Can You Hear Me Now!

There is a message in this video.

Will we ever wake up, stop drinking the Kool-aid, Pimp juice and Jesus Juice that keeps our minds psychologically chained to poverty, foolishness, greed and subconscious self-hatred?

When we see the real Matrix, some of us will choose the right pill and start to believe that our destiny is in our on hands.  Through collective, collaboration and cooperation, we can accomplish what we WILL, without hate, greed, or selfishness.

When you get up off you dam knees or refuse to bend over, Nobody will be able to ride our backs or put their foot on our necks.  That includes those false prophets, preachers, politicians, pimps and hustles who look like us and smile in our face, while doing nothing to solve problems.  Leaders, by definitions solve problems without excuses or need for recognition or compensation.  It’s their passion to serve.
Notice – Know This