President Trump’s Gift To Black African Americans¬†

President Trump’s Gift To Black African Americans 
President Trump signed an Execitive Order that removes the penalities from Black Pastors who addressed politics and leadership.
They have no more excuses to remain cowards, too afraid to teach Black African Americans about Politics and how to compete.
Black African Americans only go to one place after high school or college to sit down and let someone teach them something, the Black Church. What we learned there has help to maintain us as a group in poverty, to be massively incarcerated, have poor education outcomes, higher infant mortality rates, anf left with a weak group of Black Leaders with no plans or strategy for our group economic empowerment.
They should focus on creating a Comprehensive National Black Uplift and Empowerment Plan that allows us to collectively turning over an estimated $1 Trillion Dollars in annual income. 
Shame on them for their role as cowardly leadership, but thanks to President Trump, the can now grow a pair. (Courage)
Pres. Trump with his Executive Order has done more for Black African Americans than former President Obama did, who we voted for over 95%. 
Less than 5% of Black African Americans voted for President Trump, so he has no reason to address Black African Americans Problems. 
With this new freedom, will Black Preachers muster the courage to prepare our people to compete, instead of just preparing our people for heaven when we are dead?
My faith in them is not that strong, but I’m willing to review the data to see if anything changes in Black African American Community. 
The proof will be in the National Outcome Data in these broad areas for Black African Americans: Education, Economic Development, Social, Medical, Recreation, Legal, Political, and Security and covers infants and their parents, children, preteen, Adolescents, Teenagers, Young Adults, Middle Aged Adults, Senior and our Elderly.
We demand a Plan based on Black Love and Compassion, that Leaves No Black African American Behind!