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By Charles E. Campbell aka Black Scroozgie
He’s launching a Black African American Renaissance with his National Black Empowerment Startup The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)

He uses Conscious Hip Hop to share his plan for Black Love, Uplift and Empowerment.
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CrimePays Offer Solution To High Violent Crime Rates


CrimePays Offers A Solution To High Violent Crime Rates
by Charles E. Campbell

Charles E. Campbell, a Black African American Social Worker, Inventor and Entrepreneur created a technology based solution to help Law Enforcement engage communities to help solve violent crime. In the United States of America, Violent Crime Rates are costing cities billions and millions of dollars. So far, Mayors are spending millions of dollars hiring new Law Enforcement Officers, which has not worked.

To solve Violent Crimes, Law Enforcement need the community to help. These predominantly Poor and Black African American Communities don’t trust law enforcement and refused to snitch, even when they know the perpetrators of violent crimes. To do so, would place them and their family at risk of death from the suspect, their gangs, friends or family.

How It Works!
CrimePays solves this problem by using technology that allow Law Enforcement Agencies to create short videos with a Reward Amount on each video. Community members can download a free CrimePays Smartphone App, register anonymously with their zip code, email address and paypal email to receive a reward payment. They watch the videos posted by their local Law Enforcement Agency and send an anonymous Crime Tip. Law Enforcement must investigate the Crime Tip and if it leads to an arrest, half of the reward money is released to, Inc., CrimePays’ parent company and placed into the App User’s Paypal Account immediately. If the suspect pleads guilty or is found guilty, the remainder of the reward money is released and placed into the App User’s Paypal Account immediately. No identifying information is required by the CrimePays App.

When community members are incentivized and feel secure, they will help Law Enforcement solve violent crimes, because they want to live, work and play in safe communities. The Android CrimePays App is available on GooglePlay at

The following cities Mayors, Police Chief and City Council Presidents have been contacted, because their Violent Crime Rates are among the highest in the nation. Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Cleveland, Columbus, Memphis, Detroit, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Albuquerque.

Community Call To Action!
As a Social Worker and Entrepreneur, I believe that CrimePays can help those leaders reduce their Violent Crime Rates. If you live, work or play in any of those cities, or just want violent crimes to stop, contact the Mayor, Police Chief and City Council President of those cities and asked them to register their Law Enforcement Agency with CrimePays.

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO, Inc (CrimePays)

Our American Party (OAP)

Our American Party (OAP)

Our American Party (OAP)

#OurAmericanParty @OurAmericanPart

It’s Time 4 A New American Political Party

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Our American Party(OAP) will do what is Just, Right and Fair For All Americans.

Our American Party (OAP) 5 Goals are to Amend the US Constitution to include Healthcare, Housing, Education, Equality as Constitutional and Human Rights for All and to set Term Limits for All National, State, County and City Elected Politicians.

Washington DC is broken because of a two party system and they refuse to fix it. It’s time to disrupt that. We tried the Democrats with Bill Clinton, we tried the Republicans with George Bush, then we tried the Democrats with Barrack Obama, now we turned to a non-politician with Pres. Donald Trump because many of us wanted to disrupt a broken two party political  system, but he and the Republicans just want to win at any cost to our democracy and our citizens.

The Healthcare Bill proposed by Republican Senators was the Last Straw and led me to decide to take the bold action now to seek crowdfunding to launch a new National political party!

OAP will protect our children, our seniors, our elderly, our sick and our disabled. As the most richest and powerful nation on Earth, we can and must do better.


Charles E. Campbell, Founder

Our American Party (OAP)