Me Tarzan! You Jane! Sexual Harassment Mentality

“Me Tarzan! You Jane”! Sexual Me Tarzan! You Jane”! Sexual Harassment Mentality

C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

No Man Is Innocent of Sexual Harassment, but many have never raped, molested or sexual abused a girl, or woman!

Every Woman Has Experienced Sexual Harassment at some point in their life.

1. We must institute manditory sexual harrament trainings starting in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Jr. High Schools, High Schools, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and senior college students.

2. All companies should receive a state tax deduction for every employee who completes an Online Video Sexual Harrassment Training and pay a $1,000 fine per employee untrained.

3. We must required all non-profits to provide annual adult trainings to maintain their tax-exempt status to all of their employees and the people they serve.

The “Me Tarzan! – You Jane”! Sexual Harrassment Mentality Must End! That will only happen when Boys and Men are taught to see every female as their sister, mother, daughter, neice, aunt and grandmother and trained on how sexual harrassing behavior is hurtful and painful.

Sexual harrassing molestation, rape and sexual abused are Unacceptable. Conseqences must be clear during the trainings and enforced based on the age, understanding, training and offense of the perpetrator.

Boy’s Youth and Adults must take a daily pledge of allegience at school, at work and at play, to never sexually harrass, touch or violate a female.

Where there is a Will, there is a Way, but where is No Will, there are Excuses!


Compete! Got Damit! Compete!

Columbus Ohio Mayor released his 2017 Budget. It’s online. Download your own copy, and meet with others in your community to understand the Coded Language.

Every Black African American Leader in Columbus, Ohio should schedule community meetings to teach Black African Americans where the opportunity are to compete for City Dollars. Both Businesses and Nonprofits should compete!
Compete! Got Damit! Compete!

If they are not helping Black African Americans to compete, they are poor leadership and only serve to help maintain Black African Americans in Columbus Ohio in their current social and economic conditions. Know your leaders by their actions or lack thereof. The City Budget shows you how much money and where they plan to spend it. Note SmartCity has $552 Million Dollars that’s not reflected in the Mayor’s Budget! Why?

Poor Black African American leadership wants you to only Pray, March, Protest, or Boycott! Follow those foolish strategies at your own perils. Everyone other group already has first dibs. They don’t expect Black African Americans to compete for City taxes, because of the historic racist policies and programs that created barriers that systematically excluded Black African Americans in Columbus Ohio or as I call it “Up South”.