Here’s Why America Needs A New National Political Party!

America Needs A New Political Party

I’ve proposed one called Our American Party

A National Political Party that plans to compete based on better ideas and solutions to problems that are Right, Just and Fair for All American Citizen.

Starting with Amending the US Constitution to add free healthcare, free housing and free college education as Rights. And require all laws be evaluated and if they are determined to negatively impact citizens based on race, ethinicity, gender, or sexual orientation, be deem unconstitutional and voided. (ie Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill that led to the mass incarceration of Black African Americans or the distribution of grants and contracts that exclude groups.)

For America to evolve, a new National Political Party is necessary.

Our American Party (OAP) for all the people.

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Papa John’s Pizza Chairman Said Nigger!

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Racism Lives In America Nationwide!


Racism Lives In America Nationwide!

We call it being Up South and Down South! Institutional Racism lives. Here’s a solution.

Racist Laws, Policies and Programs that enslaved Black African Americans and continue to benefit generations of Whites today, while harming generations of Black African Americans can only be solved by a Constitutional Amendment requiring Reparations for Black African Americans and that all Laws, Policies and Programs be evaluated annually based on federal, state, county and city data of their annual impact and if they negatively impact Black African Americans, they must be deemed Unconstitutional. This would address past, present and future racism in the United States of America.

However, No Black African American Organization or Elected Politician has the moral courage to propose such a strategy. They are too focused on helping everyone else like illegal immigrants, instead of the voters who elected them. How do they get away with this inappropriate behavior. Simple, Black African Americans allow it. They are conditioned thru education and religion to accept their current social and economic conditions. We remain asleep, given a Dream, but not a Plan for our uplift and empowerment.

My eBook Reparations Now! For Black African Americans And Here’s What We Want explains in what forms and how we should use it.

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)