No Federal Vaccine Mandate


By C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Instead President Biden should sign an Executive Order requiring the National Guard to setup Medical Tents & Refrigerated Morgues Trailers outside hospitals for Unvaccinated Covid Patients.

Hospital Staff & Beds should be reserved for Vaccinated Patients needing regular medical care. People have a right to refuse the Covid-19 Vaccine, but not a right to negatively impact hospitals quality of care for everyone else.

Agree or Disagree?

Solution To America’s Rent Eviction Crisis!


We all agree that “Rent Is Too Dam High”! There are over 40 Million Americans who are currently facing a Rent Eviction Crisis Now.  Rent ParTay was created to offer them a solution.  My name is Charles E. Campbell. I am a Social Worker and a Tech Founder & CEO of, Inc., a technology startup.  Today I am seeking Beta Testers for two of my company’s platforms. 1. Rent ParTay, a social rent raffle platform and 2. Black African Coin, a digital currency platform.  Combined they will offer some Renters in crisis a potential solution to an Eviction.

For a limited time, I am inviting family and friends to become Exclusive Beta Testers for Rent ParTay and Black African Coin (BAC). Please Do Not Share These Links with others.   Those of you who agree to become Beta Testers can register for a Free Rent ParTay Account at to Buy Rent Raffle Tickets for a random chance to win. Click Buy Ticket Button on Rent ParTay, and you will be required to register for a Black African Coin (BAC) Wallet Account, a Digital Currency Platforms at Please remember your BAC Wallet Account Username and Password, which will be used to buy Rent ParTay Raffle Tickets.  To register for a Black African Coin (BAC) Wallet Account, used these Test Visa Credentials to Pay for 1,000 Effies in Black African Coins (BACs).

Visa Test Account Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242 

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Then return to Rent ParTay Web Application and Login to your BAC Account with your BAC Wallet Account with your Username and Password and buy 2, 5, and 10 Rent ParTay Ticket Types, one at a time.

I have set the total number of tickets sold to 10 Tickets for each Raffle Ticket Type, which will randomly select one winner and will automatically transfer 10 Effies into the Winner’s BAC Wallet Account.

After 10 Tickets are sold for each Raffle Ticket Type, one winner will be randomly selected and listed on the Rent ParTay’s Winner Page for everyone to see. That Winner will receive an email notification that 10 Effies was added to their BAC Wallet Account.

On the Black African Coin (BAC) Website, Users can Cash-Out All of their Effies. When the website goes live, all Beta Testing Effies will be deleted. User’s Accounts will remain open to add real Effies into their BAC Wallet Accounts and pay with a Valid Credit Card. Winners will have an option when they Cash-Out their Effies for equal value to have US Dollars deposited into either their Bank Account, PayPal Account or Cash App Account.   On Rent ParTay Contact Page, please share your feedback and suggestions.

When Rent ParTay is officially launched, (300) – 2 Effies Raffle Tickets Sold will generate 1 Winner that will win 500 Effies that can be Cashed-Out for $500.00 USD; (250) – 5 Effies Raffle Tickets Sold will generate 1 Winner that will win 750 Effies that can be Cashed-Out for $750.00; and (150) – 10 Effies Raffle Tickets Sold will generate 1 Winner that will win 1,000 Effies that can be Cashed-Out for $1,000.00 USD. 

When Rent ParTay is officially launched, drawings will take place each time the maximum number of Raffle Tickets Types are Sold.

Thank you in advance for your support.  

Charles E. Campbell, Social Worker, Tech Founder & CEO, Inc. (Rent ParTay – Black African Coin – Aah Star)

Yo Mindset Is The Key

Yo Mindset Is The Key

Charles Earl Campbell, A Black African American Race Man

Black African American People are catching hell in 2021! The combined efforts of White Racist Institutions, Systemic White Racist Laws, Policies and Programs and Self-Hating Black Organizations like Boule’ Members and their Wives help maintain the National, State, County and City Black African American Disparities.

Despite all their collective efforts, Black African Americans have the ability to change our Mindset, which will change how we think, which will change our behavior, and allow us to collectively change our Disparity Data.

We need a National Comprehensive Black Empowerment Plan. The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) is an example.

Here’ s How!
We must start to believe that nothing is impossible! It ain’t been done yet! We have the ability to solve a problem facing Black African American People. We must Cease and Desist begging all other groups to solve Black African American Problems, by demanding that federal, state, County and City funds be given to Black African American People. (Excluding Boule’ Members or their Wives)

We must stop allowing our Black Enemies to pretend to lead us, while secretly being members of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc. (Boule’) and their Wives, who never provide measurable leadership that improved Black Disparity Data. We must demand that they publically announce their Boule’ Membership or their husband’s membership in meetings and recuse themselves if they refuse to do so. Know Thy Black Enemy pretending to be your Black Leader and judge their leadership based on by their ability to improve Black Disparity Data where they lead.

Ask all Black African American Organizations to post Black Disparity Data on their website and to begin to focus their membership efforts toward implementing social programs that address Black Disparity Data. Members of these Black Organizations should demand that their time be refocused away from all “Shucking and Jiving” activities. This moment requires “All Hands On Deck”. All of their efforts must be directed toward the exclusive uplift and empowerment of Black African American People, not Diversity, People Of Color or Minorities.

Black African Americans must begin to collaborate and compete collectively. 100% of Zero is Nothing! We must move fast and innovate faster without fear, greed, excuses or permission from our enemies.

We are a gifted Black African American Race with the ability to create innovative products and services. We have mastered the skill of survival for over 500 years as individuals. Now we must use those survival skills for the Collective Uplift and Empowerment of Black African American People unapologetically.

Everyone should start with an assessment of their own skills, resources, money, talents, knowledge and expertise. Find other Black African Americans in need and help them. Help them without asking for or expecting anything in return. Simply ask that they use whatever they have to help another Black African American Person.

This is the Principle I named “Black Love”. It has the power to transcend Black Self-hatred, Black Jealousy, Black Envey, Black Resentment and Black Negativity. I believe that it is truly impossible to hate that which you are and that which you Love.
I Love Black African American People Unapologetically and I have decided to dedicate my Life, Expertise, Skills and Treasury toward the Uplift and Empowerment of Black African American People.

It takes Manhood and Womanhood to risk and be prepared to sacrifice everything to fight the enemies of Black African American People, who play for blood. I have no fear of them or the evil they are capable of. This is the purpose for which I was born, raised, educated, gifted and prepared.

If you share my convictions or just want to support my efforts, you can donate to me, buy my digital products: I thank you in advance for your support!
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My Bio:
Charles E. Campbell, MS Delta Born to Queen Effie Mae Harris Moore and Dudley “Mr. Pot” Allen, Cotton Picker, Cotton Chopper, Race Man, Social Worker, Inventor, Innovator, Entreprenuer, Author, Software Developer, Rapper, Poet, West Tallahatice HS Class 85, JSU BSW Alum Class 90, “Tutwiler” YE Spr. 89 Que, OSU MSW Alum Class 92, DeVry University “Unfinished Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology with a Focus on Renewable Energy and Kenzie Academy Software Engineer Alum Class 21 and Proud Father & Grandfather.

My Startups
1. The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc) Black Empowerment

2. Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC Hydro Power Plant, Rain Maker Wildfire Drones, Vertical Drone Landing Pad) Clean Energy and Climate Change Mitigation

3. Cuptoopia. com, Inc. (Daboukay, Aah Star, EduiPay, Rent ParTay) Technology Startup

4. Angel Dark Matter Inc. (ADMI) Space Startup (African Space Elevator)

Slumber No Mo


Slumber No Mo Black Africans

Black Love

“Success of Africa is ruin to the West, so why would they do anything good for Black Africa? World Bank? IMF? UN? WTO?  Are we asleep?”

The answer is Yes!

Someone raised this excellent point, but I believe due to the absense of real Black African Solutions that solve real Black African Problems, any offer of solutions by the West will seem better than nothing or incremental steps toward solutions by individual Black African organizations.

Black Africans have adopted a Western Way of thinking and behaving that stiflies our ability to collective pool our resources, money, skills, talents, knowledge & expertises to solve our own problems. 

Simple put, Black Africans don’t love or trust Black Africans as evidenced by the disparity data for Black Africans everywhere. White Supremacy is a fact and a reality, but it can not be used as the excuse for our inability to demonstrate Black Love and Black Compassion as solution to counter Black Fear, Black Greed, Black Excuses and the need for White People’s Money, Permission or Approval.

The African Continetial Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is an Agreement by all 55 African Nations, unifying them under one single Economic Trade Area. The implementation of the AfCFTA must be fully implemented without fear, greed, excuses, approval or permission from Non Black Africans, Former Colonizers and Enslavers.

The biggest mistakes being made by Black African Organizations and their well intentioned leaders are their desire to control the process by which the uplift and empowerment of Black Africans occurs and their use of Western & International Standards, Laws, Rules, Policies and Procedures.

Those actions slows the progress long enough for our enemies to sabotoge their efforts.  Those who were educated and trained by Western and European Institutions have proven to be incapable of breaking the limitations of their programming. When you control what a person is taught, you control how they thinks, which then allows you to controls their behavior.

The Black African Race has Unlimited Potential and when fully realized will transform Black Africa and the World. Our enemies know and fears this. Try as they may, but only Black Africans can truly keep us down.

“Awake! You might Black African Race! Accomplish What You WILL or prepare to be re-colonized and re-enslaved!”

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Tech Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc)

Request For News Media Interview about Rain Maker Wildfire Solution


RE: Request for a News Media Interview:

Dear News Reporter:

My name is Charles E. Campbell. I am a Black African American Inventor and Entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), a clean energy startup developing Climate Mitigation Technologies.

I would like to schedule an interview with your news reporter WOSU News Reporters about my Company’s Wildfire Solution Proposal named Rain Maker.  Rain Maker continues to be ignored during a National Wildfire Crisis with over 80 Wildfires burning out of control over the past few weeks.

AHEC’s Rain Maker Wildfire Technology includes the use of 10 Fire Truck Sized Autonomous Quadcopter Drones that will transport a Solution of Water & Cornstarch in a Container and control released it through a number of Sprinklers, creating a affect of a Targeted Rain Storm that would suppress and extinguish wildfires.

With funding, AHEC plans to rapidly design, manufacture, test and deploy 10 or more Rain Maker Wildfire Drones within 30 days. The estimated cost is $10 Million Dollars. Compared to the billions spent fighting wildfires, it would be a great investment.

Pacific, Gas and Electric (PG&E) recently announced a  proposal to spend $20 Billion Dollars to bury their Powerlines to prevent them from starting additional wildfires.

The past 3 US Administrations have ignored AHEC’s Rain Maker Wildfire Proposal as well as the past three Californa Governors and CalFire Administrators.
Animated Video:

I suspect my race influences the decision by politicians and news media to discuss Rain Maker Wildfire Solution, while millions of Americans continue to suffer from Preventable Wildfire Disasters.

My contact information is below to schedule an interview.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)
7108 Bennell Drive
Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA 43068

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc’s Leadership And Members Asked To Support AHEC’s Rain Maker Wildfire Solution



David Marion, Ph.D., Grand Basileus, Grand Council Officers, District Representatives, District Officers and Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Dear Dr. Marion, Grand Council Officers, District Representatives, District Officers and Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.:

My name is Brother Charles E. Campbell. I pledged at Jackson State University Upsilon Epsilon (YE) Chapter (7th-D) Spr. 89 in Jackson, MS.  I now serve in Eta Nu Nu (HNN) Chapter (4th-D) Columbus, Ohio.  I am an Inventor, Entrepreneur and Founder of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), a Clean Energy Startup. AHEC has developed a proposal for an Innovative Wildfire Solution named Rain Maker. Over the past years, I have submitted AHEC’s Rain Maker Proposal to California and other Western State Governors, US Congress Members during Wildfire Season, and recently to President Biden and Harris Administration. 

AHEC’s Rain Maker Wildfire Technology proposal seeks Emergency Funding to rapidly build, test and deploy 10 Large Autonomous Quadcopter Drones that will transport a liquid solution of water & cornstarch that would be control released through a series of sprinklers, to create the effect of a targeted rain storm, to suppress and extinguish wildfires.  The estimated cost is $10 Million Dollars to address the current Wildfire Crisis caused by drought related to Climate Change. See Animated Video of Rain Maker extinguishing a Wildfire.

Rain Maker Wildfire Solution has been ignored by Politicians & the News Media while lives and property are being lost, and they spend billions of dollars on ineffective wildfire fighting strategies for the past 10 years.

Therefore I am requesting the support of the Leadership of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and my Omega Brothers.  I am asking that you contact The White House, Members of the Biden Administration and Governors of States with Wildfires and ask them to provide Emergency Funding for Rain Maker to address this Nation’s Wildfire Crisis.  With support of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Leadership and Members, Rain Maker will no longer be ignored.  

During times of national crisis, Omega Men have always risen and met the challenges facing this nation.  It is time for us to do so once again.  Additionally, I am requesting Brothers donate $20.00 to provide seed funding for AHEC’s Rain Maker, which will allow AHEC to create manufacturing jobs and economic development for Black African American People. Cash App: $WaigMe 

To learn about AHEC’s Other Climate Change Mitigation Proposals submitted to The White House, visit my website and forward this letter to Brothers in all Districts and Chapters. AHEC 


Brother Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Tech Founder & CEO                                              

JSU YE – 7th D Spr. 89 – HNN- 4th D                                                                                

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Breaking Wildfire News!

Rain Maker Wildfire Solution Ignored by Politicians & News


Breaking News!

Charles E. Campbell, a Black African American Inventor & Entrepreneur has proposed an Innovative Wildfire Solution to California Gov. Gavin Newsom and President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris.

AHEC’s Rain Maker Wildfire Technology proposes to build 10 Large Autonomous Quadcopter Drones that will transport a liquid solution of water & cornstarch that would be control released through a series of sprinklers, to create the effect of a targeted rain storm that would suppress and extinguish wildfires.

The estimated cost to build, test and deploy Rain Maker within 30 days is $10 Million Dollars.

So why would Politicians continue to ignore Rain Maker Proposal, while lives and property are being lost and spending billions of dollars and using in effective wildfire fighting strategies?

That’s the questions that journalists have not been asking over the past 10 years?
I am available for an interview with the News Media.

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Tech Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Why White People Oppose Teaching Their Children True History


by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

The case for not using Critical Race Theory to teach truth to White Children in America.

Watch This Video First!

This video is why White People are voting for White Republican Politicians, who are passing Racists Laws to ban teachers from using Critical Race Theory(CRT) to teach students about America’s White Racist History. Critical Race Theory examines social, cultural and legal issues primarily as they relate to race and racism in the United States.

Racist White Parents don’t want this Truth about their Racist History being taught, because it might make their White Children feel bad and they feel that’s harmful to their children’s education. 

What about Black Children who’s White Controlled Education System never taught them about these massacres and the theft of Black People’s Land? Greenwood Tulsa Oklahoma is well know because some Black People were left alive. Massacres began occurring after the enslavement of Black African American People ended in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. 

In addition to over 400 Years of Uncompensated Forced Labor, this video exposed suppressed history and provides evidence that the US Government was complicit in and ignored the mass murder of Black African American People and it serves as the basis for Reparations owed to Black African American People and their Descendants.

Reparations Now! For Black African American People And Here’s What We Want! (eBook)

by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

It provides an answer to the question, in what form of Reparations do Black African American People deserve.

1. $20 Trillion over 20 Years ($1 Trillion Per Year to Fund Black Economic, Education, Social, Health and Security Institutions.
2. Restore 20 Million Acres of Black Owned Land stolen by Racist USDA Practices.
3. Special Tax Exempt Status similar to Native Americans.
4. 25% Equity Ownership in All Federal Owned Resources.  5. Special Self-Group $20 Tax specifically on Black African American People and their Descendants, paid to Black African American Institutions.
6. A Racial Equity Federal Redistribution Law mandating that no less than 25% of all Federal Spending, Employment, and Contracts for Goods and Services be allocated to Black African Americans People, not Minorities or People Of Color or Diversity & Inclusion. 7. Compensation of 5 Million Acres of Urban Land Stolen by Mass Murders, Genocides committed by Racist White People.

When you see White Politicians and White Women and Men at School Board Meetings protesting Critical Race Theory, you will understand what that behavior is about.

The imaginary threat to White Supremacy that they believe to be real is based on the US Census Prediction that Hispanics and Black African Americans Population will increase to become a Majority and cause White People to become a Minority in America. White Supremacist fear that they will be oppressed, subjugated and enslaved or reduced to economic status of a Black African American People.

Their fears are real and it is causing Racist White Politicians to use that fear to destroy this nation. That is why White Dixiecrats, masquerading as Democrats, collaborate with White Republicans and Self-Hating Black Boule’ Members and their Wives to ensure that never happens, no matter what they say in public.  

Check their voting records against the Black African American Disparity Data in all areas.

I believe that White Racists don’t want their children to be taught the truth, in hopes that their children will grow up racist like them and with the moral courage to repeat the genocides that their great-grandparents perpetrated against Black African American People. By not objecting to White Republicans passing laws to ban Critical Race Theory, they might hope that their children will fail to learn the racist history of America, and will one day repeat that history.

A Solution To Racist USDA Policies Toward Black Farmers


by C. Ear Campbell DA 3rd

It’s started with a Tweet after reading an online article entitled ‘Rampant issues’: Black farmers are still left out at USDA by Politico writer Ximena Bustillo. The article explained that Racist USDA Policies continue to intentionally harm Black African American Farmers, despite failed legal attempts to correct the problem.

I wrote the following tweet and then decided to write this blog offering The Biden Administration a solution. When it comes to doing anything that could correct hundreds of years of economic disenfranchisement of Black African American People, beyond symbolism like a Federal Juneteenth Holiday, both political parties are opposed.

Twitter Tweet:

@POTUS @VP @SecVilsack @DrMarionOmegaSolution:

Create a Separate Black USDA County Office to address historic Racial Injustices w/ its Separate Federal Funding like the Federal Head Start Program. Pres. Biden could do this immediately, if he wanted to.

When a White Racist Mississippi Governor refused to implement the Head Start Program that would benefit Black African American Children, President Johnson made the Head Start Program a Federally Administrated and Funded Program. This removed the control and power of White Racist to prevent Black Children from Early Childhood Education. I believe that President Biden should do the same for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) County Programs. The same model can work for Black Farmers, as it did for Black Children’s Education through the Head Start Program.

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture understands more than most, how federal programs and policies implemented at the USDA State and County Offices by White Racists Administrators have not, and will not, benefit Black African American Farmers. If the Biden Administration is serious about correcting past and current injustices to Black African American Farmers, here is proven proposed solution. If he ignores it, then it will reveal what he really thinks about helping solve Generational Systemic Black Racial Inequity in America. That will be the Biden Administration’s Legacy with Black African American People and should not be rewarded in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Whether or not President Biden or any politician helps Black African American Farmers, they must begin to pool their own resources and begin to collaborate, innovate and compete in the marketplace. They must believe as I do, that “Nothing Is Impossible! Just because it ain’t never been done yet!”

Black Farmers and Black African American People must develop a Self-Empowerment Plan and begin to move fast to implement collective strategies and be prepared to innovate faster, without fear, greed, excuses or permission from our enemies. Black African American People must relearn to control our destiny!

It starts with a Comprehensive National Black Self-Empowerment Plan, that is based on the principles of PowerNomics written by Dr. Claud Anderson, which are the basis of The Quiet Resolution, Inc. TQR, Inc. a Black Self-Empowerment Startup designed to implement a Comprehensive National Black Self-Empowerment Plan. TQR, Inc will be funded by Allen Hydro Energy Corporation AHEC, a Clean Energy Startup with several Climate Change Mitigation Solutions currently submitted in response to Biden’s Administration The White House Executive Order on Climate-Related Financial Risk.

The greatest threat to American White Supremacy is Black African American Self Sufficiency. – Digital Flower Platform

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Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Tech Founder & CEO
Cuptoopia. com, Inc. (DaBouKay, Aah Star, & EduiPay)