Closing Parchman, Mississippi State Prison


RE: Efforts To Close Parchman, Mississippi State Prison:

Dear Jay-Z and Parchman Activist:

I agree that Parchman is a notorious state prison and should be Closed. However, Parchman provides jobs opportunities that all lots of Black People to feed their families.

What will you replace those jobs with? There is a solution that Jay-Z can invest in. I would like to build a Rain Maker Drone and Robot Manufacturing Plant in the MS Delta.

Those incarcerated won’t be released, even if Parchman is ordered to close, which I doubt MS Governor, Legislature, Supreme Court will allow. This is an opportunity to turn Lemons into Lemonade!

Someone copy and share this with Jay-Z, activist or their people.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

When White Racism Kills White People

When White Racism Kills White People


Rain Maker

Over 25 People dead in Australia due to Bush Fires, Unnecessarily! Over 100 People dead in Paradise, California, due to Wildfires, Unnecessarily!

Charles E. Campbell, Black African American Inventor & Entrepreneur submitted a Rain Maker Wildfire to Governors Jerry Brown and Governor Gavin Newsom and Rain Maker Bush Fire Proposal to Australian Prime Minister Morrison prior to loss of life. They ignored it, while Californians and Australians have died. Why?

California Governor Gavin Newsom, PG&E CEO, Australian Prime Minister Morrison have no reason NOT to spend $10 Million with Allen Hydro Energy Corporation’s Founder and CEO, who created Rain Maker Autonomous Quadcopter Drones designed to suppress and extinguish Wildfires/ Bush Fires, except that he is a Black African American Entrepreneur.

When White People in charge ignore solutions offered by Black African American People, while White People are dying, that is insane. Anyone who has lost loved ones or property due to Wildfires or Bush Fires should be angry with those in charge for not considering all options. when what they are doing is not working. That is unforgivable and poor leadership. Demand Better!

Help Fund Rain Maker:Donate Cash App $WaigMe

Rain Maker

California’s Billionaires Partnership To End Homlesness Proposal 12/31/19


Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO of, Inc. proposes a solution to End California’s Homelessness Problem in 12 months.  His proposal seeks private funding from California’s Billionaires with his “Have A Heart Campaign”.

He launched Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), a startup with a US Patent for a Hydroelectric Power Plant designed inside a 70-Story Building that is cleaner, safer, cheaper, portable and scalable, capable of replacing all Fossil Fuel Burning Power Plants to reduce Climate Change.  He launched The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc), a startup to improve the social and economic conditions of Black African Americans. He developed Rain Maker Wildfire Drones, capable of creating the targeted affect of a rain storm to extinguish wildfires in California and Australia. Additionally, he is developing a technology to enable secure drone deliveries.

Trained as a Social Worker, he has a gift of ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship.  In 2020, he will implement a strategy to end homelessness in California.  Share this with all of California’s Billionaires, their friends, family and employees.  As them to contact Charles E. Campbell 1-614-668-0327 – and donate to the #HaveAHeartCampaign

California’s Billionaires Partnership To End Homelessness Proposal 12:31:19

Political Air Time On The Debate Stage

We The People


Political Air Time On The Debate Stage

The exclusion of any candidate for local, county, state or national political office is a threat to American Democracy.  We The People must have a free exchange of ideas and information to make an informed vote for the candidates with the best ideas to our collective problems. 

The exclusion of Michael Bloomberg, Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Julia’n Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, Marianne Williams, DeVal Patrick, John Delaney and Micheal Bennet by the Democratic Party is wrong, unethical and undemocratic.

To address this problem, I am pitching a Startup Style Technology Solution called Political Air Time.  It would allow excluded Presidential Candidates to appear on stage together answering the same questions as those who participated in the Democratic Party supported debates.  It would be live streamed and broadcast by alternative digital and broadcast media through Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, SmartTvs, SmartTablets and Mobile Devices.

To rapidly build and implement this solution, I am seeking a minimum of $1 Million Dollars in seed capital before the next Democratic Debate (Thursday, December 19, 2020).  Excluded Democratic Candidates can pre-purchase $100,000 of Commercial Debate Advertising for their Campaigns to help fund this.  

My name is Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO of, Inc., a technology startup focused on solving human and social problems with innovative technologies.  As a Black African American Entrepreneur, I have a stake in American Democracy that is fair, just and right.  If you believe as I do and want to hear the ideas and perspectives of all the Democratic Candidates, then support this effort by donating $5 to my Cash App: $WaigMe

If you are an excluded 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate and you want to purchase $100,000 of Commercial Debate Advertising, submit payment as soon as possible to:, Inc.  (Political Air Time) Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO 7108 Bennell Drive Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068. 614-668-0327

Money from your individual donations and/or your pre-purchase of advertising will be used to rapidly design, build and launch the web application with IOS and Android Apps with live-streaming capabilities and secure a debate venue. The Public Square must remain open to all who desire to represent us, in order to sustain Our American Democracy.

France Racist Agreement with African Countries Must End Now!


Dear Emmanuel Macron, French President:

We, Black African Americans, demand that
France immediately terminates all Racist Agreement with African Countries & return all their wealth!

If you refuse, we Black African Americans will pressure France, just like we did to the Racist White South African Government to get ride of Apartheid. France Racist Agreements must be terminate immediately.

Further more, African Countries must stop sending France 85% of their Money and demand the return of Trillions. One People One Africa!

See: Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quoa YouTube Videos for further details.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy.Corporation (AHEC)

The Time Is Now!

For Our Babies!

The Time Is Now!
Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)


It’s time for Black African Americans to begin to uplift and empower ourselves as a collective group of people like everyone is doing. We have an advantage that they don’t. All other options have failed when you examine the data over the past 60 years.

Dr. King gave a speech entitled The Other America that’s posted on YouTube. Many of the problems that he spoke about remain problems in 2019. He believed that Legislative Laws would make a difference, while acknowledging that Economic Self Empowerment must also be done.

Dr. Claud Anderson, Founder of Harvest Institute wrote an Economic Empowerment strategy in his book titled PowerNomics. Its offers a strategy for Black Economic Empowerment and Self Sufficiency, which should be required curriculum for Black African American Students in grades 6-12 and HBCU and UNCF Freshman Classes.

To implement PowerNomics Principles, I launched a startup to implement them named The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) To fund TQR, Inc., I launched a renewable energy startup named after my father Dudley Allen – Allen Hydro Energy Corporation for a large scale hydroelectric power plant designed inside 70.story building offering a Solution to replace fossil fuel power plants. (AHEC) has a US Patent # 8,400,007 B2 entitled “Hydroelectric Power System” that continue to be ignored by Black and White Democrats who pretend to be concerned about Climate Change, while ignoring AHEC’s Innovative Solution. I also created to solution to Wildfires that has been and is still being ignored by California Governors, while spending billions of dollars each year. They would rather let people die from wildfires than do business with AHEC Rain Maker Wildfire Solution.

I have dedicated my life to the uplift and empowerment of Black African American People like Dr. King, Bill Moss, Jerry Doyle, Malcolm X and Fred Hampton did. My Conscious Black Manhood requires that I protect and defend Black Babies, Black Women, Black Children and Black Elderly against All Enemies, Domestic and Internal who have created or help to maintain Racist Laws, Policies and Programs that negatively impact Black African American People. They are the enemy of Black African American People. By their cowardly actions, or in action, we are enemies.

If you have or plan to have Children or Grandchildren, support TQR, a defense of Institutional White Racism and a Secret Black Self Hating Organization named Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity (known as Boule). They were founded in 1904, a secrete White Racist Organization named Skull and Bones to be their advisors related to oppressing and subjugating Black African American People. They are groomed to be Black Leaders and place in position of leadership to provide Black People with the “Illusion of Inclusion” or ” Black.Faces In High Places”. With Boule in charge, Black Progress is slowed, oppressed and subjugated. We must demand to know who these people are and stop.supporting them.

To support TQR, Inc. donate any amount using our Cash App: $TQRInc. The live of our babies are at stake.

The Time Is Now!

Fake Stinky Packages

Black Inventor, Innovator & Entrepreneur


Fake Stinky Packages

Black Inventor Has An Idea To Stop Package Thieves and needs Your Help to Build A Prototype:

Banks use Exploding Dye Packs to Deter Bank Robbers.

What if there was a Fake Stinky Package that could Deter Package Thieves? Would you Donate between $5 and $50.00 to fund the Product Development and Prototype.

Product: A Fake Stinky Package that you leave on Your Porch that Sprays Stinky Skunk Juice mixed with Purple & Gold Sticky Glitter, when stolen. Has a hidden camera and speaker.

I would like to Raise $20K to create this low tech solution to Package Theft.

Donate: Between $5 and $50 to my Cash App Account: $WaigMe

Imagine a thief picking up a live Skunk and getting Sprayed. Just the thought of such a product would deter most thrives from Porch Thefts, saving Law Enforcement Time, reducing Package Thefts and saving Online Retailers Millions.

If you have ever had your packages stolen from your porch, consider supporting this idea by
Donating between: $5 and $50 to my Cash App: Account: $WaigMe

Charles E. Campbell, Inventor, Innovator & Entrepreneur

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