Dr. King Would Be Ashamed!

Dr. King Would Be Ashamed!

Serving and Living are two different things. Without a college degree, you won’t make a living wage that keeps up with the cost of living (Rent, Utilities, Healthy Food, Healthcare, Transportation, Childcare, Clothes and Entertainment)

Inequality still exists in America and specially in Columbus, Ohio’s Poor Black African American Communities, while those in power, both Black and White pretend that it doesn’t. Shame On Them!

Dr. King would be ashamed that they celebrate his birthday without fighting for the values that got him killed. I refuse to participate is such false celebrations in his honor! You should too!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)


Should Black African Americans Entrepreneurs Relocate Away From Columbus Ohio?

Columbus, Ohio has potential to become a model city, if its Leaders choose to change its racist policies, programs and procedures designed to prevent Black African Americans(BAAs) from competing by denying us access to capital.

Here’s what Columbus would look like if it intentionally got rid of its racist policies, programs and procedures that excluded Black African Americans Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Innovators.

1. BAAs would solve the battery problem using Graphene.
2. BAAs would transforms the school bus industry away from burning fossil fuels.
3. BAAs would transform the aerospace industry away from burning jet fuels.
4. BAAs would disrupts the k-12 education industry with innovative learning technology that improved academic, behavior and social conditions.
5. BAAs would disrupts the clean power generation industry with a new type of large scale hydroelectric power plant.
6. Black African Americans would disrupt violent crime rates in the US Cities.
7. BAAs would develop technologies that could compete with Apple, Google, Samsung, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Uber and Ford.

BAAs Entrepreneurs should relocate away from Columbus if it doesn’t change! There are other cities that would welcome our innovative ideas.

Black African American Renessance

Black African American Renessance

When Black African Americans start to believe in Ourselves, Institutional White Supremacy and Racism will loose all its power to Negatively Impact our Collective Lives.

I propose, An International Treaty Of Black People:
An Attack on Any Group of Black People will be declared as an attack on All Black People. Once declared, it is the requirement that All Black People Protect and Defend the Attacked Group legally, politically, militarily and economically.

It is time for a “Black African American Renessance” lead by implimentation of The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) http://www.tqrinc.com (National Black Empowerment Plan).

Get Up You Mighty Black Race! What You Plan For Yourself, You Can Achieve! By C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Black African Americans Inclusion In Columbus Ohio, What A Joke!

Black African Americans Inclusion In Columbus Ohio, What A Joke!

Pretending to want inclusiveness, while maintaining racist policies and programs that intentionally exclude Black African Americans is the definition of Racist Behavior.

Example: Look No Further Than Columbus SmartCity Funding managed by Alex Fisher himself, ThirdFrontier, Rev1 and Columbus City Mayor.

They are too afraid to include Black African Americans in any meaning process that redistributes funding to Black African American Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Innovators, other than a few individuals they hand selected. (The Usual Safe and Vetted Blacks).

Despite all the pretense, Columbus is not a friendly place for Black African American Innovators. The entire ecosystem created for White Entrepreneurs, has a poor track record of help Black African Americans access capital, including Venture, Angel, Business and Banks. Ask Alex and others who are pimping the idea of inclusion, to “Show You The Data” of how many Black African Americans got funded from any of those including programs including SmartCity over $550 Million Dollars.

Columbus, What a joke!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation

Seeking A Violent Crime Rate Project Team

Seeking A Violent Crime Rate Project Team


High Violent Crime Rates are national and international problems that cities, counties, certain states and nations struggle with.

Cuptoopia.com, Inc. is my technology startup, which is developing a technology based tool that will allow law enforcement and citizens to work together to reduce High Violent Crime Rates for specific cities, counties, stated and countries.

I’m at the stage where I need a team to help execute. I’m willing to offer 25% of the profits for two years to a team.

1. Marketing Manager (Marketing Strategy)

2. Software Engineer Developer (FrontEnd/Backend / IOS & Android App Management)

3. Sales Manager (US & International Sales)

4. Investor & Mentor (Seed Funding $10K)

5. UI Graphic Designer (Web App and Apps)

6. Intellectual Property Attorney (Business Legal Issues)

Work from anywhere. Compensation upon sale of Technology.

Interested: Email your Resume and indicate the position of interest by 12/27/17 to Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO of Cuptoopia.com, Inc. at ahecgreen@live.com 7108 Bennell Drive Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068