Solution To Police Abuse

I’m developing a solution called “WeCU” that will reduce Police Abuse of Black African Americans when stopped by “Bad Cops”.

We must protect ourselves, our children and grandchildren when they leave home..

Anyone who thinks this is a problem worth solving should donate to help me launch this solution. Any amount will help.


California’s Wildfires Solution Ignored

Shame On Gov. Jerry Brown for Ignoring Proposed Solution to Wildfires!

President Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown have ignored a solution proposed by me called Rain Maker that could extinguish Wildfires. Why?

Racist Political Leaders would rather allow the loss of life and property, before they would consider a solution proposed by a Black African American Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur. These are Democrats, but Republicans Governors have also ignored my offer to help!

This is why the American People have lost faith in both political parties to solve problems, unless you can “Pay 2 Play”.

Shame on Former President Obama and current California Gov. Jerry Brown! The people who died and lost their property deserved better. The national media also refused to cover the proposed solution. Shame on them too!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Inventor: Rain Maker Wildfire Solution
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation, Inc
The Quiet Resolution ( TQR, Inc )

Why Black People Should Support NRA Policies

Why Black People Should Support NRA Policies!
Charles E. Campbell

In a nation founded on Racism, only a Wolf wants the Sheep Defenseless. NRA policies are applicable to Black African Americans, even ExFelons. No Law shall abridge the Second Amendment Right, not even Felon Restrictions Laws.

I believe that any community should have the right to use a Ballot Iniative Process to vote to Change their jurisdiction constitution to vote their community DRY of Lethal Bullets, with an exception for licensed hunter’s, in possession of a specific rifle used for hunting animals for sport or food.

Any Ballot Iniative should include a free Lethal for NonLethal Bullet Exchange Program and a $10,000 Dollar fine for anyone who uses Lethal Bullets within the approved jurisdiction (City, County or State and a charge of attempted murder if used unsuccessfully against another human being.

It should also require law enforcement use NonLethal Bullets as their first 6 Bullets, before using the remaining Lethal Bullets. This would seperate homocidal law enforcement officers from those who want to protect and serve their community.

The Rational For My Opinion:
When a majority of a population is miseducated, socialized, inspired, motivated and encouraged to blame the minority for their Economic Oppression, there is the potential for s curirsmatic leader to emerge and spark a Bloodletting. “The only defense against a Bad Majority with Guns is a Good Minority with Guns.” The Famed “Black Decons For Defense” demonstrated this.

In this debate about the Las Vegas Mass Shooting, it has been characterized as the largest mass shooting (Terrorist Attack) on American Citizens, but those of us who know the history of Black Wall Street, know that over 3,000 Black African Americans were massacred during as racist Bloodletting (Terrorist Attack) in the Greenwood Community of Tulsa, Ok. We have not forgotten about that Massacre and like how Jews remember the Jewish Holocaust caused by Nazis, we Black African Americans will never forget. Because “Forgotten History” too often repeats itself three to four generations in the future.

Black African Americans should embrace NRA Policies without becoming members of the NRA or voting for their candidates. Poor Black Leadership got us locked in a pasture, while we consume grass to get fat for slaughter house. When we stop participating and supporting those who look like us, who promote ir refuse to challenge racist and descriminatory Laws, Policies and Programs that produce the negative results like our high Black Infant Mortality Rates, Mass Incarceration and Denial of access to Public funded capital, then we will start toward our own uplift and empowerment. Know them by the problems they allow to continue without a solution or the problems they help to solve. Leaders solve Problems without Fear or Excuses! This must become the litmus test by which all religious, political, social and economic leaders adore measured. Enough of the BS speeches.

Name the problem in your community, then demand that anyone who is anointed, appointed, selected, hired or volunteers to lead, specifically state how he or she plans to solve that problem. If they have no solutions, vote for a Dog or stop going to listen to them, because they have no intention or plan to help your community. They only have influence from those who drain the income from our communities, if they can demobstarte that they have your support and approval. Deny them that and they become uses to the masters they truly serve.

You can only Demand that they stop Pimping your community. When you Stop Prostituting to their poor Black Religious, Political, Social, Educational and Economic Leadership.

My Proposed Solution:
Consider Supporting The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) – A startup with a National Black Empowerment Plan, by donating at any level to become a seed member of TQR, Inc.

With Black Love, Compassion and Respect.

Positive For My People Challenge!


Positive For My People Challenge!


Black African American People are very creative and the Dick and Pussy Challenge is how that creativity can be negative for our community.

Rather than just criticize that behavior as inappropriate, let’s present an alternative Positive Challenge to the same beat. I challenge the positive artists to flip the script!
Take The Positive For My People Challenge!

Charles E. Campbell aka Black Scroozgie Did!

TQR, Inc. Back Up with New Look

Dear Facebook Family and Friends:
I have relaunched The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) Website. I welcome your support and feedback. Become a member at any level to help with the seed funding. Black African Americans are in a crisis and we need a plan for our uplift and empowerment. If not for yourself, for your children, grandchildren, parents and elderly.
Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, inc)