Conspiracy To Destroy Black African Americans

Conspiracy To Destroy Black African American People

Black African American Leaders are failing Black People at every level of our society, as evidenced by the conspiracy revealed by the DOJ Ferguson Report.  Similar racist policies have become pervasive in every city, as Pres. Obama does nothing for fear of being accused of protecting Black People, who voted more that 90% twice to elect him.  Benign neglect by civil rights leaders who only want to march and protest injustices like the murder of our children and men.  It’s time for our own real solution. The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)  Join today!

How To Get An Android Game or App Made For You

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Wanna Join the Digital Revolution? Got an idea for a game or app and don’t know what to do with it? This new eBook teaches you how to get your idea for an Android Game or App Developed by a Freelance Developer and sold on GooglePlay Store. “How To Get A Game or App Made For You” is an eBook that guides you through the process from start to finish. Translated in 10 Languages. Just $19.99 The perfect Christmas Gift that will make you money!

It’s All About The Money! Support Dr. Judson L. Jeffries!

It’s All About The Money! Support Dr. Judson L. Jeffries!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow morning Saturday 12/20/14 at 10am – Noon for another installment of Global Views on Afrikka Radio ( with your hosts Mayo MakindeMohamed Mohamed Sire’ Sylla Nzimiro Darryl O. Parker. We have a special guest, Dr. Kevin Brooks, Staff, Ohio State University Department of African American & African Studies Community Extension Center (AAACEC) and myself Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation and TQR, Inc. From in the second half of the show from 11 am EST to 12 Noon. We will be discussing the firing of Dr. Judson L. Jeffries, Former Director of the AAACEC. The Call & Post published an Editorial that details some of the unethical behavior of Dr. Ike Newsum, Chair of the Department. Pleas Call in at 614-987-5097 to ask questions and get informed. OSU President  Dr. Michael Drake is ultimately accountable for Dr. Newsum’s Behavior!
Image of OSU President below who is ultimately accountable for Dr. Newsum’s Behavior!


Black Greek Organizations Must Wake Up and Help Solve Our Problems

Black Greek Organizations Must Wake Up and Help Solve Our Problems

Self-hatred, masked by a pretense of unity is a huge problems with Black Greek Organizations, who are sleeping giants. They are afraid of their own potential and keep selecting weak leadership that lacks the moral courage to stop hiding behind 100 year old Mandated Programs that solve no real issues within the Black African American Community.

More Black Greek Members are non-financial and nonactive because there is no leadership or agenda that speaks to the needs of the Black Community or inspire them to serve. Police are Killing Our Brothers and we remain silent, Record Unemployment for our Youth and we remain silent, Our Elderly are afraid, lonely and hungry and we remain silent, Black Infant Mortality for our babies is extremely High and we remain silent, Mass Incarceration of our Men and Women and we remain silent and on and on!

Our Manhood and Womanhood has been replaced by the fear of loss of a good job, community status and our life. The current poor condition of a majority of Black African American People is a direct reflection of Our Leadership at every level of our community that includes Religious, Political, Social, Economic, Business, Law, Family and Education. They have No Unity of Purpose!

I offer a solution called The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.), which is a National Black Empowerment Plan for Black African Americans! If Black Leaders don’t like TQR, Inc., I challenge them to create their own.

There is no time for silly games! There’s Work To Be Done For Our Race and it will require our unity, time, money, knowledge and love!

Brother Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO YE Spr. 89 (Tutwiler)

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), Inc

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)

Digital Products

Ohio State University 1st Black President Needs To Show Leadership

Dr. Ike Newsum, Black Dept. Chair was Used To Fired Dr. Judson Jeffries, OSU African and African American Community Extension Center Director @ Ohio State University & Community Speaks Out and Demand that Dr. Michael Drake, OSU Black President investigate this matter! This is the second attempt to fire him because he has the moral courage to stand up for the Black Community.

Rest In Peace R.I.P App Veteran’s Day and Rememberance Day

Rest In Peace R.I.P. App
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Rest In Peace R.I.P. (A Remembrance App) enables users set a date to get a notification that allows them to remember the people who died. Add a photo, video, song or audio recording:

VETERANS of WWI, WWII, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and Vietnam: Remembrance of your Mother, Grandmother, Father, Grandfather, Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, friend, co-worker, Fraternity Brother or Sorority Sister. Users can even choose to remember their favorite pet(s).

Set the remembrance notification on an anniversary, birthday, death day, or a holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or Memorial Day. Users can receive three different notifications on the same day. We all have or will lose someone very dear to us and you can remember them with the Rest In Peace R.I.P App for only $1.99. The people you loved and lost are worth it.

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