Dr. Ford -VS- Judge Kavanaugh


Three Questions To Get The Supreme Truth between Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh:

1. Have you every told a lie?

2. Are you a lier?

3. Why should we believe you now?

The way each answers these three questions will determine their credibility.

How would you answer these three questions?

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO


#MeToo – #UToo Solution For America’s Institutional Racism And Sexism

#MeToo – #UToo Solution For America’s Institutional Racism And Sexism


Let “HE” who is without a #MeToo Incident Cast the First Stone! This is a Male Dominated Culture Problem.

America has a racist history, that it is unwilling to admit, pay reparations, provide new laws and mandatory education and training to address.

America also has sexist history that it is unwilling to admit, pay reparations, provide new laws and mandatory education and training to address.

These two historical society problems are deeply rooted in White Male dominate America who control the majority of the wealth and power.

Although most men will never admit it, but they engaged in and got away with behavior, by past and today’s standards would be considered sexual assault, sexaul abuse or rape and suffered no consequences for their actions.

Most women, would also admit to being victims of unwanted sexual assaults, abuse or rape as a teenager, young adult or adult and never told anyone.

It is ignored because most of the people in charge of investigating sexual assault, rape or sexual abuse and protecting women have themselves engaged in the similar behavior.

The #MeToo Movement is a real threat to Powerful Men and their careers. Women #UToo have remained silent on both issues, because of the power and influence that White Men have and their ability to disrupt, end or deny you opportunities or resources. So their Institutional Sexist and Racist Behavior has continued.

Now is the time to address America’s Racist and Sexist History with solutions that don’t destroy the country or cause a second Civil War. I fail to believe that people have to die to make this country better.

#MeToo – #UToo Solution For America’s Institutional Racism And Sexism:

A Constitutional Amendment that provide Reparations for the Descendants of Black African Americans and that ends Institutional Racism that help maintain Black African Americans in their current social and economic conditions and Reparations that provide solutions to end the culture of Institutional Sexual Abuse of Women.

The Constitutional Amendment should include a statue of limitations for Teens and Young Adults, who were socialized to engage in this behavior and require a Mandatory Sexaul Assault 6-12 Education Curriculum and College Student and Workforce Orientations, a Compensation Fund for victims of Sexual Assault, Rape and Abuse run by a diverse group of women and Fairness for Men.

Sexual Assault and Rape is a cultural, political, education, training, relationship, ethical and legal problem and should be addressed as such. The number of victims and prepatrators are too massive to ignore it.

As with President Trump and his Supreme Court Nominee, this problems has infected politics at the highest levels of our Government, Industry and the Military.

Just as Institutional Racism against Black African Americans, Sexaul Assault s against American Women simply won’t go away. It is like a festering soar, covered over that needs to be exposed to light, treated with the correct medication to healed.

These Anerican problems didn’t just start and there are no easy, quick solutions. White Men who are in power will fight to the death, if necessary to protect their status. Only solutions to both problems that are Fair, Just and Right for All Americans can move this nation forward.

Now is the time for good leadership to implement this solution to step forward, despite having been a victim or a perpetrators of Institutional Racism and Institutional Sexism. No one is immune!

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

Cuptoopia.com, Inc. (CrimePays) (EduiPay)





What Should Black People Do To Demand That Black Leaders Solve Black Folk’s Problem?

If Institutional Racism helps maintain Black African Americans in generational poverty, which Produces mental health illness, what should Black Leaders do to solve this problem? What should Black African American People do when they refuse to help Black African American People?

Institutional Racism created the slave trade, established the US Constitution, Jim Crow Laws, Policies and Programs that continue to negatively impact the mental, emotional and physical health and wellness of Black African Americans.

So what should we do about it?

Should we wait for a Black Face In High Place to repeal Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill that led to the Mass Incarceration of Black African Americans and destruction of Black Families?

Should we continue to pray to a White Jesus given to our Ancestors to control our thinking, thereby controlling our behavior, which causes us to accept our current social and economic conditions, while waiting to die and go to heaven to get our reward and see our love ones?

Should we wait for the next unjust reason to get angry and be called to March and Protest that Injustice because it got National Media Attention?

Should we wait for the next Wall Street Crisis to eliminate our “Good Jobs”, Homes, Cars and Savings?

Should we wait to be displaced by the 21st Century Version of the Tractor, Cotton Picker and Cotton Gin, which led to the 20th Century Mass Migration of Black African Americans from the South to the North for manufacturing jobs?

Should we keep listening to and following Black Leaders who are ineffective by our national statistics of the past 30 years?

Should we continue to be content as a Consumer Class of people, producing little or nothing of our own with a project $1.1 Trillion Dollars in income?

I ask these questions, because as a Conscious Black African American Man, I know the answers. We need a National Comprehensive Black African American Empowerment Plan. I created one called The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) http://www.tqrinc.com based on Dr. claud Anderson’s Books entitled PowerNomics and Black Labor White Wealth. To fund it, I launched a Renewable Energy Startup called Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) http://www.ahecEnerg.com, which has a US Patent for a new type of large-scale Hydroelectric Power Plant designed inside a 70-Story Building, capable of offering a cleaner, safer, cheaper power solution to address Global Climate Change. When the Obama Administration refused to award AHEC a $2 Million Stimulus Grant, and the Ohio Department of Commerce forced me to sign a “Cease and Desist Order” preventing me from using Crowdfunding to raise seed funding for AHEC, I launched Cuptoopia.com, Inc., a technology start up focused on creating solutions. I am focusing on developing solutions for Cyber Security, Crowdfunding and a solution to violent crimes.

EduiPay (https://www.EduiPay.com) and Violent Crimes called CrimePays (http://www.CrimePays4Tips.com)

None of my projects have generate a profit at this stage, but I refuse to give up. Too much is at stake. All attempt to work with established Black Leaders and their organizations regarding TQR, Inc. have failed. TQR, Inc. ain’t about Pimping, Hustling, Shucking or Jiving Black Folks, so they choose to ignore it.

Black Politicians get elected and re-elected for producing No Measurable Solutions to Black African Americans Problems. Former President Obama followed that tradition and was rewarded by Black Folks. He gave us emotional speeches and others like Solyndra Solar got $535 Million Dollars in Stimulus Funding. It’s a reflection of our self worthy that we keep accepting such inappropriate behavior from Black Leaders. Our children and grandchildren deserve better.

I recently experienced a relative dealing with mental health issues, related to poverty, poor decision making and getting trapped in the criminal justice system that started with traffic tickets based on the mental health issues. However, this is not a unique situation. Millions of Black Young Adults are falling into this trap. Without a National Plan to address a National Crisis, nothing will improve for us.

I will continue my efforts, and I invite anyone who cares to support TQR, Inc. Demand Black Leaders Solve Black African American Problems Unapologitically or elect new politicians. Demand Black Preschers teach an Empowerment and Black Liberation Theology and use money to create an Economic Empowerment Program that trains and funds Black Entrepreneurs.

We can and must save ourselves, our babies, our children and grandchildren. They are our legacy!

My enemies are working extremely hard to ensure that nothing I create becomes a success. They will fail! I have chosen to eliminate Fear and Greed from my projects and how I operate. I invite Black Men and Black Women to embrace the courage our our Ancestors and reject cowardice.

This is a call to action! Wake Up! Demonstrate Black Love! Demand Black Love in Return!

Black Love Til The Day We Die!

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

EduiPay Can Help Raise Funding for Hurricane Florence Victims


Hurricane Florence Disaster
As Hurricane Florence devastated the Carolinas. EduiPay, a Global Crowdfunding Platform will allow those with a good cause to raise money from those willing to give money thru their Payroll Deduction Process.

EduiPay https://www.EduiPay.com
Fund A Good Cause! When you can’t wait for the Government to help you, what do you do? Consider Registering for EduiPay

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Black Men, Black Babies, Solutions

Black Men, Our Babies, Solutions


Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO

A Generation of Mass Incarceration Laws, Policies and Programs have taken a severe toll on Black Men, resulting in a further destabilization of the Black African American Family.

That attack has caused too many Black Men left to become cowards and accept the plight of our people. They became self-hating against any Black Man, who they witness role modeling real Black Manhood and Courage. It makes them feel ashamed of their cowardice, but instead of growing a pair, they protect the system, our oppressors and their good job, business or position.

That’s why the Linden Community in Columbus Ohio has the highest Black Infant Mortality Rate in the nation for over 10 years, while Black Men walk around thinking they shit don’t stink. When you can’t even protect Black Babies, no other group of people respects us.

Some Black Men have given up, are too afaid, and have lost their respect as Black Men in the Black Community. We promote and worship cowards like former Mayor Coleman and former President Obama, who we voted for and were in a political position to address our pain and suffering, but were too cowardly and did nothing to help our people.

Now like mindless sheep, Black People are being conditioned to complain about and blame President Trump, who the greatest majority of Black African Americans did not vote for. Where were those complaints against Coleman and Obama, who had the power and position to help us? Wake Up Black Africsn American Men! It is up to us to plan for and solve Black Folks Problems. Ain’t Nobody Coming to “Save Us”, but us!

Two Startups with Solutions:
EduiPay – We can Pool our Money to fun our own good causes.

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) http://www.tqrinc.com
A National Black Empowerment Plan

Check them out, if you are tired of talk, with no implementable plan, solution or results. Institutional Racism based on White Supremacy Ideology is our number #1 Problem in America. Everything else is directly connected to that at the top. We are too busy marching and protesting at the bottom, because we see on a day to day basis our poverty, infant mortality, unemployment, poor educational outcomes and lack of access to food, housing, job training, financing, transportation and health care. We have no leadership planning and advocating for resources that would allow Black People to solve our own problems. They give us programs!

Any program that can be given to Black People, can also be taken from Black People. Black Men must have the Courage to demand Resources (Funding) and the right to create our own programs to address and solve our own problems, which White Supremacy Ideology requires never be done. We must pool our own money to solve our own problems.
Nuff Said!

Black Solution To White Supremacy

Black Solution To White Supremacy

White Supremacy fears a Black African American Man or Woman with a Black Consciouness & Money.

They work hard to keep those W/ Money isolated & unconscious.

They work even harder to keep those with a Black Consciouness without Money, & by consuming their energy with Marches & Protests.

That’s why you don’t see them live in their communities. They have foundations that provide scholarships, book bags, school supplies, free hair cuts and a playground.

They are not allowed to invest in efforts to address Institutional Racism, it’s laws, policies and programs that help maintain the the group within their current social and economic conditions.

Invite Rich and Wealthy Black African American to take a “Black Giving Pledge” and give 13% of their wealth to support A Comprehensive National Black African American Empowerment Plan. We must stop supporting those who refuse.

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) is one that I created. Learn more at http://www.tqrinc.com