Chicago Empowered To Breathe (CE2B) Proposal


                              Chicago Empowered To Breathe (CE2B) Proposal

Written 6/20/19

Chicago Empowered To Breathe is a grassroots based community empowerment proposal created to help the Black African American Communities on the Southside and Westside of Chicago to reduce and eliminate gun violence, crimes, create employment, better schools, housing, trainings, healing and counseling.

Here’s How:

  1. Security – Create a community controlled networked micro-camera surveillance system.  Any resident or business owners can voluntarily enroll in the program and receive free micro Cameras for their private property and the street in front of their homes, apartment or business.  These camera will be networked together to cover every street, side walk and alley.  All footage will be automatically deleted after two days, if no violent crime occurred in a specific street. Video Footage will be provided to Chicago Police and local News to help solve violent crimes and the participants will receive a monetary reward.
  1. Job Training – Individuals on parole or probation with a Violent Criminal History will be enrolled in education and job training programs and paid $2,000 per month for attending and making progress toward completing a 9 month training program in high job demand fields.
  1. Employment – Community Youth and Young Adults will be hired to clean up, landscape and beautify the Southside and Westside.  They would remove trash, build playgrounds, parks, demolish and recycle old abandon structures, painting art, adding flowers, new side walks, community gardens, solar power street lighting with Micro Cameras controlled by the community.
  1. Manufacturing Jobs – Launch two manufacturing plants making solar panel roofing, wind turbines for smaller cities and flood mitigation barriers that protect individual, business and municipal building from flood water damage. (Customers: Smaller Towns and Residential and Commercial Buildings, City Municipal Buildings, Police and Fire Stations, Power Substations. Water and Sewage Treatment Plants)
  1. Education: – Build and Operate 20 New Private Schools with a Black African American and Science, Technology, Engineering, Design, Math, Art and Space (STEDMAS) Focus.  Six (K-4  Grade) Elementary Schools, Six (5-6 Grade) Middle Schools, Six (7-8 Grade) Junior High Schools and Four (9-12 Grade) High Schools.
  1. Counseling and Loss / Grief Counseling – Create weekly group activities for residents to talk, listen, share, heal and improve the mental health and social health of Black African Americans survivors whose family members was killed in Chicago over the past 40 years. This will include group counseling, family support and Survivors, a 5K Run, Walks, Bike Races, Free Survivals Music Concerts, and Theater Plays.
  1. Maker Space Meetups – Create Six Maker Spaces for creative inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, writers. musicians, animators, filmmakers, software engineers, building drones and robots.  Anyone with ideas that require a team to collaborate, designers, market a product or services. A Chicago Empowered To Breathe Venture Funding for self financing and support.
  1. Housing – Create a Real Estate Community Development Corporation to develop land, support renters and homeowners rights, construct and operate apartments and family housings and to resist all racist gentrification efforts. 
  1. Funding CE2B – To fund such an audacious plan,, a crowdfunding platform will be implement so that the people of Chicago and fund, operate, implement and control their solutions with Accountability, Compassion, and Transparency.

This plan requires multigenerational leadership with the moral courage to resist being corrupted or influenced by religious leaders, Chicago and Federal law enforcement efforts, organized criminals or political leaderships who have failed the Black African Americans living in Communities of Chicago’s Southside and Westside. No one individual can fully implement this proposal, but Chicago has the collective talent, intellect and expertise to collectively implement CE2B.  There will be mistakes, so if you are going to fail, fail fast, then iterate, but keep going.  No one person is bigger than the CE2B Proposal. 

The systemic problems of Chicago are rooted deep in institutional White Racism and Black Self-Hating Leadership, which began centuries before we were born and it may exist years after we are dead, but it will not last for decades, if CE2B is implemented correctly.  

Warning!  There are many wealthy and rich people who financially benefit from the dysfunction of Black African Americans in Chicago and they may attempt to disrupt CE2B, but they can only ride your back when you bend down to allow them to mount you.  It is time for the Black People of Chicago to stand up and resist them as Strong Men and Women who care.

My name is Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO of The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)  My purpose in life is to developed my talents and gifts and to use my education and knowledge for the benefit of myself, my family and Black African American People.

To learn more about me. visit my website.

Fear of a Black and Brown USA Majority Population

Low White Birth Rates in the USA are at the core of Immigration, Mass Incarceration & Abortion Policies.

Politicians must have the courage to expose this & speak truth to Americans. Fear of the Loss of a White Majority is a threat to All White People in America. When you understand this, we can get serious.

Anyone who thinks that Racist White Institutions will allow Black and Brown Americans to become a majority population are delusional.

What do you think?

Seeding Mars

Charles E. Campbell, a Black African American Inventor and Entrepreneur has a innovative and bold Plan for Mars. He posed this question. What would happen if Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Water infused with 1 Billion Tree Seeds was transported from Earth & control released into Mars Atmosphere over the tropical zone? This is his plan! He is asking citizens of Planet Earth to crowdfund his plan for a bold experiment. Send Seed funds to his Cash App: $WaigMe

To implement this plan, the following things must be achieved within 5 years:

Build a Space Elevator.

Build a Space Station on top of the Space Elevator.

Build 5 Transport Ships with a Magnet Propulsion Engines

Transport Sea Water, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and 1 Billion Tree Seeds to Mars.

Control Release them together over the tropical Zone into Mars Atmosphere.

It’s call “Seeding Mars”

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) –, Inc.

7108 Bennell Drive

Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43067


The Skinny On Abortion Rights Laws


Decreasing White American's Birth Rates

Decreasing White American’s Birth Rates

The Skinny On Abortion Rights Laws


Charles E. Campbell

Why White Politicians Vote To Take Away White Women’s Right To Abortion!

“The Elephant In The Room” of Abortion Law is real!  States like Ohio and Alabama have passed Abortion Law seeking to overturn the Roe V Wade Supreme Court Decision. White Supremacist (Conservatives) have engaged in a long term strategy to conserve a Majority White Population in America.  They have used the US Government to implement a number of racist strategies that targeted Black African Americans and Hispanics for population reduction.  

First, under President Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush, they used the CIA to flood Black Communities with Cocaine and Guns, which led to the Crack Cocaine Epidemic, Gang Violence and crisis far greater than the Opioid Crisis affecting White Americans today.  The difference in response to both epidemics revealed the racist nature of the American Government and the abundance of Poor Black Leadership. 

Secondly, under President Bill Clinton, they passed a Crime Bill that led to the Mass Incarceration of Black African American Men.  Few politicians, and certainly not many elected Black Politicians objected to the law or tried to protect Black African American People. Those two strategies implemented by two Racist White US Presidents and enforced by Law Enforcement and Courts at federal, state, county and city levels devastated the social and economics of the Black African American Family and Community.  It reduced the Black African American Population over 30 years.  The net result was that the Hispanic Population surpassed the Black African American Population.  

Finally, one additional strategy was implemented by the US Congress, which led to a record number of Black Babies Dying, which for no reason. (High Infant Mortality Rates) To add insult to Black African American Mothers, governments blamed the mothers for allowing their babies to sleep on their stomach.  They provide funding Black Organizations and employed Black Health and Social Workers to implement Safe Sleep Initiatives.  High Black Infant Mortality Rates continue, because they are directly linked to Congress passing a law that granted immunity to pharmaceutical companies, who can not be sued for putting Mercury, a deadly toxic liquid metal into vaccines targeted to Poor Black African American Communities.  The Center For Disease Control  (CDC) should have stopped this, but they are the same Government Agency that operated the Tuskegee Experiment that gave Syphilis to Black African American Men and watched them die slowly and painfully for over 40 years, until the late Senator Edward Kennedy exposed their unethical, inhumane, and criminal behavior and forced them to stop. No one was punished, because Black Lives Don’t Really Matter to our Racist White Supremacist controlled US Government.  Now his nephew, former Congressman Robert F. Kennedy Jr, has exposed the Vaccine Conspiracy that targeted Black African American Babies.

Our hopes were misplaced when Black African Americans helped elect President Obama in 2008 and 2012.  We assumed that he was one of us and would use the power of his Presidency to repeal and reverse many of the racist laws, policies and programs that were causing us so much unnecessary pain and suffering.  Wrong!  With control of the President, Senate and House of Representatives, Democrats did nothing to correct the racist laws, policies, and programs used to harm Black African Americans. After two terms, President Obama proved himself to be a coward, who was too afraid propose one single law or use the power of his office to do anything specific to help stop the pain and suffering of Black African American People who voted over 90% twice to elect him President Of The United States.  

There were other strategies was targeted toward Hispanics that included reducing the number or legal and illegal Immigrants allowed into the United States.  I will allow Hispanics to speak to their own issues. My focus is Black African American People first.

White Women inherit 100% of the wealth of White Men.  White Women have financial, family, political and power reasons to vote with White Men.  Abortion is cloaked in “Religious Right To Life” and “ProLife Rhetoric”, because they know that religion is a powerful tool to control the minds of human beings, especially if they have been conditioned from childhood to believe.  If a majority of White Women truly wanted to maintain Women’s Rights, they could combined with Black African Americans and Hispanic Voters and control the politics of almost every state in the nation.  White Women too, are afraid of a Black and Hispanic Majority Population in America.  Their votes for White Men is the evidence.  They allowed themselves to be classified as a Minority Group and receive a majority of the benefits set aside for Affirmative Action, as evidence of their true nature. They should be ashamed, but they are not. The only use Black African American and Hispanic Women when they feel threaten, but never take a stand against the many injustices happening daily to Black African American People.

“The Elephant In The Room” on the Abortion Issue is Race.  The US White Birth Rate is declining and Blacks and Hispanics are projected to become the majority population this century. This is what Racist White Men are afraid of, that’s causing the passage of Abortion Bills.  Low White Birth Rates are at the center of their attacks on Women’s Abortion Rights. If Conservative could get a law passed that could discriminate against White Women, by restricting their right to an abortion, but allowing Black African American and Hispanic Women to keep having abortions, they would do it.  But that would expose the real true nature of their White Racist Philosophy.  America was captured by White Men who maintained control and power. That is the legacy and heritage of every White Man born in America and they are bound by duty and honor to conserve and ensure all future generations of White Men have the same Racist Power and Control that was given to them.   

Solution:  To address this and other Rights of Women and Black African Americans, I propose a Constitutional Amendment that provides Abortion Rights, Reparations Rights and Justice Rights for Women and Black African Americans. 

It should state that “All born female citizens shall have reproductive and abortion rights with the ability to decide to give birth or have an abortion that terminates her pregnancy with or without just cause and no legislative, executive or judicial body shall pass any laws restricting a female of her rights. All current and future laws, policies or programs outcome data must be documented and made public and if determined to disproportionately negatively impact Black African Americans, that law, policy or program shall be deemed unconstitutional and made void. Reparations in the form of  land, a $20 per month Group Self-Tax, Special Tax Exemptions, 15% Equity in Federal Resources and $25 Trillion Dollars over 25 years, shall be collected and paid by the United States Government, and States, to the descendants of Enslaved Black African Americans to a Trust establish and controlled by a collective group of Black African American Organizations  and Institutions for the benefit, uplift and empowerment of all Descendants of Enslaved Black African American People as a Collective Group to for the purpose of establishing and maintaining their own Economic, Education, Social, Medical, Security, Media, Legal and Political Institutions with sovereignty for 200 years.

Aah Star Launches

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Cowards Aided By White Supremacy and Institutional Racism Are Not The Best American Innovative Companies

Cowards Aided By White Supremacy and Institutional Racism Are Not The Best American Innovative Companies

A Black African American Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur has submitted a Wildfire solution proposal to California Governor Gavin Newsom call Rain Maker. Rain Maker proposes to build and operate 6 to 10 Autonomous Vehicle Sized Quadcopter Drones that would transport a solution of water and cornstarch and use cameras, thermal sensor and GPS mapping technology to Target, suppress and extinguish California’s Wildfires by creating the effect of a targeted Rain Storm. Rain Maker Wildfire Solution

The same proposal was submitted to California’s previous two California Governors, who chose to ignore it while Billions of Dollars and hundreds of lives and property were lost. (White Supremacy Behavior In Action)

Gov. Gavin Newsom campaign to be a different type of Governor open to Innovative Ideas from anyone. I hope he also meant of any race as well. As a Black African American Entrepreneur living in Central Ohio, I have personally experienced how White Men in Power with racist tendencies, attitudes and behavior support and enforce policies and programs that result in a disproportionate number of Black African Americans getting access to public and private capital based on the total demographics of the city, county or state.

White Supremacy is a disease that is inherited by White Americans and Supported Institutions, even those where a Black Face is Placed In High Place. It’s design is to stifile Black African Americans seeking a level playing field to compete.

Only cowards need or want such an unfair advantage. When the game is rigged, how can you be satisfied knowing that White Supremacy System rigged the game and gave you an advantage because of being White. To be considered the best, your must compete against and beat the best. The entire world knows that White American Innovators and Entrepreneurs have an unfair advantage over and never compete fairly against Black African American Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

Level the playing field in Business and Entrepreneurship, like sports, then decide if Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix, Uber and Lyft are really the best Innovative companies in America.