Open Letter To Black Leadership

Warning: Be Careful Marc Morial, President and CEO, National Urban League and Black African American Leadership 

by Charles E. Campbell


Yes, Rick Santorum comments, if report accurately and in context about Black and entitlement programs are offensive, but your and other Black African American’s Leadership have given President Obama a complete pass, while Black African American’s Unemployment and Poverty levels have risen to the highest since the Great Depression.  Black Leadership including President Obama have offered no solutions, and no federal stimulus funding targeted at our problems.  Even today, you and other Black Leadership do nothing to solve our problems.  President Obama rewarded Black Leadership for helping deliver over 95% of the Black African American vote in 2008 with trips to the White House and photo opportunities.  Why couldn’t you have instead, asked for the same type “Pay-To-Play” half Billion Dollar Stimulus Deal that he gave the executives of Solyndra Solar?  You asked for and got nothing on behalf of Black African Americans.  Why wasn’t our high unemployment and poverty levels declared “Too Big To Allow To Continue”, like the banks and auto industries declared “Too Big To Fail”


Somehow you found the time to write about Rick Santorum, poor comments, while doing little to solve our real problems.  How about proposing some implementable solutions to address our poverty and unemployment.


Leadership Solves Problems without Excuses!   I hope Black Folks see this political game for what it really is and how you and other Black Leaders through your poor leadership have help to maintain Black Folks in our current conditions or have done nothing collectively to address it.  Lead by solving our problems or do many of us a favor and get out of the way!  Doing nothing to address the crisis in the Black Community is deployable, disrespectfully, unethical and should be a crime.  The National Urban League’s Annual State Of Black America Report on our conditions  paints a sad picture of our suffering.  Some of us understand the political games that are played, but Enough!  Our people are suffering, hungry, homeless and unemployed and that must not be allowed to continue.  Our children and elderly are also suffering as their families continue to struggle and deteriorate.  Do Something!


I’ve repeatedly tried to share innovation with President Obama and his administration, and they have refused to respond. I never criticize leadership without offering implementable solutions to address Black African Americans Problems.  These are a few solutions that I suggest that the NAACP, CUL, Black Fraternities and Sororities, Black Civic Associations and Organizations collective implement across this country.


  1. Develop a National Strategy to purchase foreclosed homes in every city where you have offices and give to Black Families with an affordable mortgage of zero, until the economy improves.


  1. Create a National Temporary Employment Agencies and open branch in all of your local offices to compete and provide training and placement.


  1. Lease one closed High School in every city and provide free training for creating digital products like apps, eBooks, games, music, movies and computer programming, solar panel installation and trades.


  1. Create a business incubator program where the best ideas get fast tracked that can create the most jobs in our communities in the fastest time. (Manufacturing Jobs from innovations and Inventions).  Require a Business Agreement where those startup companies receiving help agree to provide 25% of their profits back to support the other non-revenue generating community programs.


  1. Establish for-profit National Venture Capital Investment Firm with branches in each city and ask the Black Community to collectively contribute small amounts to their local VC.


6. Funding: Here’s how all these things get funded.   Create a process where the Black Community can use payroll deduction, Bank Account Transfer ACH, and cash and change donation to support our efforts.  Require all people employed or receiving benefits for your programs to voluntarily donate through payroll deduction $20 per pay, which is tax deductible.  Set aside 25% of the amount collected each week to be raffle off to a local contributor in each community to generate interest and support. Require all Black Organization to contribute $1,000 within the next 30 days to provide seed capital to help fund the implementation of these ideas.  Also to ensure integrity accountability and transparency by provide online access to plans, timeline, people responsible and financial accounting and spending of all funds.



These are just  a few of the solutions to be implemented by leadership with the speed of business.  However, if you require a meeting, to plan a meeting, to discuss a meeting, then all hope is lost and you will continue your same old fail leadership and the Black Community will continue their suffering, until they demand new leadership.  We have the talent , ideas, innovation and expertise to solve our own problems under the right leadership.


I challenge you and other Black African American Leaders to collectively solve our problems through effective leadership without EXCUSES!


Charles E. Campbell, Social Worker, Author, App Developer, Inventor, Innovator and Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO of AHEC

Co-Founder of Poms, Inc.



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