Three Fire Fighters Died Today Unnecessarily

Rain Maker Solution For Wildfires

Rain Maker Solution For Wildfires


Dear President Obama and State Governors:
CC: Presidential Candidates

3 Firefighters killed in Washington State Wildfire

How many more Fire Fighters have to die before your administration stop ignoring my Rain Maker Proposal? Why is the media refusing to discuss my efforts to get the Rain Maker Proposal Implemented? What did you know, when did your know it and what did you do about it? If the ultimate accountability lies with you as Commander In Chief, why are you allowing Fire Fighters to lose their lives needlessly. I’m offering State Governors and The Federal Government the Rain Maker. Just because I am a Black African American Inventor and Entrepreneur, that should not prevent the Federal and State Governments for working with me to implement the Rain Maker Wildfire Solution.

Ferguson, Missouri – One Year Later

Ferguson Missouri

Ferguson, Missouri – One Year Later

by Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO of The Quiet Resolution, TQR, Inc.

A clear example of Black Leadership Failure at every level one year later after the murder of Michael Brown. From The White House of President Obama and his Administration to Black Mayors, Black Preachers and Black Organizations, who have done nothing to address the “Apartheid-like” conditions under which Black African Americans live in America in 2015.

There have been so many murders of Unarmed Black People since Michael Brown and still no national laws proposed or passed by The Congressional Black Caucus. Here’s what they could do, if they cared about Black African Americans:

1. The Congressional Black Caucus should demand an Executive Order from President Obama in exchange for Supporting his Iran Deal: The Executive Order should make it illegal to racially profile, stop or arrest Black African American in disproportion to any other group in the city, county or state.

2. The Executive Order should require and pay for law enforcement to have cameras in all police cars, on their uniforms and in jail cells. Require Digital Video from cameras be stored for 60 days and include technology that prevents anyone from editing the digital video to cover up illegal actions by law enforcement and make it a felony to do so.

3. The Executive Order should require all funds collected by court fees and tickets be used to fund County Public Defender Offices.

4. The Executive Order should require all law enforcement departments to collect data on all police stops, ticketing, arrest and murder of citizens and submit that data to a national federal database and include a public complaint component on the website.

5. The Executive Order should require the US Justice Department to investigate all law enforcement departments and file charges against Mayors, Police Chiefs, City Council and Judges found to be engaged in a conspiracy to target Black African Americans for revenue schemes and financial gain in violation of our constitutional rights, based on the data.

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland

I doubt if we have any Black Elected Officials in the US Congress with the moral courage to demand anything on behalf of Black African Americans. Established Civil Rights and Religious Organizations just want to MARCH and PROTEST. Shame on them! Even if the Congressional Black Caucus has such members with that kind of courage, I doubt that President Obama has enough respect for them to sign an Executive Order to protect Black African Americans. He has done nothing so far to protect us, even after more and more murders of Unarmed Black People by Racist White Cops. Under his watch, more Black African Americans are incarcerated in mass, while he give speeches. I, for one, don’t want to hear another dam speech, no matter how elegant. Actions that solve our problems are what’s required!

If no one will protect, defend, uplift and empower Black African American People, then we must do it ourselves. I created The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) as a National Black Empowerment Plan, because we must stop begging others to do for us, that which we are unwilling to do for ourselves. When we stop supporting those Black Leaders and Organizations who secretly conspire to keep us in our current condition and ignore our suffering, by voting to re-elect them to political office, sitting in their churches or mosque, or owning a membership in their social, fraternal, sorority, masonic or association, we send them a clear message of acceptance of their poor leadership. We don’t demand courageous leaders willing to sacrifice their lives for us, so we reward those who do nothing to address our poor social and economic conditions and our collective suffering with leadership positions with large salaries. Because they already live high off the hog while doing nothing for us, they see no need to risk their necks. When we accept that it is our Personal Responsibility to demand solutions to our Problems, We and Our Children will benefit. A rising tide might lift all boats, but it will drown those left in the water without a life jacket.Unarmed Black Teen Shot

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) was created as a Life Jacket for the people I love!

Is It A Conspiracy?


Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) has a US Patent # 8,400,007 B2 entitle “Hydroelectric Power System” issued on Mar. 19, 2013 for a new type of large-scale hydro power plant designed inside 70-Story Buildings capable of solving Climate Change. Despite AHEC’s ability to create 10,000 manufacturing jobs in the US, The Obama Administration (The White House, DOD, DOE, EPA & DOC) refuses to communicate with its Founder & CEO. Maybe the next President Of The United States will be open to Black African American Innovators offering solutions. AHEC’s Power Plant Technology offer a win-win-win solution for nations, their people and the planet, so what’s the problems? Could the Obama Administration be opposed to too much wealth in the hands of one Black African American Entrepreneur? You be the judge and ask your elected congress person, if they know about AHEC’s Climate Change Solution. This disruptive technology is to DIE for! We can and must compete without Fear Of Our Own Government or Greed!

Black Women Murdered In Texas Jail After A Traffic Stop

Sandra Bland

                              Sandra Bland

Wow! I suspect that Sandra Bland was murdered in Texas!  It’s Still Open Season on Black African Americans All Over this Country, but especially in the South! This shit has got to stop! President Obama must have the moral courage to issue an Executive Order that Investigates and removes all federal funding from Law Enforcement Department found guilty of racially profiling and murdering Black African Americans. A Traffic Ticket led a Sandra Bland’s Death in America in 2015. Tell her what a Post Racial America we living in. Then they immediately tried to cover it up, by claiming suicide? Black Folks Don’t Commit Suicide In The South! Racist White Cops Kill Black People and the system covers it up. Like Lynchings of Old! Was its payback for that racist flag being taken down?

Stop Rape App – A Solution To Sexual Assaults and Rapes On College Campuses

Stop Rape App 512 x 512

Dear College and University President:

Sexual assault and rapes of female students on college campuses is a national crisis. Despite years of poor academic leadership, the problem is growing. While lawmakers are crafting legislation to reform Title IX, women need a solution that can be implemented immediately. Sexual violence has devastating, life-long effects on students and their families. Sexual violence also threatens the integrity and reputation of colleges and universities, who would rather hide behind a process that is unjust and unfair to victims that expose a behavior that is criminal.

My name is Charles E. Campbell, Inventor, Entrepreneur and App Developer of the “Stop Rape App” created to prevent women on college campuses and the military from being sexually assaulted and raped. Stop Rape App offers an innovative solution in the form of an app for Google Wearables and the Apple Watch called Stop Rape App. When turned on, it can be voice activated by key words and will send text alerts to family or friends and the local police at the start of an attack. It automatically calls 911 and uses the device’s camera to record and stream live video to a secure server that can only be accessed by registered local campus or city or Military Police. It’s currently available for purchase on the GooglePlay Store for Google Wearables and is currently being reviewed by Apple for their Apple Watch.

Your college or university should provide every female student enrolled on your campus with the Stop Rape App to ensure their safety. The Stop Rape App should be explained to all students and I believe it will reduce and eventually eliminate all sexual assaults and rapes on your campus and provide video evidence that makes it easy to prosecute rapist hiding among your student population.

Please contact me to discuss how the Stop Rape App can stop sexual assault and rape on your campus. I’m asking that your college or university purchase and provide the Stop Rape App to all enrolled female students. When women don’t feel safe on your college campus, they won’t enroll there. As President of your college or university, you have the responsibility to demonstrate good leadership without fear or excuses. The Stop Rape App offers a technology to end Sexual Assaults and Rapes on your campus. Are you a good leader?


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
7108 Bennell Drive
Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068

Petition 4 Power App Commercial

Petition 4 Power App Logo

Petition 4 Power
Youtube Commericial

This video is a commercial for a political app named “Petition 4 Power” available for sale on the Googleplay Store at

It allows politicians and organizations to List A Petition that they need signatures for in order to have themselves or an initiative placed on the election ballot.

Register Voters can use Petition 4 Power to schedule an appointment with candidate or organization, who would bring the petition signature form to them at a location, date and time convenient for the Registered Voter.

Petition 4 Power helps a candidate or organization three ways.
1. Collect Registered Voter’s Signatures
2. Get Volunteers for their campaign
3. Collect Financial Donations for their campaign

Petition 4 Power offers citizens the opportunity to have a voice by supporting the candidates and initiatives the state legislatures refused to support. Power To The People!