, Social & Research, and Political & Legal Institutions, including Security, all form the foudation of a Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Plan called The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) that’s based on the Principles of PowerNomics by Dr. Claud Anderson.

Only when 10 fingers are balled into two Fists Of Unity(FOU) can Black Greek Organizations lead a Sustainable Black African American Empowerment Strategy for our People.

If not for ourselves, then for our children and grandchildren. Our Unity starts with the Devine 10 leading the way, by becoming for-profit organizations with New Mandated Programs focused on the collective Uplift and Empowerment of Black African American People.

Despite their history of Sigma Pi Phi,  Fraternity (Boule’), the first and oldest Black Greek Fraternity founded in 1904, they must be acknowledged and included, inorder to mitigate their secretive and negative tendencies.

It take moral courage lead our people in a new direction. Will the Devine Ten step up? The future of Black African American People will be determined by their action or lack thereof.


Charles E. Campbell

Dr. Claus Anderson

My Mentor and Hero Explains the need for Black Economics.
All HBCUs ans UNCFs must implement a Freshman Course teachiing PowerNomics.  They are the foundation for The Quiet Resolution that includes Economics, Education, Political & Legal, Social, Medical & Research, and Security Institutes.  TQR, Inc is National Comprehensive Black Empowerment Plan tthat I launched over 10 yeats ago.