Have They No Shame!

Black Babies Sying In Columbus

They Have No Shame!

by Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) http://www.ahecEnerg.com

12/13/18 The City of Columbus can find $50 Million Dollars to turn an old Soccer Stadium into a Community Park that no one asked for or wanted and to pay for the Infrastructure for a New Proposed Downtown Columbus Soccer Stadium for the Columbus Crew, while ignoring the needs of the Black African American Community.

Their excuse to the Black Community is always the lack of money to do anything to seriously address Columbus Black Infant Mortality, Columbus Black Unemployment, Poor Black Neighborhood Infrastructure, Columbus Black Food Desert or Columbus Black Investment.

Conveniently, Alex Fisher controls over $700 Million Dollars of SmartCity Funding that they refused to allow Black African American Entrepreneurs access to apply for funds.  This is White Institutional Racism in Action. For all those who think that we live in a Post-Racial America, follow this line of Bullshit!

Ask Columbus Ohio Mayor Andrew Ginther, Columbus City Council President Shannon Harden and Columbus Partnership CEO Alex Fisher, Have Y’all No Shame?


A Call To Black African American Men To Stand Up For Black African American People!

Why are Black African Americans the poorest in both Democrat and Republican Controlled States?

Neither Political Party givea dam about Black African American People. For example, in Columbus Ohio, Black Babies are dying at a higher rate than those in Mississippi.

Black Men have no respect from other racial groups, because we sit by ignoring the Genocide of our Babies, Children and Women.

We, Black African Americans lack Moral Courage and are too busy worrying about our own selfish asses.

Here is what I’m doing, before some of you cowards try to check me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

1. The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) – Comprehensive National Black Empowerment Startup https://www.tqrinc.com

2. Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
http://www.ahecEnerg.com – Renewable Energy Startup with Solution to Climate Change

3. Cuptoopia.com, Inc. – Technology Startup https://www.EduiPay.com – Global Crowdfunding Platform

4. Whouter.com, Inc. Global Peer To Peer Live Events Wagering Platform

It’s time that we as Black African American Men stop pretending that our people are okay, to mass our cowardice. Our families and other Black People see us and they are ashamed of us, but they are too afraid to “bite the hands that feeds them.” I am ashamed that we have accepted the leadership of Educated Intellectual Cowards, who have been given opportunities under a White Supremacy System, as a strategy to allow Cowards to be respected and accepted as Black Leaders who have helped to maintain us in our current social and economic conditions today. A job well done!

There is a special place in hell for Black Men who fail to answer the true Call of Courage of their Manhood.

Courage and Cowardice are both Contagious! Associate too long with one or the other and you become infected and your soul dies.

I challenge you Black Men! Stand Up! Make a difference in things that matter to Black African American People.

(Black Poverty, Black Infant Mortality, Black Education, Black Healthcare, Black Competitiveness, Black Rights and Black Love)

We were all born to die! So stop being afraid! History never remembers Cowards no matter what you personally achieve!

What should matters most is how you live your life in defense of those who sacrificed so that you exist today.

Your Ancestors survived Capture in Africa, TransAtlantic Middle Passage, Over 400 years of Brutal Enslavement, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Jane Crow, Federal Government Attacks, Tuskegee Experiment, Police Brutality, US CIA Crack Epidemic, Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill that led to the Mass Incarceration of Black Men, and Mercury Lased Vaccines targeting and Killing Black Babies)

We, Black African American Men, are survivals for a reason! Don’t make your Ancestors sorry for surviving everything to give a coward life. Do better!

Fear is the #1 tool that control the behavior of Black Men! Fear of death, jail, poverty and a mythacal hell!

Anyone who tries to make you afraid is a coward and is the enemy of Black African American People. Know them by their behavior or lack thereof.

Solution: Let’s Stop Marching, Protesting and Complaining and start pooling our Money to solve our problems!


Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO – YE 7-D JSU Que Spr 89 “Tutwiler”

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Why Did Amazon Stay Away From Columbus, Ohio?

Black African American Baby

by Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)


The City of Columbus has ignored Black African Americans social and economic conditions, while maintaining an illusion of Inclusion. That is what I believe Amazon saw when it visited and investigated Columbus. Columbus is a city with the highest Black Infant Mortality Rates in the nation. It has a high Black African American Unemployment Rate. It has the largest Black Neighborhood without access to adequate first and last mile transportation or a neighborhood grocery story to buy healthy foods. Columbus Systematically has policies that result in the denial funding of Black African American entrepreneurs and small businesses. To add more insult to its racist laws, policies and programs, Columbus has more Black Faces in High Elected, Anointed and Appointed Position of leadership in and effort to offer the Illusion of Inclusion. These well paid Black African Americans do not represent or advocate for the empowerment of the Black Community. Their role is to act as a buffer for and to defend Institutional Racism and the Racist White leaders who make all the major decisions in Columbus.

Amazon and other non racist corporations are ignoring these Smiling Black Faces and examining the data. The Mayor of Columbus and City Council are comforable as Black Babies Die, pretending the deaths are related to Safe Sleep. Black Men, Women and Youth lack economic opportunities and their health disparities continue to increase due to lack of adequate access to healthy foods and last mile afforable transportation options.

Shame On Them All! These are White and Black Democrats who control Columbus and when it comes to Black African Americans, they behave similar to White Republicans. Black African Americans should demand funding to solve our own problems. We must ignore all emotional speeches by Black Politicians and Preachers, stop protesting and begin to collectively compete for opportunities globally, nationally, statewide, at the county and city levels. It is up to Black African Americans to protect our babies from pharmaceutical companies with political and legal immunity from prosecution and being allowd to put mercury in vaccines targeting to the Pregnant Black Women and Black Infants. It is up to Black African Americans to create and fund our own startups to provide jobs for our community. It is up to Black African Americans to stop allowing a failing public school system to miseducate and fail our children year after year. It is up to Black African Americans to create health food options for our communities. It is up to the Black Community to solve our transportation problems.

Black African Americans must also summon the courage to demand our fair share of JobsOhio Funding, ThirdFrontier Funding, Rev1 Funding, Columbus SmartCity Funding, and Columbus Economic Development Funding based upon not less that our population by percentage. The time for Black Leaders pretending to represent Black African Americans with poor social and economic outcomes should end. Either they must offer solutions to our collective problems or resigned, be recalled or voted out of office, even if it means voting for the opposite political party to send a clear message to Democrats. We will no longer accept the poor educational, social and economic conditions of Black African American People.

Thank you Amazon! I hope the others examine how Columbus ignores the pain and suffering of Black African Americans before they vote to relocate to here. I also would encourage all the currently corporations and businesses in Columbus to speak out about how the City willfully and intentionally ignores Black African American People. It reflects poorly on their companies, as well as the City of Columbus. No matter how many cowardly Black Faces are put in High Places in Columbus to maintain the Illusion of Inclusion, we see the poverty, infant deaths, unemployment, captialist greed, miseducation of our children, pain and suffering of Black African American People and we will not allow it to continue.